Im going to be talking about layer, one smart contract, privacy platforms and guys these are finally getting some traction and they could potentially be the new wave and become one of the largest coins in the crypto industry and thats. What ill be going over. You guys already know i find gems and new trends very very early before anyone gets in. I got into avalanche at 40 cents im about 100 x lower than it is right. Now i got you in to the graph at three cents um. I was talking about icp guys just about a year ago, um, but yeah guys. I get you guys into early trends and uh yeah. If you like. These videos lets once again like and subscribe leave on occasion turned on, but yeah um lets get into it. Im, not a financial advisor and nothing in this video is financial advice, because hes very risky and you could lose money investing into it im just sharing my personal opinion with you guys. Crypto is possibly entering a massive bull market and guys, if you are serious about making life changing profit in the coming few months, you do need to check out crypto in minutes. The best way to make money in this market is to have a team of genuinely famous world class traders, giving their exact trades and also analysis daily on the markets. Uh yeah, the time this boot run is limited. You do need to make the most of it and yeah thats what we offer in crypto in minutes check it out usually below for five percent off.

First up, though, i do want to update you guys on bitcoin, as a lot of people may see this drawdown as something potentially scary and guys. I just dont think that is the case um. You know we hit resistance. This is very, very strong resistance. At around 57 to 58 000 us dollars, you can see right uh here. It essentially had one top right here, and this was a pretty pretty close top too so uh yeah its no surprise that bitcoin found resistance right here again, um, not only that, but we were also pretty overextended above the ema ribbon line and if you guys have Been watching my bitcoin updates, which you definitely should uh, you already know that you know i was expecting some sort of pullback at least um a you know for a little while just to let this ema ribbon line come up as every time in history. That bitcoin has been overextended um above this ema ribbon line. We have had a correction. You can see right here and right here where bitcoin got pretty overextended and then went back down to meet that ema ribbon line uh. We could potentially be seeing that play out, but yeah guys as a whole. Bitcoin just got rejected at resistance. It is still above a ton of support. Once again, weve got this red line that bitcoin came back down to which should be a pretty pretty decent area of support uh. We also got the um red box just underneath right here and finally, we have the ema ribbon line, which is very, very fastly catching up and going parabolic.

You know give it a couple days and the email rubber line will be uh just about next to this red box right here, giving bitcoin a ton of support just underneath it so yeah. I do think this correction is temporary. Bitcoin is obviously wild. You know you should expect wild movements, but at the end, at the end of the day, once again, i still think there is a higher likelihood that we are entering a bull market from here yeah, with that out of the way guys uh, you know, weve seen A ton of themes go through crypto, you know, weve seen uh gaming weve seen nfts totally exploding and more recently we saw smart contract layer ones exploding. We saw avalanche its whole ecosystem solana itself, ecosystem um. You know terror, slash, luna and its own ecosystem going absolutely crazy, and i can name so many more, such as phantom but guys. What is the next theme ill? Tell you a very, very major theme that has not yet exploded, and that is privacy, so guys without further ado lets get on to the first coin, which is the secret network um. So if i go on to secret network on coin gecko, we can see right now. It is sitting at a market cap of just about 800 million us dollars, but yeah. What exactly is secret network secret network is the data privacy platform for web3. It is the first blockchain with data privacy by default, allowing you to build and use applications that are both permissionless and privacy.

Preserving this unique functionality protects users, secures applications and unlock unlocks, hundreds of never before possible use cases for web3. So you can essentially think of this as a full out privacy coin like monero, but for smart contracts and yeah. This is very, very big, guys, uh. Just like how you know you dont want people to see what youre doing with your bitcoin. I know you dont want everyone to be able to just look at your wallet and see exactly what youre buying, how youre moving your money and how much money you actually have. I know imagine sending money to some friends and they can see your wallet and every single transaction you did with that wallet. Uh, you know money, just isnt meant to be like that. It has to be private and yeah. Secret network does recognize this and they built a very, very scalable and super fast platform that allows for you to build smart contracts and applications uh with full on privacy, so yeah most blockchains that support smart contracts such as ethereum, are public by default. This means all data used in their smart contracts is exposed to the public. Sql network improves upon traditional smart contracts by supporting encrypted inputs, encrypted outputs and encrypted state for smart contracts, data privacy for sensitive information stored on blockchain. Once again, this allows for a ton of very cool features. Uh weve got secret tokens, so you can build a token that is completely secret.

