We have unprecedented coverage on ship right now, and the whales are already behaving a lot differently. Judging by the look of things that there can potentially be a big event happening for ship very, very shortly, momentum is only building for ship right now, and the news outlets are already scrambling together to get their analysts um to get ship on peoples, television screens, and This is not expected. This is going to be the beginning of a snowball effect. Its going to be a crazy week for sheep, so lets just get started well be giving away 100 to a random subscriber to kickstart, their crypto journey to enter this giveaway simply like and subscribe, and comment your favorite crypto in the comments below before we start. I just wanted to do a quick shout out for the crypto gangs. They are opening the public mint in about four hours and the reveal is about 16 hours. This is going to be very exciting and, as of yesterday, they have announced one of their stretch, goals ahead of time, and this is not usually the case with these sort of projects. It just shows you how hard theyre currently working on the project, so they have done a collaboration with a joint dispensary. That means any nft holder of the crypto gangs will get a 20 lifetime discount for marijuana related goods in the state of washington and across the states. If you havent already, i highly recommend you picking just one nft up, because youll really reward you over time.

In the future, theyre already looking to give away a lot of stuff back to the first 40 of the nft holders, so thats going to be a lot of passive income for the early adopters in the future anyway, lets get back to ship. So this is quite important. Major news outlets are covering ships, so we have here cnn and we got on this fox business and we also have bloomberg news. This is important because music outlets have a good idea of what people want to watch and, if theyre, all covering ship at the same time, that means theres a increased amount of interest in ship right now and they want to capitalize on that and also at the Same time, this will act as a catalyst for people who are not aware of ship but are interested in buying ship. We are essentially seeing the bulgars begin to roll because, as we have more news coverage, we also have these analysts stepping in predicting really wild prices. For ship so shipment, you need to flip dodge coin as amulets c ship price rising to one cent, and these music outlets also have a different form of media, because these are broadcasted through television, and this is going to see a whole different demographic altogether. Now, before we move on, you can support your favorite crypto projects such as sheep ethereum and more by getting your own physical crypto coin. To add to your collection, you can find a link in the description and right now were seeing huge impact on social media as well.

So we have immense social impact, ship trending socials with 432 tweets. I believe this number was about just a bit more than the half yesterday, which is crazy. The amount of traction were getting right now and, as a result, a lot of people have taken notice. We have this tweet here about whale status, analysis of the top 1000 ethereum whales and the top three most transacted coins are ship link and comp with shib being, i believe, uh sitting at 21.59 of the erc token holding share, and while were here, i just want To have a look at the contrast we have between ship and the next largest erc holding. We are just about under three times more than the very next holding. That is a crazy big difference compared to what the other ones are shown. We can see that theres a lot of interest from the top 1000 ethereum holders and the crazy thing is that they are still continuing to add more ship, so ethereum well. Just bought 277 billion shared tokens for 11.5 million usd and guys keeping in mind the well bought ship when its near the local monthly high. That is not a cheap price to buy. That is not a dip. That means that this particular person, or at least this whale, is predicting that the price of ship is going to skyrocket, even higher, and he has a lot of confidence in fact, 11.5 million dollar confidence. So that tells me there potentially is going to be something big happening for ship this week.

Now i want to talk to you guys a little bit about where we are currently sitting for ship and where we think the prices can go. So. The first thing i want to look at is the overall crypto market, its already a very good sign to see. We see nothing but a sea of grain, so that means uh. Ship is sitting in a nice position because hes riding along the wave with the rest of the crypto market, and now, if we currently look at the daily time frame on ship, it is already looking very, very good. We are seeing one two three four five green candles in a row that are extremely extremely bullish, looking to break the local high and in fact we are very, very close from doing so right at the moment and the good news also we i have just enabled The macd indicator on the bottom, so right now we are seeing the slow macd crossover um its now diverging. So that means the momentum is only just going to increase from here. So that means were currently in a very, very strong position and with reasonable probability that you might touch or looking to touch the all time high and zooming onto the one hour time frame we can see there was this particular range that ship was trapped into, but The cool thing is right: now is that uh ship, this price of ship is looking to make an ascending triangle, so that means um that there is a good probability.

The ship can break at the overhead resistance and making for a run for a all time high. But of course this requires ship to break from this overhead resistance, and there needs to be nothing bad that happens to the crypto market and especially the ship. We dont want any negative news happening for ship, but, judging by the way, it is right now it is looking very bullish and there might even be even better news if robin hood were to drop an announcement right now that theyre going to be releasing ship. This is going to go absolutely parabolic and i can only imagine how hard ship will go if this news doesnt happen. I am extremely excited for ship this weekend, especially for the next 24 hours. I think its gon na be a history in the making, thanks to everybody, whos been following us since the very beginning.