As always, it is nick here back with your daily crypto news and analysis, and today were actually going to be talking about xrp and also xlm. Uh xlm is doing some great moves right now. Im extremely bullish on im, also extremely bullish on xrp, were going to be addressing their price charts right now. Um im also going to be talking about the total all coin market cap as well as a few other. Very bullish, you know pretty much factors as well, so with that being said, uh before we jump into this video, if you guys do like daily crypto content, definitely hit that like button also subscribe and turn notifications on also guys comment down below your personal topping point Where you think that the market will top out, i do really want to you know, hear what people think in order of bitcoin. Of course, you know tell me your bitcoin topping points in terms of price, because i know a lot of people think 100k. 200K im. Just curious about it so overall lets refresh the market uh, so we do see bitcoin kind of ranging here im going to be addressing bitcoin as well im going to be talking about it a little bit not too much, but we do see xrp up about three Point four: one percent three point: eight three percent: nothing too crazy there. We do see a lot of all coins. You know starting to move if we go to the 24 hour span and we actually look here right first off tell tell is doing incredible.

I told you guys about tell a lot uh its actually a very bullish asset. I i think that by the end of this bull run, if we get that blow off top on bitcoin, we could see tell at about 50 cents. Just so, you guys know um, but overall you know we are seeing a little bit of a bullish sediment happening within the market. We see you know assets like v e t or v chain, as well as chain link up significantly in the double digit numbers, which is great to see. We also see the graph jumping out of its uh. You know descending wedge a little bit and, like i said xlm, you know pumping up about eight point. Fifty six percent up about four point: seven: four percent: on the seven day span, we are seeing about eight point: five billion dollars worth of volume flow into it. This week alone, we are seeing the volume up 83 on the daily, so that is great trading volume. I think, overall, this ads this assets ready to really launch and im gon na show you guys why so first off lets jump in to why xlm is actually moving like this in price, because right now off of that bottom fractal level, which i told you guys This was a solid buy point down here. Um were looking at around 23 up on the one day were actually talking about this nice 29 up here as well, and, of course, were talking about this 26.

71 percent. I actually told you guys about buying down here as well um. I think that this is a great asset to actually you know hold for the bull run, because i think thats very strong right now. We are actually seeing a major support down here at around the 33 centil range and we are hitting some resistance. If you will, i dont, i wouldnt consider this too much resistance up here. In fact, the major resistance point is around here at around 38.6. Going back here, we double tapped it. Actually we retested it multiple times during august now. Why is this very, very bullish? Why is this moving? Well, first off we look at the xlm bitcoin price star. We are seeing some moves on the bitcoin price chart for xlm, but the significant thing here is, i really want to show you guys this chart because look at the inverted scale here. This has been a massive descending wedge. All right were about lets. Go to the point where it topped out at to where we are now. This has been 151 days of downward pressure on the bitcoin price drive. We could actually just go off of this point where it started to jump out at about 150 days almost of downward pressure. What do you think is going to happen here right because weve seen this in the past, where weve seen massive downward pressure? You know heres that major breakout point. This is going back to november 20th uh of 2020.

If we go back to november 20th of 2020, we actually kind of see that one second, so here is november right. This is that nice jump that it did uh in november this. What were seeing right now on the bitcoin price chart. This is so much bigger than that november time frame pump again, we even see you know that november drop in price as well on the bitcoin pair uh, pretty much bottoming out around the january time frame until we hit that nice all time high going back to Maine, i know thats a little bit confusing, seeing this uh inverted. The reason why im, showing you this in an inverted way, is what do you think is going to happen here its similar to when an altcoin kind of dumps right? It hits major resistance and kind of just drops well, this is actually going to do the opposite. We are going to see we already seen it hit major resistance down here, or, i should say, support actually at about five. Nine four sats were bouncing off of this and i do think that well most likely retest a major resistance point uh. Who knows where that will be? You know there is a lot of resistance around this point and in fact we actually see resistance around here. We also see resistance up here as well and even up here back on august 14th, theres a lot of resistance on the bitcoin pair, but i still think that this is more so ready to really kind of launch out of this nice.

