The corner office status is a thing of the past. The main floor is where its at just ask: elrond moon sushi is coming in hot and decubate, and coin 98 wallet come together in another groundbreaking partnership. Heres your altcoin buzz news. Hi, im natalie and welcome to altcoin buzz altcoin buzz is a crypto. Investing research company so were here to keep your finger on the pulse of the hottest crypto news that you can use for your trades and investments so make sure to like subscribe and click on that notification bell. So youre always up to date, but just keep in mind that this is not investment advice. So lets get to the news. Heres some crypto for a cause, matt, damon and – are joining forces to bring clean water to developing countries. The crypto platform is donating. One million dollars to the non profit that damon co, founded called and, is also spreading awareness to the rest of its 10 million users to join in on the clean water initiative. The actor says that approached him with the initiative and that both causes of water and crypto are in some ways very aligned. Damon says by empowering millions of people in need with clean water. It rings the same tune of how gives users more power over their wealth. Elrond is moving into blocktopia. The blockchain has officially become an anchor tenant in the blocktopia virtual reality. Metaverse and lrand will be setting up shop for their virtual headquarters on level one that just means maximum exposure because level one is where all users generate in blocktopia right next to elronds, customized lounge, which sounds kind of relaxing and yes, alvrond, says that there is virtual Content on the way as well, including what elrond classifies as ecosystem highlights or educational material, the blocktopia metaverse is all about becoming the hub for entertainment and education for all crypto users, so for elrond to basically move into the ground floor means that elronds standard digital tokens Can be built into the metaverse for users to buy and access nfts in various marketplaces, which will be a huge plus for scalability for the internet, scale blockchain and its secure proof of stake algorithm.

Can you imagine sushi on the moon? Maybe not figuratively yet, but moonbeam and sushi swap are teaming up on the kusama network. Moonbeam is the moon river networks baby, and it also happens to be kusamas second pair chain and its dabs can integrate with bitcoin and ethereum, which is super helpful for sushi swaps. Ammo, because sushi swap will be attempting to leverage moonbeams, ethereum compatibility to create integrations for polka dot assets, the dot and ksm tokens, so they can be more easily accessed across blockchains and pair chains, and all of this would be circled back into being accessible on moonbeam. As well as sushi swap the moon, sushi partnership, at least thats, what im calling it is meant to boost the kusama ecosystem through the growth of the moon river network, the moonbeam, blockchain and moonbeams native token glimmer, which, for the record is sitting at a total supply Of 1 billion glimmer tokens its always so nice to see the level of collaboration in the crypto community, and this time decubate and coin 98 wallet are partnering up. Decubates community powered investment platform that scopes out the next top blockchain businesses, along with coin 98, wallets multi chain and nft wallet, are working together to create more value creation opportunities to more people, meaning that you will be able to jump on dicubates staking and investment services. On coin 98, wallet and this news made the market jump for joy, decubate rallied 7 percent, but just couldnt get past the hundred dollar hump, but c98 shot right up by 16 percent sitting just under four and a half bucks thats it for your altcoin buzz news.

Update, so how do you feel about todays headlines? How do you feel about philanthropy through crypto and the collab between and Does the moon sushi partnership sound yummy to you? Let me know in the comment section and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to like subscribe and ring the bell to get regular notifications on our latest videos, and why not share our content with your friends? You can show them what else is happening on altcoinbuzz heres, some videos to get started with and as always, this is not financial advice, but we wish you the best of luck in your crypto ventures.