Thank you so much to abra for sponsoring this video, and please note that cprx was created by the crypto banking alliance and granted to abra to power. Abra p e r x rewards. I am not a financial advisor and this content is for educational purposes. Only now what the heck is abra abra is a comprehensive platform for managing your crypto. It is a custodial wallet that is supported in over 150 countries and you can buy and trade over 100 plus different cryptocurrencies, which that i absolutely love you get to earn interest and you get to actually get a loan against your crypto. If that is something that you need, but always make sure to research, that before applying for a loan and yes, abra – is a very similar service to celsius and block fi, except that amber supports trading for 100 plus different cryptocurrencies in 150, plus places now lets. Go ahead head over to the abra platform were going to talk about, airdrops were going to talk about some of the financial services they offer and all of the really cool features Music, so Music, all right folks. This is the abra website, but before we cover all of the really cool things that theyre doing lets take a look at how we can get 25 in cprx and get in on the abra pe rx airdrop. As always, the first step is going to be to download and fund your account using my abra referral link which is down below, and then you will go ahead and earn 25 in cprx.

Also cprx is not appras token, it is the crypto banking alliances token, which comes out of switzerland and europe, and it has been granted to abra to power its ecosystem, its also erc20, which will allow it to be listed on other platforms in the future. Another thing to note: when you hold 15 for 30 days 25 will be added to your account when cprx starts trading in november, and, yes, you can actually trade it for bitcoin and other altcoins. You can go ahead and download the app by one simple click and itll, prompt you to a cool qr code which you can download on the apple store or on google play, so it supports apple and android, which i love. Some other cool aspects are 25 refer a friend you guys both get 25 for every person who signs up under you. You can also get cash back on trades, which is awesome, bonus, yield on interest paid in kind with bigger cprx bonuses and negative rates on loans which yes, dont, worry well talk about that, but anyways back to the airdrop, if youre a new or existing user, everything Youre currently doing earns rewards existing abroad. Users will be airdrop tokens on the day of launch proportional to their historical activity on abra. Any actions taken between now and the launch will be weighted more heavily. Determining the size of your airdrop. The scheduled launch is november. 15Th. 2021, so using average urn ever borrow albert trade now, so this is great, it starts and it actually incurs with people that have been on the platform for a while.

So if youve been a loyal, abra user, you will not be excluded and of course, you get to earn 25. If you refer a friend and in order to get more tokens, if thats something youre interested in, please go ahead and follow these steps here and complete these tasks. The launch is going to be scheduled for november 15th and again, here are some of the information here. Two point: five percent cash back on alright trade transactions. Five percent bonus interest on all abra earn five percent loan interest on all ever borrow loans always make sure to understand how loans work before you apply for one and, of course, the referral, rewards and ignition rewards for new users and, as always, very simple, you download The app fund, your wallet and you can start trading and here are some of the coins available. But, yes, we know that they have a hundred plus all right. Folks, we are back to the abra website, were gon na go ahead and cover it because theres some things that i havent mentioned yet, and i think you really need to know about so. First they have their abra marketplace. You can go ahead and buy crypto directly on the website. You can use a visa, mastercard apple pay or your bank, and you can buy sell here and if you want to swap crypto, you can go ahead and do so. Next is abra trade. You can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, doge and ethereum, and this is the beautiful ui ux abra earn is probably my favorite.

You get up to eight percent interest on your crypto. Here are some of the current rates that they offer and obviously the highest rates are for the stable coins, tusd tether, usdc packs and some of the other ones as well, and i also want to note with abra, if youre, using abra plus cprx the rates that Youre getting are going to be higher, you are able to earn up to 13 on stable coins, while celsius offers 11 and block foy 8. Approximately and of course, when it comes to holding bitcoin with abra plus cprx, you earn eight point. One five percent back, but with celsius and block five celsius is six point. Two percent and block five is four point. Five percent now lets talk a little bit about abra borrow. You can borrow us dollar stable coins using your cryptos collateral and they have very competitive terms: zero percent interest and ten to one loan to cover. So, with a ten percent ltv, its zero percent apr with 20 ltv, 3.95 percent, 33 ltv 7.75 and then with 50 ltv 9.95. Another interesting thing i want to mention is with abra you get to use bank deposits wire and ach and they also support sepa deposits. But with celsius that is not supported and with block fi, they have a lot lower limits with bank deposits on abra you get to do 20 000 per day and block by is only 5 000 per day down over.

Here is going to be how the platform works, lets check it out and another cool thing that abra offers is they offer customizable services for high net worth clients, family offices and registered investment advisors ria, as well as institutions.