Today, i want to address a pattern that im seeing with some youtube videos that are being uploaded by some pretty popular youtubers. Um talking about basically, this is your last chance to get into crypto before life. Changing profits are about to hit theyre, probably right, especially if youre looking at a very short term time frame but um. These titles, i think, can be really misleading and really defeating for those people who maybe feel really overwhelmed with cryptocurrency, maybe already feel like theyve theyve missed the boat and they cant buy bitcoin, because its already so high um the thing about cryptocurrencies is that its a Brand new asset class – it is an extremely disruptive technology. This is something that toby and i are always talking about, but most importantly, is that its not going anywhere and whether you think you miss the boat today or you think that you miss about five years from now. Who knows? Maybe if you dont, if im not trying to inspire fomo by any means but lets say hypothetically, you think you did miss the boat now five years from now, youre looking at bitcoin its at 50 or 500, 000 per bitcoin and then youre thinking of buying this Whole concept of youre, too late uh: this is the only time youre gon na make life changing profits in crypto. I think thats really misleading and really defeating, and i just want to leave this video as an encouragement for you guys so im just going to reiterate some numbers that toby threw out you a few videos ago.

Talking about whats been happening, at least specifically with ethereum its that 6.3 trillion dollars worth of transactions happening, thats 369 percent increase from the last year from the year to 2020.. Now, certainly, this is an indication that we are, in fact in a bull run. For those of you who have been on the fence about it, since past may uh, you know when bitcoin reached its previous all time high. What were seeing is theres still a ton of money being thrown into this space and granted. A lot of attention is now being brought to cryptocurrencies and basically, if youre not into crypto now this is most likely the time that you will buy because theres so much intention into it. Theres so much profits being made, and i can understand the other side of that sword – is you think, youre too late, because the profits have already been made, but historically we have not seen a bull run end without a hockey. Stick crazy type of movement now granted the best time to buy cryptocurrencies is when no one is talking about it in the bear market when were when bitcoin is dead. Rip bitcoin is happening at least once a month by the media um. So for those of you who think that you youve missed the boat most likely youre not going to be buying it in those low times. So this is going to be a lesson learned for the for you who dont buy and you are probably going to be attracted to higher prices just because you are a new investor and it might be an expensive lesson again.

This is not to instill fomo. This is kind of just the truth of what a lot of people have experienced with cryptocurrencies and what were always saying as a solution for this type of you know, should i or shouldnt i go all in on crypto, buy it at all, get your feet wet. Consider dollar cost averaging uh make yourself an investment plan that works within your risk awareness. What risks youre willing to take, but dollar cost averaging, is by far the most profitable uh the most successful way to invest at least in bitcoin, and what you do. Is you set a budget for yourself? Whatever you can easily afford weekly monthly daily, maybe basically an amount that you wont be so scared emotionally of the volatility of the markets, but you will be getting exposure to those profits. You will be stacking stats buying bitcoin when its at 55 000.57 000, something its been going kind of crazy lately um. It wont take too long when youre going to be bragging that you bought bitcoin at these prices, believe it or not, um and as always, the more longer term plan that you have for an investment in long term. Cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin the much better youre going to be at it and the more educated youre going to be in it and confident in it and youre going to turn into an evangelist for it. Just like we are so anyway. That was my encouragement for you guys that its never too late to buy bitcoin its a brand new asset class, its not going anywhere, and it does move in cycles.

If you feel like you, missed out on this bull market, then you better be ready for the bear market because thats an excellent, excellent time to buy thats going to wrap it up for this episode of crypto tips, my name is heidi.