If you want to know more youve come to the right video, my name is the superman, your superhero of cryptocurrency. I find you the 100x gems, and this is a special one. If you want more videos like this, make sure you smash a like on this video lets see if we can get 2 000 likes hit subscribe. If you want more content like this, a lot of you are not subscribed. So if you subscribe make sure you say to me, i am new and ive subscribed and i will respond to you and if somebody replaced you that doesnt have my username with the gray border around it, then it is a scammer dont whatsapp anybody. I will never ask you to watch at me and hit the bell notification, because timing is everything. I personally believe that we are the very beginning stages of the last part of this bull market. I believe we are around about the media attention zone and we are going to be moving up dramatically towards new paradigm status in the coming three to four months and after that period i imagine there is going to be the mother of all crashes all across the Globe from the stock market to properties to cryptocurrency. Now at this present time, all coins are being rinsed for their value, as bitcoin continues its dominance in terms of market share. It currently has near 46, where the other day this was 42, so bitcoin is on a rally and all coins, particularly smaller.

All coins are getting absolutely rinsed, but in this video im going to be providing you with an altcoin that has a potential to multiply better than any cryptocurrency you see in the top 100 or in the top 500 in the run up and during euphoria. I do imagine there are going to be multiple millionaires created in the cryptocurrency landscape. These were my predictions around about five months ago and i do foresee we are gon na get a six figure bitcoin. We are probably going to get a 12 000 ethereum, a 12 to 15 cardano and many other and many other huge multiples made in cryptocurrency. But what i will say is that marketing is everything something that cryptocurrencies are really bad at is generating excitement about their products. Its not just the event alone that creates positive speculation and positive speculation is what makes multipliers you need the excitement and the fanfare. You need the fomo, there are 12 and a half thousand crypto currencies. You need to be a master of marketing, and these are the projects to invest in and funnily enough. The projects that are actually doing the best marketing are some of the meme stroke coins, but theyre aggressive. They try and create fanfare around their token. This is why they create massive multipliers, but i personally believe the cryptocurrency im going to talk about today is going to make way more multipliers than most of the cryptocurrency market, and this cryptocurrency is a blue zilla based cryptocurrency.

So why do i think blue zilla cryptocurrencies? Actually deliver the best gains, because if you watch a lot of the cryptocurrency youtubers, they talk about cryptocurrencies, like solana, matic terrar and a lot of these already multiple million. If not single figure billion dollar crypto currencies. That means the potential to make gains its just not there not in this bull run, not to make anything generationally significant. However, blue zilla has this formula which makes each cryptocurrency that you invest in lead to huge multipliers of your wealth. So what is their formula? How do they achieve it? Well because they like to create cryptocurrencies in low competition. High demand areas, so astro swap, is probably their latest example. This is a segment of cardano that doesnt have a dex. They became a first mover theyre, the first decks that you can really invest in, because sunday swap isnt out and occam hasnt even become a dex. Yet so astro swap came in and decided to try and grab some of that demand and community. That is just waiting for a cryptocurrency to invest in. They also create ultra low initial market caps and prices for you to get it. So if you look on coin market cap – and you see a youtuber talking about a cryptocurrency, it is typically already in the hundreds of millions, its already made the money for early investors with bluezilla. You are getting into currencies at the very beginning when no money has been made for any investor, so you are getting an ultra low.

My absolute sweet spot is between 1 million and 5 million initial market cap, and blue zilla have taken this even further back leading to why we see 300 to 500x gains, rather than 100x gains and from a psychological point of view, youre buying these cryptocurrencies in fractions Of a dollar rather than something like solana, which is 150 or moon river, which 250 you are feeling you are getting a lot for your money. Investing in these very very low caps, very, very low priced cryptocurrencies, so for psychological levels, easier to build up a community and easier to get investors. There are benefits to being a hodler with blue zilla crypto currencies. If you sell on day one you miss out, because what happens is blue zelda cryptocurrencies tend to come out, they spike they go down a tiny bit and then they spike higher than the initial spike over the course of days and weeks. Therefore, you kind of feel like you, dont, want to just sell on the initial spike and there are benefits to huddling it. For instance, the price goes up. You can stake in these cryptocurrencies because you tend to get hundreds of thousands of tokens for your initial investment, which you can then stake and be part of a launch pad and be part of launches on that launch pad. They tend to be deflationary which really allows for good price speculation for price to appreciate because demand overtakes supply. They are very fast with updates when they launch they quickly say what projects theyve got lined up.

