0 its going to happen tomorrow and were going to take a look at what that entails and why Its a pretty big deal for validators, but it is just one step in the ever. Expanding steps of getting to ethereum 2.0 also take a look at a major bank is urging ireland to uh increase or up their uh crypto regulation and what they want to do. There, as opposed to whats going on in the eu and uh finally well take a look at a trillion. Asset manager is getting ready to start trading cryptocurrencies, as if the news just couldnt get any better. So well do all those things, but first take a look at whats going on the market. So today, another pretty good day ill, be honest with you, uh its uh tuesday, beautiful day here in puerto rico, and weve got uh 2.6 trillion uh for the total mark cap somewhere around there, 2.63 2.68, depending where you look at, but the bitcoin price hasnt really Budged, its been around 62.5 621 somewhere around there and its going pretty good in all honesty october is looking like that rebound case. I expect again fireworks november december and well also take a look at uh, real, quick just as far as like what were doing as far as like uh, the last 24 hours and theres been some pretty big. Gainers ill, be honest with you, uh ethereum! Well, not in the for not in the top 10 or so something like that, but again shiba inu leading the charge at 15: tara, 9, 6 for avalanche 12 for polygon 15 for cosmos.

I mean, if youre, making some pretty big gains. They are outside the top 10, but it always goes in this fashion. Things flow into bitcoin. Then they flow into some more of the alt coins down below the top 10 in the top 20 and then top 50, then top 100. And then, as things get rocky, they go right back into bitcoin and its just a cycle that repeats over and over again. Also were using trade the chain for sentiment analysis. So if we want to take a look at uh, the trader side of us well take a look at the projected range and uh with uh 90 assurance were looking at uh in the next hour between uh five percent and two percent for wow. They look at bitcoin cash, maybe thats going to be a big pumper go chain sword. I dont know what that is. Golem al goran. I can see that engine coin and revain in the sandbox, so something definitely to take a look at also. If we want to take a look at whats going on the market as far as the price action here, we have the four hour candles, and just so you know, let me put this in so we actually see everything i want to see uh as far as The rsi were right in the middle and it seemed like a couple days ago throughout the weekend anytime. It would actually flow down to around 60 000.

It just got picked right back up by the bulls and it seemed like they would not let it go to that 59 spot and then, of course, it rises up. We can see that everythings in the bollinger band range the macd divergent convergence. Of course it crossed over here and now were getting ready to cross over again, but i think the floor is around 61.5 61.2 somewhere around there even 61.9. You take a look at here, so i see us trading a little bit sideways until some more action comes in. Where is the money going to come from well get into that in a second and then, lastly, before we take off to the top stories the um? This is the etf, the bito for pro shares and again just trading sideways, not much action, but keeping it where its reasonable, not taking huge dips to people who are like itf is a failure, just awful, which i dont think its that big of a deal anyhow. I mean its a good, its a great thing that actually got approved. Dont get me wrong, but as far as like, where to invest, i would not be invest in investing into an etf futures for bitcoin id rather hold it myself and then. Lastly, uh, as far as the valkyrie uh etf, that ones doing pretty well too uh trading sideways a little bit of peaks and valleys. So normal day, sec approved bitcoin etfs, doing just fine, no massive manipulation now gary its time for you to approve the spot.

Etf. All right so thats whats, going on in the market uh lets get to uh, todays, well top story for me, uh real quick. I made a little uh error a little mess up as far as unstoppable domains. Yesterday i was talking about that. Unstoppable domains was going to have their dot wallet um you were able to buy instead of like having a dot, crypto dot, zill dot coin. Now you can have like a dot wallet so instead of having that big long, um hash for your for your um cryptocurrency address, you could just say just send it to rob dot wallet and theyll be you can send whatever most cryptos that you can send to It – and i said it was actually went, live yesterday. Sorry, it went live this morning. There was which im glad. I actually tell you yesterday because there was so much volume that it actually crashed the website, but the website is up, and just so you know if you want to get into that links in the description. So instead of having somebody go, hey whats, your address. Oh its 0x and having them emailed to you, say: whats your address its eric johnson.wallet or whatever, or joeblow.wallet and thats it so thats. What you got anyhow so sorry about the little er foobar or a little air, so lets get into the big news: eth. 2.0. So real quick: this is an ongoing process and um just like we, you saw in the title and thumbnail.

