This is tony with journey crypto. This is going to be a quick update on the crypto news and the markets. Everything looking really good. Today, we do have bitcoin testing major resistance. Very likely were going to be testing previous all time highs soon. So i do want to talk about that. Some all coins that are up today and some other big news before we get started. I do appreciate, if you guys liked the video subscribe to the channel if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for regular videos – Music, all right guys, so the crypto markets are looking pretty good. Today we do have everything up a few percent across the board. Bitcoin is testing major resistance right now, which is actually pretty huge. I do want to talk more about this in the uh bitcoin chart, so we do have certain all coins up more than everything else. Like bnb up six percent polka dot up 20, some pretty big news on that. I do want to talk about and some small cap all coins, also on the rise and well talk about a couple of those, so uh bnb. I do think thats getting a lot of attention again, because the binary smart chain is a great alternative to the ethereum blockchain and after cardona launched smart contracts. People realized its going to take a while for third party platforms to develop and everything before a lot of projects are actually launching on the cardonal blockchain same thing with these other alternatives.

So i do think more attention is coming back to bnb. This did take third spot in coin market cap again so theyre also doing nfts on the binance smart chain. Now uh pancake swap just did a launch and um. This looks pretty good, as you guys can see pay in bnb. So i do think a lot of nft projects will be launching on the binance smart chain in the future, especially as uh. We go more mainstream in the crypto space. As you guys know, the ethereum gas fees are going to get out of control again at the peak of the markets. When um around mid may, when there was all that hype, we did have gas fees, go over 500 per transaction and, as you guys know, if you try to mint a nft and theres thousands of people trying to do the same thing at once, the gas fees Go into the multi thousands and thats just unacceptable, trying to get a couple hundred dollar nft and having to pay a couple thousand dollar uh gas fee. So a great alternative, of course, is the binance smart chain. Uh cardano nfts are uh picking up as well, but we do need a good 30, a third party platform for the binance smart chain and cardinal nfts, also, hopefully openc, does add support for these in the future. So as the price of bmv is moving up were likely to see pancake swaps cake token rising as well, because this is the main finest smart chain swap at twenty dollars.

I do think thats a pretty good entry uh if the binded smart chain does start picking up in popularity again with uh peak retail fomo. So we did see this earlier this year in may, when the markets were peaking, a lot of projects were launching on the binance smart chain, just to save their investors, a lot of money on gas and uh. Generally, people do find out about the cake token uh. They start holding that for huge uh staking rewards as well. So definitely some uh great opportunity there. You can also look into smaller uh market cap. All coins that are on a binance smart chain swap like spark point and they do have their own finance smart chain. Nfp platform that is launching this month and you will be able to make your own nfts on this, so that could be definitely um a small cap, all coin that could have very high potential in the future. I am an advisor for this project as well. Alright guys so checking out bitcoin on the chart. Here we are at this major resistance level at 57 500, which we did test multiple times when the market was peaking throughout march to may so that is definitely a good sign here and we had a huge recovery. After the markets retested the low 40 thousands, i definitely dont think were gon na be dropping below fifty thousand dollars again by end of year. If we do, it probably would be a flash crash and would quickly recover.

So our next major resistance here is at sixty thousand dollars and after that is previous, all time highs of 64 000, which we have only tested once and that was mid april. So uh things are looking great for bitcoin, which is also great for the entire crypto space, lots of huge things in development, lots of huge things coming. We do have the bitcoin top root upgrade coming, which should be in november uh from what we heard earlier that year, that is going to bring uh. The first major upgrade to bitcoin since uh four years ago and its gon na bring smart contracts to bitcoin, which is why ethereum is so huge and what cardano just launched. What solana and polkadot have so very interested to see how that goes with bitcoin. That upgrade. Can definitely be uh the catalyst that pushes us past previous all time highs so ethereum, now at 3, 600 im actually more bullish on ethereum than i am on bitcoin. We do see bitcoin breaking a hundred thousand by end of year. I think ethereum uh will likely be breaking ten thousand dollars, so we do have um institutions now taking interest in ethereum as well. So uh in the future were going to be seeing institutions not only buying bitcoin like most are right. Now we did have arkan best announced they are doing 40 allocation into ethereum now and not just buying bitcoin. Only so that will become the norm in the future, for institutions to start buying both bitcoin and ethereum.