They say what their tier system is. So you know that demand comes after they initially launch, which stops them from dumping. Initially plus they launched this information, which theyre very fast, with with very low release for early investors, so, for instance, in the typically the last launch pads. They give you 10 of your initial investment initially on the token generation event. That means it cant be dumped dramatically and again leads to good price appreciation. They owned the launch pad niche. They are the go to brand any project wanting to build a launch pad would go to bluezilla, because brazil have got this formulaic way of being able to make it successful, so they own this launchpad space. So this particular cryptocurrency im talking about is a bluezilla launchpad and its going to be the first of its kind on this particular network. They are a marketing goliath, so theyve got numerous influences, such as bitboy joe parrys. Obviously i talk about bluezilla projects and then theyve got numerous other youtube. Twitter telegram ticktock influences, but not only that, but the community are also their marketers, because the community are the ones that get the massive multipliers. The communities are the ones that keep coming back, because if they achieved a 300 extra tron pad a 400 x with aida pad a 400 x with tron pad a 500x with astro swap they are going to come back because the multipliers are almost guaranteed. So this marketing goliath perpetuates on itself.

It gets bigger and bigger each time and with each release. So as far as marketing is concerned, brusilo absolutely have it nailed like they create the fomo and the fanfare behind the cryptocurrency. They get you excited and for this new one this is undoubtedly going to generate an even bigger level of fomo than has existed before then their growth strategy, so they are very aggressive. They make things happen if they see an opportunity, they go for it, and going for opportunities is really what make cryptocurrencies actually thrive or ecosystems thrive. Youve got to have this want to create growth for your cryptocurrency, then they obviously go for first mover status in whatever ecosystem they are joining and they are very good at retention. You know they retain existing investors get new ones, so they also retain they just keep on retaining them, which means that the kind of marketing power of blues just keeps on increasing so over time. Every cryptocurrency they bring out as long as its exciting should actually lead to bigger multipliers, and we can see the astro swap even though its not a launch pad has actually achieved the best gains, theyre very self sufficient as well. So they are able to essentially launch anything they want. They have got an astro swap dex, so for any ada pad project. They dont have to wait for any other decks. They can just list it straight on astro swap and they can obviously use pancake swap for all of their various other finance, marching crypto currencies, so theyre very self sufficient.

They rely on no one. They cant really be stopped as a result. So because of this magic formula, they have created the best multipliers in the ecosystem, so, for instance, astro swaps, the latest this was 120 k. Market cap it went up to 513 x, so 1 000 essentially became five hundred and thirteen thousand dollars. You will not make that with any large mid and in most cases, even low cap crypto currencies. Blue seller really allow you to get into micro, micro caps. Therefore, allowing you to get three figure x multipliers, then you got tron pad another 120k. This was a 420x bsc pad because they were coming out in an exciting niche was 372x aida pad 348x, and this again is one of their mo more recent ones. I could see this going to a thousand x uh over the course of this bull run and, of course, kcc pad which had a very, very low mark cap 25k 310x, even though it probably wasnt seen as as exciting as astro swap or ada pad, because this Had such a low market cap, it garnered excellent gains, so this is whats leading to what i personally believe to be the best. So far so before i go any further a disclaimer, i am not a financial advisor and all cryptocurrency investments are risky, do not buy without doing your own research. Use me as a basis for your research and all views and predictions expressed here – are personal opinion and for educational purposes.

So what is this cryptocurrency that could get you 500 to 1000 x, if not way more by the end of this ballroom, it is pulse pad pulse pad is the launch pad for pulse chain. If youve been in cryptocurrency the last few months, you will see richard hart has really become one of the main crypto personalities and really because of the huge gains he delivered for hex. So if you are an early investor in hex, youre, probably around about 5 000 to 10 000 x, up on your initial investment pulse chain, is looking to deliver very similar results over time. And, of course, pulse pad is going to be the launch pad for pulse chain projects, so by association it tags on to that very, very bullish, narrative pulse chain. If you dont know what it is, is a green ethereum. It is intended to solve the ethereum problem, which is essentially high transaction fees slow transaction times. This is going to be giving fast transactions per second fast block finality and ultra low fees less than a cent to actually do a pulse chain transaction. So this is a very exciting ecosystem. This is why solana has 200x this year. Why matic as a thousand x, because scalability is very very important. So this is a key narrative and, of course, pulse pad tags onto that narrative. Its a first mover theres, no competition. So all of that demand can go straight to pulse pad and, of course, theres.