This is big news. I think its big, but its not like the end all be all. This is a long process for ethereum i for one. I know people say ah rob youre, just a big shill for cardano thats true, but on top of that im also a big show for ethereum too, because on this channel im pretty biased and everything i talk about is exactly what i own. So i own a lot of ethereum, actually one two and three in my portfolio: bitcoin ethereum cordano, so uh its not like i dont, like the theorem. I just think its got its air, its uh, its problems and you know everythings got its problems. I think theyll fix it at some point, but the question is when well: here is a step in the right direction. So what do we have here? So altair upgrade set to activate on ethereum mainnet? They say this month that actually it is tomorrow. This is an old article october 5th, but uh the upgrade represents a low stakes, warm up to prepare for the beacon chain. Well, get to that. A second developers and client teams for the coming merge well go over all that stuff, so this is whats happening. The upgrade represents low stakes to prepare beacon, chain developers and client teams for the coming merge when ethereum will transition from proof of work to proof of stake. Everybodys waiting for this, but in all honesty the ethereum foundation really has to its like changing the engine, while youre going down the highway kind of tough to do, because everything is in full motion and thats exactly whats going on.

It will provide the beacon chain uh, with an increase uh, just one part and slashing severity and cleanups to validator rewards so slashing severity. If youre a validator and youre not online long enough, they will they have these slashing rewards. Or if you do some kind of like uh, unnecessary type of actions, then they can slash. Your rewards used to be 0.25 now its going to be 0.58. So its a big misstep, if you make any errors as far as validators anyone operating a beacon, node or validator, is required to update uh validators, who do not update, wont, be able to participate in the new consensus and theres more information. How to update known and validators is here: i am not a validator. I did not stake my ethereum. It was beyond what i wanted to do. I didnt want to lock it up for that long, but people are making pretty good uh pretty good money. Just uh. You know staking it, but there is that part, and then just so you know this is what validators can expect after this upgrade, which is tomorrow october 27th. So real quick just so you know that uh. This is amazing. To me, the network participation rate is almost 100 for this part right now, uh totally staked almost 16.3 billion worth, and here we go currently fully enacted. Validators lose roughly almost 12 percent of their state ethereum after the upgrade theyll lose about fifteen point four percent, and again just like i talked about as far as like uh the slashing by the network, the malicious behavior such as double signing or double proposing blocks.

We could find half an eat thats a lot of money uh after the hard fork activation, instead of just a quarter. Eighth, which is still a lot of money, ill be honest with you as far as uh uh, getting uh reprimanded for things that you do so that is uh. Essentially what is going on so voltaire are excuse me altair, not voltaire. Thats for cardano altair is the upgrade for ethereum, and that is going to bring us into closer to the merge. What are they talking about? This is what theyre talking about. So just so, you know these are the e2 upgrades. This is from ethereum.org. I will link this in the description, so you can see it, so the beacon chain is already there. Thats already live uh. The first eighth edition of the ecosystem, beacon chair brings staking the ethereum the groundwork for future upgrades and according to new system, the merge – and i want you to notice that the timeline here estimate 2022.. So i know people talk about like its right on the corner. Its gon na happen. Those people are incorrect, its going to take a long time and it could be q1 q2 of 2022 and then, of course, for the next one shard chains, uh. That could be at the very end. So the main net ethereum will need to merge with the beacon chain at some point, because right now you got proof, work and proof of stake.

They need to bring them together. This will enable staking for the entire network and single the end of energy intensive mining. Then, when we get to the shard chains, itll expand ethereums capacity to process transactions to our data. Shard themselves will gain more features over time hold on multiple phases so crypto. I know some people look at crypto and they go. This is just you know, big huge. Get rich type scheme and its not its really its the longest play its a long play in a very short time. I hope that makes sense, because if you actually take a look at like traditional markets, thats a really long play for for some for some corporations and businesses, but for cryptocurrencies the the projects that have a lot of staying power and lasting power. They have a road map that goes out years into the future and theyre doing a lot of great things. Theyre trying to bring things together were just in, i know people say were in the third and fourth inning. In all honesty, i think were still in the first or second, i mean theres, so many things that need to be done and havent been done so thats whats, going on with ethereum 2.0. Let me know what you think in the comments section lets move on to our next piece. This will go fast, major bankers, island to uh to get going as far as cryptocurrency, so bny melon urges ireland to adopt crypto rules before the eu regulations.

