. I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for tuning into this special video today., Because it contains some Altcoin Alpha like never beforeaka, Omega Alpha..you know our drill.because its time. For Chico Crypto, So Im sure you saw the title of this videoits all about Google and their foray into the cryptocurrency with a certain altcoin. Now we all know, Google, as the powerhouse of web 2.0, but web 3.0, crypto and blockchain is a whole nother. Story. Google doesnt want to be left behind. That is why they havent been shy to dip their toes into the water. In the past. First February of 2020, it was announced that google cloud would be working with Hedera Hashgraph to support their distributed, ledger technology.. How were they doing this From the article it says? Hedera is expanding this relationship by selecting Google Cloud as a preferred cloud provider for its public testnets and Hedera Consensus Service ecosystem and then below it states. Finally, Google is becoming a member of the Hedera Governing Council, which leads strategic planning for the Hedera network and works to ensure the stability and reliability of network protocols and operations.. As part of our council membership, Google Cloud will operate a Hedera network node, So there is no doubt: Hedera has connections to Google. Although, since February, there hasnt been much news regarding this partnership., The news just came and went for coming up on 2 years, nowits been silent. Well, just after Hedera, in 2020, Google took their second dip into crypto.

. It was announced in May of that year that Google Cloud was partnering with Theta. From the Coindesk article. It says, Theta has confirmed its rumored partnership with Google, announcing Google Cloud as an Enterprise Validator and launch partner for Theta mainnet 2.0. This partnership with Theta and running a Validator node didnt stop there. 6 months later. Their partnership was put into action when Theta used, Google Clouds Big Query to stream NASA and SpaceXs Falcon 9 launch.. The blog stated, Our partnership with Google Cloud has also let us reach viewers in regions that normally would have trouble accessing streaming video. and then below that Beyond the video streaming, Google Clouds enterprise data warehouse BigQuery gave us the capacity to do the typically difficultif, not impossibletask, Of sorting real time data from the blockchain system and then a few months later, in March of 2021, the actual google cloud content team put out a review and breakdown of this stream, which dove into the challenge solution and the actual stats of the broadcast. Link. 4. Google content theta So Theta does have actual connections to Google. That goes all the way to products and use cases using the google infrastructure. But Theta isnt, the most recent google partner in the altcoin space. In September of this year. Just a couple months ago, it was announced that Google had partnered with Dapper Labs to support their Flow blockchain.. This article states As part of the deal Google Cloud will serve as a network operator for Dapper Labs Flow blockchain.

The scalable infrastructure that powers an entire ecosystem of NFTs games and apps. Janet Kennedy, the vice president of Google Cloud North America, said the multi year. Partnership will help Dapper, expand its operations through scalable, secure infrastructure provided by Google. Thats big as well for Dapper. But have you noticed a common theme between all of these partnerships, Its google being a node operator for each and just the altcoins using googles? Infrastructure., Google is getting paid BIG for running the nodes and earning the validator rewards and is also getting paid by the teams for using their infrastructure.. Its not like Google has deployed a Google product on any of their chains., But there is a Google partnership that goes deeper with Google actually possibly deploying one of their products on a blockchain.. So are you ready for that Altcoin Alpha like never before? Let me give it to you. In April of this year, it was announced that Google was backing Energy Web to help harmonize low carbon energy markets.. The medium article states Energy Web announced a new initiative, funded by a 1 million grant from Google.orgs Impact Challenge program to provide a digital framework for coordinating distributed energy resources DERs across the transmission and distribution market interface of Europes power. Grid.. The initiative will leverage the open source Energy Web stack to make it easy for prosumers and DERs to register and participate in local and regional energy markets. Working with mobile network operators, IoT service providers, original equipment, manufacturers, OEMs and grid operators across Europe.

The initiative will foster the procurement of flexibility, services. and finally, below they say. Ultimately at least 1 million DERs will integrate into electricity markets as part of the Google.org funded project. Sooo, that was pretty dang. Important. Energy Web received money from Google to build an energy system.. Energy Web wasnt, giting, Google, a validator, node, aka tokens, aka money and they werent paying Google to use their infrastructure.. Google was paying them Now. There was some big news last week that came out from Google regarding one of their core energy products., Google Nest. Google announced the launch of Nest Renew which a service from the home thermostat that can help consumers support clean energyhow. Well, the article says there is a service integrated into Nest, Renew called Energy Shift.. It says Energy Shift works with your thermostat to help. You automatically shift your heating and cooling electricity usage to times when your grid is cleaner without sacrificing comfort.. It can also adjust your thermostats schedule to run even more efficiently in both summer and winter. Below it states Nest Renew comes with monthly impact reports, so you can track the difference you and the Nest Renew community are making.. It also shows you, when the electricity coming into your home is cleaner and when its not so clean throughout the day, so you can make more informed choices And just below that there is something you can earn for using this platform.. It says, And you can extend your impact by earning Renew Leafs and putting them to work through Nest.

Renews Energy Impact Program. When youve earned enough Leafs to reach a milestone. The Energy Impact Program will let you vote to direct Nest, Renew funds to your choice of nonprofits from our list of partners across the U.S., But there is also a premium Renew feature. The article says For 10, a month Renew Premium unlocks Clean Energy Match.. This feature will match your estimated fossil fuel electricity use at home with renewable energy credits. Recs. Sounds a lot like what Energy Web is doing. Huh Renewable Energy Credits, letting consumers choose clean energy earning for supporting clean energy. Well, I thought so so. Yesterdayi posted this video and predicted something. Lets listen in Well, I just may have been spot on If you dive into Google Nest, support documentation, specifically the Nest, Renew energy policy and industry resources. It says, Please see the two resources below for more information relevant to stakeholders in the energy industry.. The first was the document we just covered. The 2nd is Bringing Clean Energy Home, Unlocking innovation and policy to align US household energy, use with ambitious climate targets. An independent assessment of Nest, Renew prepared by RMI, formerly the Rocky Mountain Institute. And then below it says. Rmi was invited by Google to assess the impact of Googles Nest, Renew product announced in October 2021 and independently author, this report putting the product into the context of opportunities to meet ambitious climate policy. Targets. Google provided funding to RMI to support this work.

Energy Web is involved because, if you didnt know RMI is the Energy Web. From the RMI themselves about the launch of the Energy Web Chain in July of 2019. They said Today we celebrate a similarly momentous occasion that has been in development for more than two years: the launch of the Energy Web EW Chain, the energy sectors. First, open source tailor made blockchain. In early 2017 RMI partnered, with European blockchain developer Grid, Singularity to cofound the Energy Web Foundation EWF.. Now, if we dive into the assessment document, RMI provided for Google, its very detailed. 82 pages, which dives into the challenge opportunity barriers and how they will be overcome to get residentials on the clean energy path., But in Appendix B Nest. Renew Impact Assessment is the most important piece. In beyond launch of nest. It says, given an expanded set of features imagined by RMI, to maximize impact according to the design principles and regulatory enablers described in this report, an assessment of the avoided CO2 emissions that could be supported if 1 million subscribers were to adopt a product or service, including These features Expanded, set of features, 1 million, subscribers. Thats important.remember back at the medium post of Energy Web and Googles partnership.. They said Ultimately at least 1 million DERs will integrate into electricity markets as part of the Google.org funded project. Energy Web is involved its only a matter of time before we get the announcement.