Obviously, no one can see how much each person is holding uh youve also got secret bridges. Uh, you can transfer assets on other blockchain networks like ethereum, binance, marching, etc, um and yeah. This can all be fully encrypted and private. So people wont know that youre moving money between chains. It can also protect sensitive financial data uh. You know some applications may be dealing with very, very sensitive data such as you know, kyc peoples, um data, and you just dont – want the world to see that uh, yes, secret network with its privacy, preserving smart contracts, does have a way to secure that information and Also, access control and private metadata for non fungible tokens and yeah, as you can see right here, um if we do take a look at all the top blockchains pretty much, none of them have privacy features. Yes, there are a few applications on things such as ethereum that allow um for you to tumble contracts etc, but uh yeah. At the same time, it doesnt it isnt as private as secret network and those also take quite a while and are slow, so secret network is built using the cosmos technology, and so it is part of the inter blockchain communication uh network, meaning that you know it Can easily connect with other blockchains, including cosmos, so it uses tendermint, which means that it is fast and scalable uh. You can see it has an average uh block time of 6.

26 seconds. Obviously, it is not as fast as avalanche, which is pretty much instant, but it is basically instant enough. You send a transaction, and you know in a few seconds it is fully confirmed now if we do actually check out the secret network chart. We can see right here. It has finally started to be in strides and, in my opinion, has had a bullish retest. So it got above the highs that it made during april. Slash may, which is where most things topped. It then went down, but guys we got a full breakout and it seems like it has just come back to retest this as a bullish retest before continuing upwards. By the way, guys remember this chart right here. If we compare it to things such as solana, we can see that solana did the exact same thing back in the day. Let me quickly remove this and remove the indicator. You can see that solana pretty much did the same thing. It went up. It had a high uh, pretty much at um april may then went back down and yeah when it did finally break through that high. It went on a massive massive run that is potentially what we could be seeing for secret network. We can also see right here. Usage is also starting to rise. Quite a lot um. If we, if i actually get the 90 day graph, we can see right here. It is starting to go absolutely parabolic and thats because they already have a d5 ecosystem.

Theyve got secret swap, which is essentially the uni swap of their system, and theyve got bridges to ethereum and, i believe, other blockchains, but yeah. That is the secret network. Now the next one i do want to talk about is actually um a product built on secret network, which is more risky but could potentially bring in more gains if the secret network explodes, and that is secret, finance or c5. So you can see right here is currently sitting on a 40 million us dollar mark cap. So this has a ton of more room to grow, and if we do check out the chart, we can also see that it is nowhere near the last full time high its just about id say halfway there or you know even less than halfway there. So this has, in my opinion, a lot more growth potential, although this is a more risky investment, be a secret swap is essentially just the uni swap of um the secret network i have used. It is very, very easy to use uh and yeah. It has been exploding with the secret network um and yeah. We can see that right now it has 131 million us dollars in liquidity. It has almost 100k daily volume, um and yeah. It has 126 pairs with 10.5 k users, but yeah. This is essentially the main d5 app for the secret network that i found um by the way guys for um disclosure i have invested into both, but uh yeah, guys um.

You know i did want to also invest into the ecosystem as uh. You know when things such as solana and avalanche exploded. You know, especially on avalanche. We saw things such as joe go. You know crazy high amounts. We saw joe go like 200 x from the bottom, so you know if i, if the secret network does pop off and uh yeah um. I do sorry about that. I do want to be in some of these ecosystem tokens in case they do outperform the main chain but yeah uh. Once again, though, this is way more risky, as weve also seen a ton of tokens um, especially on avalanche such as pangolin, actually um underperform yeah. This is essentially just a higher risk. Um high reward bet on the secret network fully exploding, and you can see right here. It does have a very, very clean interface. You can swap tokens um yeah, you can pool uh, you can earn and yeah. The c5 token is the governance token, for the platform call number one is the oasis network. This is also privacy coin and you guys have seen me talk about it more, but guys there is a few more updates. We do need to go over. Obviously you know um, i dont really know which one of those are gon na win. In my opinion, theres room for both so um. You know i do own a bit of both but yeah um, the oasis network.