This is what we got going on so reps of: first of all, whos b y melon, uh, b and y mel. We actually talked about this a couple months ago b and why melon to offer bitcoin services and billion y melon is one of the oldest banks. In the united states, i think actually in the world correct me in the comments the bank of new york, mellon nations oldest bank. So there we go nationals bank said thursday. It will begin financing bitcoin of the digital currencies. It will eventually allow digital currencies to pass with the same financial network. It currently uses for more traditional holdings like us, treasury, bonds and equities interesting, just like all the other smart banks that are doing things, but who cares? This is why we care its because bny melon has 2.3 trillion assets under management thats. Why we care? If these guys had like we got a couple million assets under management, i wouldnt be talking about them: oldest bank old money, some may say smart money, but they got a lot of assets under management that could flow into our market and thats. Why? This is a big deal, but what theyre trying to say here is like look ireland. We need you to step up and actually put forth what you want to do with cryptocurrency and not leave it to the eu. If the eu comes in and does a blanket regulation, its not going to be good, so this is what b and y melons say they go look while we recognize that the european commissions, crypto asset markets proposal, aims to create a separate regime for assets, crypto assets, The european level, given the time frame for this legislation, action to come to effect the national regimes quickly begin to fill up the gap with their respective jurisdictions and we believe ireland should follow suit so that bmy mellon expects new regulations come into effect in 2023 and They one of their examples is: if you can either wait for eu or you can do what the germans did.

We just say you know we can do this. We can uh bring forth as far as crypto and well make their own regulations for our country. Eu. You can have a great suggestion, but this is what were gon na do and then. Lastly, this was actually from ireland. They said, given the accelerating change happening, other jurisdictions and to meet the changing needs of clients for digital assets. We would be happy to have a clear and comprehensive strategy to create an ecosystem of assets, and i think its a good point to make that first of all its kind of amazing to me, the banks are coming in and saying you guys need to get regulation Because you dont want to be like you know, some other countries remain nameless. They really cant get their act together. Get things done now until the union comes in and says. Are you eu and says? Do it this way youre not going to like it get it going before they do it then. Lastly, i didnt mention this this little sentence right here. This is, i think, the biggest part, the importance of securing a talent pool in the countrys crypto and blockchain space, and this is what bny, mellon told uh the irish legislature or the the people in charge said. Look if you want to get this going, you have to first secure the talent, because this is going to be such a big thing and the talented people that are in blockchain that really know whats going on theyre, all being snatched up by big companies and entities.

So secure this net worth now, because the most important thing you can get is the people that can bring you into the next stage. So let me know what you think about that from the comment section lets move on to our last piece, which is pimco so pimco, another troy and assets that are management and im not going to read the whole article because its kind of boring but its its Another this is amazing to me its just another uh asset manager. That says we want to get into crypto, which seems like this is like every day. This is actually five days old. I dont care about this part. What i care about is this last sentence right here, and actually this was from. Where is this pimcos chief investment officer, daniel iverson nailed it? It says here, and this is amazing – that they actually admit this, but hes right. He says you have to understand decentralized finance because it will be disruptive and it very well may disrupt our industry in our business in particular. So this is the first time i have ever heard anybody in these type of institutions go. You know what d5 is a big thing and we need to get on board now before we get blockbustered and i just thought it was a resounding happening. Thats going on in our market. So look thats whats going on theres, nothing, but good news out there im pretty happy about how things are progressing but tell me what you think in the comment section, but that is it.

So if you stuck with me all the way in first of all thanks, i appreciate it if you like, todays video, give it a thumbs up. Consider subscribing things are going to accelerate more quickly over the next two months, so try to get as much information as you possibly can thats it for today. So thanks so much.