I do think they will start buying other ones in the future, like cardano, solana, polka dot and other alternatives, but its very likely a lot of institutions start acquiring massive amounts of ethereum. That means huge amounts of ethereum being taken out of circulation. They also introduced the ethereum led and hard fork in the summer, which means ethereum tokens are being burned with every single transaction, so the more transactions you have, the more ethereum that will be burned, meaning the less inflationary ethereum is through mining. Ethereum is also switching over uh to proof of stake from proof of work uh, which means you will be able to stake your ethereum and earn passive income on that and thats. A big upgrade is called ethereum 2 rolling out in multiple phases throughout the next couple years. So we also have mark cuban very bullish on ethereum. He stated uh ethereum has the most upside as a crypto investment, so i wouldnt say it has the most upside, especially if youre, including small cap, all coins. Of course, theres going to be dozens of small cap. All coins that have much higher return on investment than ethereum going forward, but out of the top 10 i would say, ethereum is a solid bet, especially for newer investors that want to stay safe. They dont want to take risk with these small cap all coins, because they are much higher risk, its very likely that most of these small cap, all coins are just going to disappear.

So you really have to do your proper research understand what youre buying into so ethereum is definitely a great pick for those newer to crypto for end of year. In my opinion, especially as institutions are getting into this as well so something else, thats very bullish for bitcoin is a bitcoin features: etf approval in the united states. Many people were predicting. This would happen in october or november. This article is stating bitcoin features, etf approval likely to be delayed until 2022, so uh, we have been seeing a etf being delayed for years, and this was actually being hyped up during the last bull market end of 2017.. A lot of people thought this would happen. It just kept getting delayed so uh. We have no idea when this is gon na happen, of course, were getting closer and closer as time goes on as more companies and regulations come into play. We are getting closer to that happening and that is very bullish for bitcoin uh, regardless, though, were gon na continue getting mass adoption, and even if there is no bitcoin etf approval uh in the next few months, i definitely think we could still break a hundred thousand Dollar bitcoin, so bitcoin bulls, target price above 58 thousand dollars ahead of fridays, 820 million dollar options expiry so um. If this does play out, we could be testing our next major resistance of sixty thousand dollars by the end of the week, which is very bullish.

Beyond that is the previous all time high at sixty four thousand dollars, and once we do start testing sixty thousand dollars again, i really think thats when retail fomo will start kicking in again thats when everyones gon na start talking about it, its gon na be all Over the media and thats when everyones gon na want to start buying, and everyone will start talking about a multi hundred thousand dollar bitcoin price again so big news for polka dot today and why its up 20 percent polka dot to debut parrot chain auctions. After governance vote, the first series of auctions will begin on november 11th and run until december 9th. So personally i dont hold much dot. I do have a couple thousand dollars of it, but i do see uh more potential and i do keep up more on other ethereum competitors, but regardless, i think all of these competitors will coexist and have their own functions. Uh that do make them beneficial to different projects. So a quick summary here parachains are uniquely distinctive layer, one blockchain platforms that operate laterally alongside the main polka dot network. This is very interesting in addition to being tethered to the polka dot relay chain. Their purposeful function can be witnessed across a multitude of areas from decentralized finance to smart contracts. So this is very interesting and bullish for all coins that do launch on polka dot because they do get their own layer. One blockchain, whereas if you do launch on the ethereum blockchain, every project is competing on the same uh blockchain network and as theres more transactions, it does cause more congestion which does high uh cause higher gas fees so uh.