You know downward pressure move on the bitcoin pair, and this will also allow us to go parabolic, like i said uh. So i think that this is ranging for that nice november december time frame for my video earlier today, where i was pretty much telling you guys when we could really. You know get that nice parabolic shift throughout the market, especially on xlm and also xrp um with xlm, though you know, i did a little bit of a side by side comparison. You know, i think, when were talking about the macro time frame levels which is like you know from now to about the end of november, all right thats a little bit of a macro time short, if you will uh nothing too crazy within that spend. But i still think that we will see some nice appreciation in terms of price somewhere around this nice 75 to 80 cent level up here could even be 65 cents well, most likely retest this all time high by the end of november, well see that nice breaking Point and pretty much ranging for the topping point around the december january time frame, as i mentioned in that video from earlier today. I think that this is following. Through with the 2017 2008 2018 bull run, pattern same with xrp xrp is very bullish, because also this one is very significant in regards to bouncing off of the 200 day ma on the nice bitcoin drop that we just recently seen pretty much bottomed out at around A dollar, and now we do see us riding the major support around that nice 50 day ma around a dollar eight, almost a dollar nine, and we are pretty much back above this dollar twelve.

You know support resistance point now. Overall, i think that we could pretty much drop down a little bit here. I think the major support right now is currently around this point here, like i was saying around the dollar ten until we really break out of this dollar. 20 channel and pretty much range higher, most likely around the resistance point up here around 1.26. Personally speaking, we really want to see this broken so that we can retest the dollar 40 and see if theres, actually a lot of strength in xrp. Again, when were talking about xlm, considering the fact that these two move so closely together, i wouldnt be surprised with xrp having a nice. You know breakout point somewhere very soon because again, even when were talking about, you know that may time frame of this pretty much topping out around may uh in regards to the xrp price chart you know back in may were at some significant levels of about a Dollar. 70 plus, so you know if xlm could really range to those nice highs. Well, most likely be around these points up here as well. I think that we will see that retest of two dollars. Sooner than expected, though, i think that there is going to be a lot of price movement very soon throughout the market, as we do shift into a bullish settlement on all coins. Now, in regards to xrp again im talking about the uh, the bitcoin price chart again here, because this is very significant to watch for um overall, when were talking about the major you know pretty much, i would say: support zone on the bitcoin pair its around here.

At about that 1948 sat level, you know, personally speaking, we really want this to hold if it doesnt well, most likely retest a little bit lower. Well have to look at the macro time frame to really see where that nice. You know support is its pretty much where i had the line at before right down here at around 1901 sats, which isnt too, you know bad of a pullback weve, already kind of seen that level being tested. We bounced off of it and again, when were talking about this, you know i love the invert. The you know charts, because this again is telling me at some point in time were gon na get that nice reversal most likely off at this point here. This could be our reversal reversal point we just have to watch for the overall. You know, validation points being targeted which would be around this nice demand zone here. This is pretty much where i personally want to see the bitcoin pair chart back at um. Overall, you know when were talking about that nice descending wedge, weve, seen this nice descending wedge before weve actually seen it here before we had that nice parabolic shift, and this happens all the time right. We even go back to november of 2020, and you know whats funny about this. We followed through the same sort of pattern on xlm during that time as well in november, so i think that this is funny to actually see uh heres, that nice, you know, november drop and then november 20th around.

That point is where we pretty much jumped in price again jumped in price right, so once we rejected off of that and pretty much gained, you know a lot of you know. I would say this is pretty much weakness right. This is no strength at all. During this entire time, this is also where we, you know seen the sec lawsuit come up, so this also helped – or i should say that helped this come down to these lows up here at around 20 cents for xrp or around 17 cents. If he will now again, this ranged on, we had those nice little jump outs, but it wasnt anything crazy. Now we do see that april time frame we ranged on for a fairly long time. In fact, if we go to the date span from the bottoming point to the overall jump out phase, this was 95 days of consolidation on the bitcoin pair before we broke out of that wedge and pretty much gain that all time traction for that nice little run To around you know, almost two dollars going back to april, where were moving about 40 cents a day thats what we really kind of want to get back to now, right now, in regards to the bitcoin pair okay uh from this nice little topping point to around, Where we are now its been about 60 days, so are we expecting this to range on for 95 days? You know to see us pretty much back to around november 18th, pretty much ranging for that nice november december jump out in price to have that topping point around the november december time frame into january.

