This is tony with journey crypto, so this is just going to be a quick video with some major announcements and some more information about my nft set. That is coming up very soon, so i am going to be doing a huge giveaway end of year. Uh, its gon na be around a hundred thousand dollars and im gon na be doing a massive donation to charity and how this is gon na work is for every subscriber i get here on youtube. I will be donating 25 cents to charity and 25 cents back to you guys and a huge giveaway of crypto and nfts, so that huge giveaway will be launching at the very beginning of january. If we do make it to a million subscribers, we may launch that soon so uh currently around uh 000 subscribers here. So we are going to launch it right at 580, 000 subscribers so thats, 420 000 subscribers to 1 million and for every person up until 1 million i will be donating 25 cents. I will be doing a vote for what charities uh. We will be donating to and another 25 cents back to you guys, uh for the community for a huge giveaway of crypto and nfts. So thats huge every person, thats subscribing, is uh, giving back 50 cents to both charity and back to the community. So i do appreciate you guys, sharing spreading the word and until end of year, if we do hit a million subscribers, which is the max im going to be doing thats going to be 420 000 subscribers, which is slightly over a hundred thousand dollars to charity.

And a hundred thousand dollars back to the community in a huge giveaway – and i will let you guys uh – do a vote as well on what nfts and what cryptos i will be giving away, but uh. This will be a huge giveaway, the biggest one ive done. Yet very excited for this and to be able to get back to you guys, basically im going to be giving back all my youtube and affiliate revenue until end of year, so very simple, thats. All there really is to it for every subscriber i get until end of year, or until we hit 1 million subscribers, i will be giving back 25 cents to charity and 25 cents to a community giveaway uh with multiple winners and im gon na uh continue doing Crypto and nft giveaways on my twitter platform as well. If you guys follow me on twitter at jrny crypto, i will be giving away a bunch of my nfts that im launching im going to be doing some huge campaigns for this. I do want to give back a lot of free, nfts uh since theres a lot of people that wont be able to get in. I do want everyone to have an opportunity at this, so my nft set is coming at the beginning of november. The website discord, roadmap and other information – i will be launching very soon. I will give you guys links to that stuff on my official twitter and youtube account so be sure to be subscribed and following on twitter, if you guys do want to get notified that theres going to be a very limited public sale for that and im sure Its going to go pretty quick, so i have lots of utility plan for this.

This membership nft will be a free mint pass to my future nft sets. I have two sets in the works that are really awesome that are going to have a lot of utility in themselves and this membership nft will give you private discord access as well as private nft. Video updates, if you guys, want to stay ahead of the herd in the nft space and get early information on what sets im looking at, as well as the community im getting a lot of people involved that are uh very knowledgeable on the nft space and uh. This is going to be a huge community thats going to save you tons of time on the research in the nft space, so definitely lots of value ive planned. I have stuff planned for the next few years out im going to be spending millions of dollars on the development of this nft set lots of huge stuff planned that i dont want to announce yet. But this will be a free mint pass to feature nfts private discord, private nft, updates, uh being able to be part of this huge community as well as early access to other nft. Sets that im going to be helping launch. I already have two projects im going to be helping launch through my nft platform, so uh that will give you whitelist access and some other benefits and perks and really trying to bring you guys as much value as possible on this so thats.

All. I really want to say on my nft set right now: theres going to be more announcements as this nft project progresses, im, building a whole company around this. I just rented over a 3 000 square foot office that fits 25 people im hiring a big remote team. So trying to bring you guys as much value as possible on this, and hopefully anyone that holds sees extreme value for holding in the long term. So something else i do want to say as well is: i do have a huge nft video coming tomorrow. Uh be sure to stay tuned, for that that will be coming around noon, pst going in depth on why im so bullish on the nft space and why were extremely early and theres life changing opportunity right now in the space, so thats it for this video update A big thank you to everyone that has watched my videos and supported my content. I do want to give back to you guys as much as possible with this nft set, and this giveaway so dont forget to subscribe. If you havent already, it does give back 50 cents to the community and to charities. We will be doing that vote on which charities later on and i will be uh doing announcements on that giveaway at the end of the year as well and, like i stated, follow me on twitter, at jrny crypto for more regular updates and time sensitive information and More regular giveaways trying to get one big giveaway going there per week again.