Today we will be taking a look at a ship price prediction in shiba, inu coin news today. The first thing i want to take a look at robin hood shares tank as revenue falls way short of expectations on lighter crypto trading. So basically, what happened? The third quarter transaction based revenue totaled to 267 million dollars, with only 51 million dollars coming from cryptocurrency trading revenue from crypto trading, totaled 233 million dollars in the second quarter, its pretty much the second quarter of the year. When we have that crypto bull run. There was 233 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency revenue on robin hood, however, now in the third quarter, only 51 million dollars of cryptocurrency trade and revenue. Now, why is this? I did some researching and, as you can see, robin hood says: dogecoin accounted for 62 of crypto revenue in q2. That means literally 62 of that 200. Some million was because of dogecoin well now, with dogecoin hype, dying down and dogecoin, actually starting to see a decline in trading volume, literally only having 2.6 billion in trading volume, whereas ship token has 14 billion dollars in trading volume. You know this is not looking good for robin hood. Yes, robin hood supports dogecoin, but they only support seven cryptocurrencies. So what is their solution to this? They are going to roll out a crypto wallet feature fully by early 2022. Basically, meaning people will be able to send and receive cryptocurrency on this crypto wallet feature right now.

You can only trade crypto like a stock. Well, what comes when they roll out this crypto wallet feature theyre, most likely going to be adding more coins, its common sense, because why would they be rolling out a whole crypto wallet feature and dedicating so much time to cryptocurrency if they only had seven cryptocurrencies and Were keeping only seven currencies now, i also did some more research. Robinhood adds shibb to their survey to study clients, crypto preferences, so basically they sent out this survey to their customers and crypto customers that pretty much mention ships. So breaking news, robin hood is emailing. This survey to select users of their platform, they are including shib as one of the answers to select clearly doing market research on what their consumers want. So, as you can see, robin hood survey includes shiba enu and it asks the simple question over the past three months: did you buy any of the following cryptocurrencies select all that apply. You have cardano xrp dash shebi enu, ethereum, dogecoin solana, bitcoin, litecoin and tether. So they are pretty much curious, you know who is buying what cryptocurrency and how many people are actually buying this cryptocurrency. This is market research because they want to know which cryptocurrencies to list and the fact that they did include shiba inu does give us a good hint that they will be listing us at this point, im saying its confirmed and the reason why im saying its confirmed Is because everything is starting to add up now? Yes, they are missing out on a ton of revenue because they havent listed it.

Yes, but they are working on the right time and they are working on listing us at the right time when their crypto wallet feature comes out and thats. What ive been saying you can quote me on that im, not going to say its confirmed, but you know if you use your common sense, we can put together that robin hood will be listing ship token. Okay, now another thing i want to take a look at um ship token, actually just set an all time high at point: zero: zero, zero, zero, five, seven six! This is a very good price point, and this is much higher than all of our previous price points. If we go ahead and zoom out to the four hour chart, youll be able to see our first all time. High was actually all the way back here at may 14th, at roughly point zero: zero, zero, zero, three eight four one. So you know this was a very, very good resistance bar to pass, and we actually first passed it roughly over here on the uh 24th of october and then right after that, we see on the 26th of october a new all time high. Now, if we actually continue to follow this trend, lets go ahead and zoom in to the one minute chart youll be able to see that we will start to see this incline and we will continue to see this incline based off of previous patterns. Lets.

Look at the 30 minute chart, so i could get a better reference um, as you can see. We saw this incline right here on october 23rd. Its all a little bit of a setback saw this incline right here and now we are continuing to see this incline. So whats, most likely going to happen is were going to start to see a little bit of a setback and then were going to start to see our incline once again as based off previous patterns. So if that goes, you know correctly, and if that goes positively, then we most likely will be seeing another all time, high, potentially even by friday. Now this would be a very, very good price point to hit im, not gon na make a price prediction, because ship token is so volatile right now. You know it could go down, it could go up uh. All i want to say is: if we do see, some setback know that that is expected. Is it expected to see a dip soon and the reason why, even if its only a 20 dip, and even if we eat that up within hours or days, you know its because market correction obviously take a look over back when we set this uh initial? All time high for the month, i guess you could say when we saw our initial like what roughly 360 bull run, we went down roughly 50, i believe, to our bottom price, yeah roughly 55.

However, we click quickly ate that dip back up saw a consolidation period and again over here we saw this all time high. We went down roughly 30, so whats now most likely will be going down 30, but do not panic, sell just hodl and you will begin it for the long term. Now. Another big thing i want to take a look at dell crypto tweets out. Chibi enu is the third most google crypto in 2021.. This might be the single greatest predictive indicator. We have for my belief that shibb will flip ada so right now, ada cardano is ranked number fourth largest cryptocurrency with the market cap of 71 billion dollars. Keep in mind, dogecoin has a 34 billion dollar market cap, so if dogecoin was to double it would be just shy of that. You know for that number four spot. However, ship token definitely has the potential to go up and pass cardano based off of different analysts. You know opinion and the reason why is because they are just so bullish on chib because of the utility behind it. You know, obviously, in the top cryptocurrencies youre going to have different. You know aspects bitcoin is digital. Gold ethereum has their smart contract network binance has their smart contract network cardano has their smart contract network. However, the thing is they all three: have the smart contract network so whats the point. Well, ship token is going to be the meme currency of 2021 and 2022 and so on and so forth, because it will bump up into that top 10 past dogecoin because it has way more utility than dogecoin and it will get up to one of the top Cryptocurrencies, because it is attracting a different audience, it makes sense because the top cryptocurrencies are all gon na have different audiences, because theyre all attacking different niches.

One of these currencies is gon na end up winning in the end and the reason why i say that is because not everybody is gon na wan na be using. You know four different smart contract networks. At the same time, its gon na be one smart contract network that wins its gon na, be one digital gold that wins, which is bitcoin, obviously right now its going to be one meme cryptocurrency that wins, which is going to be ship token based off of the Utility now another thing i want to take a look at you: can trade shib for free over on um weeble, with my affiliate link down below in the description, you can also support the channel, and when you make a qualifying deposit of over 100, you will get Five dollars of ship for free on your very first trade, whether its stock or crypto, as well as it supports the channel, so make sure to do that. However, im gon na go ahead and take a look back at this article from robin hood. So pretty much stock trading app robin hood reported tuesday. A huge revenue missed for the third quarter, as cryptocurrency trading dropped off robin hood said bearing any change in the market environment. The headwinds dragged down last quarter like lower retail trading activity, will persist into a year end. However, what theyre not realizing is the cryptocurrency market is at an all time high right now, if you zoom out – and you take a look, you can see the cryptocurrency market is doing the best it has ever done.

So this is not because of a bear run. This is not because of you know: people arent investing into cryptocurrency right now its because they dont have a variety of currencies on their platform. They do not have what the people want them to have and if you go to, this solely proves how many people want ship token to be listed on robin hood. Over 329 000 people signing this petition now lets get to that goal of 500 000 signatures. Thatd be insane, but things are starting to add up guys and personally, i think we will be listed on robin hood. Its just a matter of time. Do the do the common sense do the math in your head? It all makes sense its just theyre theyre waiting too long and theyre gon na miss out on a lot of revenue. However thats on them and robin hood is definitely gon na, give us a huge jump just because of the hype it has built behind it.