Who knows that could be very, very possible, but i think that we see strength on the bitcoin pair uh beforehand and ill ill. Stop looking at this in the inverted pair, so that you guys dont get a little bit too confused um. But overall, what we want to really kind of see is just some strength here, pretty much something where we bounce off of major support. Probably this line down here. This is pretty much our reversal point in my opinion and well most likely gain a lot of strength. Similar similar to this, but we really want to be back above the 2. 7 3 3 sat level um. But i really want to see this demand zone being pretty much met for us so that we could really see a lot of strength on the xrp price. Chart now, with this all in mind, i am watching the altcoin market cap right now. This is extremely bullish. Right now we are actually above that nice um. If we actually look here one second, let me pretty much unhide um. I know that i have hidden. You know a fibonacci level, but its all good. We dont really need to just look at that one second here, one second one. Second, here ill unhide it one second uh there we go. Did you guys count how many times i said one second, but overall uh when were talking about this fib level right now, uh, so really where we are right now is the major demand zone that i really have been waiting for us to pretty much re grasp This entire week actually and uh – this is actually above the 786, the 1.

3 trillion dollar mark. I think that this will actually help us range much much higher. We just have to watch for resistance being hit up there, but this is my main target point, as you guys do see over here, im waiting for us to pretty much break above the 1.36 trillion dollar mark. I think that that is the point where we pretty much go parabolic, if you will on a lot of all coins by the way, and that will pretty much happen by the end of you know, october into the beginning, half of november, by the end of november, We are going to be so its going to be such a different space. Excuse me because were going to see a lot of people, you know flip extremely euphoric uh, because i do think that this market cap will be well above. You know around that 2 trillion dollar mark up here, and i think that that is the main target point for us. I think that we are pretty much ranging to get there uh. I did a 2017 2018 comparison if we actually do the same percentage pump. The total all coin market cap by itself could range to about 12 trillion dollars now im not dead, set on that being the realistic standpoint, i think that we range to about five to seven trillion but thats my overall viewpoints, but this is extremely bullish for us. This is also helping a lot of these all coins, pretty much move in price, because it does give a lot of these alts a lot more strength opposed to bitcoin.

It means a lot more. Money is actually being taken from bitcoin and being invested into our old coins. That is why these bitcoin pairs, except for xrp xrp, has no strength right now on the bitcoin pair. But all coins like xlm and hbar do have a lot of strength on their bitcoin pairs um, but im also watching the dollar, because the dollar right now has shown significant signs of weakness and it actually topped out at resistance up here around the 94 and a Half point so this is very good to see. Hopefully we can pretty much break the support down here, pretty much range even lower to about the 92 mark. That would be very, very bullish for the entire market and again going back to bitcoin im waiting for bitcoin to pretty much steal. The show a little bit and break above 59k up here, thats going to be the bullish point for us also bitcoin dominance. Right now is dropping still in you know percentage, so this is very good to see while all coins like xlm and even like h, bar and stuff, gained some strength on the bitcoin pairs im watching this very closely throughout the week, we will obviously keep an eye Out on this, but overall im very bullish on xrp and xlm. If you guys are you know, if you guys arent aware of why you guys could definitely check out my earlier video from today or just hey, listen, the reason why im extremely bullish is because first off xlm is in a massive downward trend on the bitcoin pair.

So is xrp, you know right now. This is just one massive downward trend. We actually havent shown significant strength on this since may, so we are bound for a nice reversal from these levels down here, 148 days, similar to again, you know the xlm uh bitcoin pair when were talking about the nice appreciation. Thats been happening, or i should say, consolidation thats happening here – look at this 148 days on the xlm bitcoin pair 148 days on the xrp bitcoin pair, so once xlm really breaks out on the usd pair, because right now trying to catch up with xrp once these Break out xlm, once this breaks out, it will break out with xrp xrp and xlm will move fairly closely similar to the 2017 2018 bull run. So with that being said, i hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did definitely leave a like subscribe to notifications on. If you guys do want more content, you guys could definitely check out my twitter and also my free discord description below. As always, if you guys do want more content, you guys could definitely check out ncashofficial.