You can you can pretty much sort of think about it. Like um polka dots uh, you can build these things called paratimes on top of it and they are essentially their own custom, blockchains and yeah, because this unique structure it allows your waste protocol to scale to theoretically one million transactions per second but yeah the team behind It are releasing a bunch of different paradigms, including the cipher paradigm, which should be out in october, and that will essentially also allow for private smart contracts and yeah theyll be doing it in a similar way to the secret network. However, unlike the secret network, theyll also be focusing on tokenizing data um as uh yeah with the waste networks, unique combination of confidential computing um, it essentially allows them to tokenize data and yeah with tokenized data users can earn rewards by staking their data with apps um. That want to analyze or control how their most sensitive information is consumed by the services they use. Theyll also be building a ton of um. You know decentralized, kyc apps, and these will allow their d5 infrastructure to be boosted by quite a lot, and this is because you could potentially build an under collateralized loan defy app at the moment. If you want to take out a loan in d5 uh pretty much. Every service you can find um uses over collateralized loans and thats, because, obviously you cannot trust people but with tokenized data and with you know the way they are structuring this network and with all the privacy features they do have um yeah.

You could potentially loan or you know, protocols could potentially loan out money to people who have a good track record and uh yeah. This will once again allow for under collateralized loans and should boost the amount of money available in d5 by um. You know maybe 3x, allowing for much more innovation in the spaces. Once again, much more money will be flowing through the space and being used to build cool things. The date behind it is really complicated, but yeah. You can once again just think about it. As a super customizable platform, where people can build their own custom blockchains – and it is very, very scalable and all those blockchains can interact with each other with all their different features. Now it is also backed by the biggest names in the industry is backed by andreessen, horowitz a16z right here: pantera capital, polychain capital, um and uh yeah, many many more partners and yeah. We can also see here um. It is one of the most commonly held um assets across crypto vcs and hedge fund portfolios. Uh, you can see right here. First is polka, dot terror near protocol, and then we have oasis network, which is you know nowhere near the market cap of those coins at pretty much a 200 to 300 billion us dollar mark cap. If you do compare it to um, you know things such as solana and polka dot which have uh um. You know many tens of billions of us dollars in market.

We can see just how potentially undervalued the oasis network is. They do also potentially have a partnership with now this once again, isnt confirmed and, in my opinion, its still a long shot, but they could potentially have one with facebook um. There are a few clues pointing towards that, although once again nothing is confirmed, but guys. You know just the amount of unique things that can be done on these privacy platforms is very, very interesting. For example, we weve even got data backed nfts, which is something the space doesnt have never seen, and that you literally cannot build on any other platform. Apart from these privacy for the preserving smart contract platforms, yeah the main reason once again, i do also want to cover um. Your wasted network is because they have a ton of up and coming um catalyst for moving the price. Firstly, they will be launching their cipher paratime, which is um a smart contract privacy preserving paradigm this month in october, so that should be coming out very very soon. Theyll also be launching another paradigm called parcel, which you can read more about thats, also interesting in november. Um theyll also be launching a new evm compatible paradigm dedicated to d5, also in november, um theyll be also integrating the cross chain. Wormhole bridge within the evm compatible paradigm in november, and yet decks and lending protocols will be. The first adapts to be launched on the evm compatible paradigm in december, so in the next few months, weve got a ton of things coming to the oasis protocol that, in my opinion, could finally allow it to flourish and for it to potentially become a major gainer.

Uh and yeah uh on q1 2022. They should finally implement those confidential smart contracts on the cypher para on the cyber mainnet um and yet theyll be also launching private d5 dapps on the cypher paradigm, with more daps, also launching on the evm paradigm uh, and yet data tokenization will also be available on The parcel paratime guys just so many things are coming so many groundbreaking things that ive never been in crypto before you know, when i do invest into projects for the long term. I do want to invest into projects that are doing things that have or that pretty much no other project has done before and that have massive value and yeah. That is what i see oasis protocol doing at the moment, yeah thats pretty much it uh. Thank you for watching and ill see you guys soon. Crypto is possibly entering a massive bull market and guys, if you are serious about making life changing profit in the coming few months, you do need to check out crypto in minutes. The best way to make money in this market is to have a team of genuinely famous world class traders, giving their exact trades and also analysis daily on the market. Uh yeah. The time of this bull run is limited. You do need to make the most of it and yeah thats what we offer in crypto and minutes check it out using link below for five percent off im, not a financial advisor and nothing in this video is financial advice.