A huge community for pulse chain, 52, 000 pulsicans and theres already 38 000 hexagons. So both in combination about 70k to 90k community have something that they can also put their investment into. So theyre, obviously investing or sacrificing into pulse chain but to be part of the pulse chain ecosystem, which they are very passionate about. Hence why they are kind of community members hexagons. They absolutely love richard heart and they love being part of the community. They really really want the ecosystem to do well and so its a huge community that gives pulse pad instant demand and obviously theres going to be future community members as well. So, for instance, hex on day one had a far less sized community to what they have today, because over the course of time, these fast ecosystems that deliver excellent gains gain a bigger community. So over the course time, more money goes into pulse pad, and particularly in this narrative, where pulse chain is going to be coming out very very soon, there are going to be two projects that pulsicans can put their investment into now, its black by blue zilla. So its got that blue zilla magic formula and you are going to be able to buy on bse, pad tron pad kcc pad aida pad velaz pad and eve all of the main blue zela launch pads. This is going to, in my opinion, make most of these rally hard. I think that probably the ones that already the hardest are veraspad aida pad eve pad and kcc pad, because these are the newer ones.

Theyve got less stakers than bse pad and tron pad, and its probably going to allow for a bigger allocation. Probably velasquez pad is going to get the highest amount. I imagine then kcc and then ada, because ada has got way more stickers lately, but all of these should go up and you dont have to just buy on one of them. You can buy on all of them now. Luckily, because, like i said i invested in bse pad blue diamond, i was able to get into tron kcc, evepad, aidapad and velazpad, so i am going to be able to grab market share across all of these. To give myself the biggest overall allocation in pulse pad and thats really my strategy here. So what is the size of the opportunity? Well, it is estimated to be 120k to 200k. This has not been released yet, however, i imagine that based on projects of the past is going to be within this range, maybe about 150k. So this gives it a very, very minute, market cap to make gains from you know you can look at like the cryptocurrency launch, pads that have come out of non blue zilla entities, so engine starter thats got like a 12x starter that did have an initial over 100X, but then it came down to about 50x poly launcher again that had around about 20 to 30 x, no non bluezilla launchpad has been able to really gain and maintain a huge multiplier.

But i think pulsepad has the greatest opportunity and the reason why is because of the bluezilla magic formula? You are not going to be able to sell a lot on day one, whereas you could, on all these other launch pads. So by the end of the ball run, i predict its going to be 500 to 1000x. I think its going to be a 500x, probably off the bat, maybe a 1000x uh in the not too distant future and potentially 5 000 x. If really the pulse community get behind it, if richard hart endorses it, this could really fly so theres pulse pad people. What do you think of pulsepad? Are you going to invest in it? Are you going to try to get into as many of these other launchpads to get a share of it? Let me know what you personally think so last thoughts cryptocurrency. What is it all about? I do see so many people really kind of aping into the large caps thinking its going to change their lives. Its not cryptocurrency is all about multipliers. That is the name of the game. You have a thousand dollars and you want to turn it into life. Changing wealth, something like hundred thousand five hundred thousand to a million right. That is a very rare opportunity that could be achieved with pulse pad, so its all about multipliers, thats all that matters ape into the multipliers. That is what we are here for for large whale investors.

Yes, they are going to go into the more de risked assets. They want to preserve or maintain wealth, or at least just grow it more than investing into stocks or investing into property. So they will invest into solana, matic, phantom and all of those, because there is the opportunity to just grow your money steadily and nicely. You know a nice 10x on a six figure. Seven eight figure investment is huge, its brilliant for them, but for those that are retail investors that maybe have four to five figures to invest in the multipliers are there to be made in cryptocurrencies like this marketing? Is everything its all fine and good? To be all passionate about cryptocurrency youve invested in if they are not able to generate the fanfare and excitement along with an event that is like a listing, an announcement, a product update, a white paper, a website launch, you know if they are not able to generate The fund for our excitement, youre, probably unlikely to make the huge gains for this bull run. Marketing is everything, and you need to know that, and this is why ive shared the blue zelda magic formula, because i want you to kind of understand what goes into a cryptocurrency massively growing and community growth and networking effect is important. If you want growth, you need to get into cryptocurrencies that can build, expand on their communities and build that networking effect that makes more and more money come in, make more and more exchanges list them and then more and more multipliers come as a result, so thats.

What cryptocurrency is all about? Let me know what cryptocurrencies do you personally think explores this cryptocurrency magic is very good at marketing and you think its going to make you massive multipliers, but this is why i align particularly with bluezilla, because i go for very, very small caps. Only a lot of people say super. What do you think of this large cap? What do you think of this mid cap? What do you think of this low mid cap? What do you think of this higher low cap? No, i dont like them, because the opportunitys got the moneys been made. I like to go into something super early and have the money work for me and have the people coming in after making me rich, rather than me, being one of those people that makes people who got an early rich. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope its given you a lot to think about, and i look forward to seeing what youve got to say in the comments. What multipliers do you think could be made by pulsepad till next time people ive been superman. You have been amazing and ill see you next time.