This is definitely bullish for polka dot. All coins, which i am actually bullish on for the next couple months here with polka dot, rising like we stated with other all coins, then uh polka dot. All coins will likely be on the rise. If you guys do want to find polka dot all coins, you could come on uh coin market cap. There is a page for all the all coins that do build on polka dot. Similarly, you can find um other categories here, as well as you guys can see. The polka dot vinyl smart chain solana blockchain whatever uh project you want to see that does have all coins on their network. You can just click here so on polka dot. We do have, of course, have polka dot at the top chain. Link next uh kusama is the main all coin on polka dot thats up 12 today, as well as expected, uh with polka dot on the rise. But after that uh we really dont have many up too much. So you can look through here, find some good altcoins that are working on the polka dots network, so a small cap, all coin im very bullish on that. I recently joined as an advisor. I have been talking about this project on the channel here since uh earlier. This year, before this bull run really kicked off at that time. When i first mentioned it, it was actually in a video where i was showing you guys how to find small cap hidden gems.

I found this uh all coin alongside the rest of you, and it was around 15 cents at that time here, right before it shot up, uh to around 40 cents has been moving sideways here, uh with the crypto markets. It never really crashed too much uh below 15 cents really. So that was a great entry point, especially with the market bottoming. It was still around 15 cents there and now leading up to the main net, which is coming on october 20th. We can see that on coin market calendar uh – that is coming very soon, so, like every mainnet, a lot more attention comes to the project. This is a small cap, all coin building some utility that im actually going to be able to use, and when we look at our small cap all coins, how many all coins can you actually say that about? So this is going to be a freelance platform where you can hire people, and you can um find a crypto and nft work. So if you guys do want to get more integrated into the space, make some money possibly turn this into your full time. Job hive is definitely a platform you should look into after the mainnet launches, definitely going to be a lot of activity on that platform and definitely a high potential altcoin here – and i am a advisor for this project as well. Im helping them structure their marketing campaign for end of year uh, so the main net, for this is the main launching point.

This is definitely a project that youll, probably regret selling in the mainnet, like a lot of people do so. This is up 20. Today, i did call this out on twitter a few days ago and i have been talking about it all year if you guys have been watching the channel. So we have the hive maintenance coming very quickly on october 20th and i will be hiring for some crypto and nft jobs here. If you guys do want to work with me later on um, i will be posting those job listings here and i will let you guys know more about that in the near future. I am hiring a lot of people uh locally and remote for my nft sets and the websites im working on as well really looking to branch out as much as possible, so definitely going to get some great utility out of this platform, which is why i joined Them as an advisor theyre, actually doing something, i think is needed in the uh crypto space and ill be able to save a lot on the fees from these platforms like fiverr and upwork. So definitely an all coin. I think has high potential in the long term keep in mind. This is at a all time, high right now, leading up to the main net and, like i always say, dont buy all time high prices or all coins unless youre willing to hold that long term and always incorporate an entry and exit strategy.

Personally, dollar cost averaging this, since i first got into it here, has played out great so far, definitely very high potential, as well being a 16 million dollar market cap. Compare that to other projects that are actually delivering real utility, and this should be a top 100 crypto uh if everyone does start using this platform in the future. So while making this video bitcoin is breaking out further breaking 58 000, this is a great sign. I definitely think well be testing 60 000 here in the next few days and thats going to be very bullish. Lots of media is going to cover this leading up to that bitcoin root upgrade in november. I think uh we are going to be breaking previous. All time highs for bitcoin, which is going to be great for the entire crypto space, so keep in mind once bitcoin and ethereum break their previous. All time highs thats when were going to start seeing the smaller market cap all coins going parabolic having much higher return on investment than the top all coins. You do have to pick the right ones, though, and thats really what im focused on with my research here. So thats it for todays video. I hope you guys found it useful everything looking very bullish be sure to share this video with anyone. You think would find it useful. I do appreciate you guys liking the video and commenting below as well. It does help you to give more exposure to the video and the crypto space as a whole does help uh the channel grow, and i do appreciate that as well again.

Thank you guys.