My name is matt and in todays video i have perhaps the greatest announcement in the history of shiba inu and im, not joking. So if you guys are new, make sure to drop like subscribe for daily vids lets get right into it folks. So if you guys havent seen what we are working with here folks, this is the new official all time high for shiba inu in history. You guys can see right now were at officially .0005, and what is amazing about this is because just you know, around a month or two ago we were talking about the fives with an extra zero in front. So in around a month we were able to shave an entire zero off of the front, which is just incredible again. You guys can see. We are up 27. On the day now, ive made some predictions in the past and in my last video uh, i did predict that it was possible for ship to sort of break out of what could potentially be an area of consolidation right here around between 44 and 49 ish. And i said you know what i dont know how long this little region is going to last. It could last for several days it could last for weeks, and it managed to last for just a few hours, and you guys can see it was able to break out of that heading up to 53 at the very highest 54. Actually, whats amazing about this is again.

This defies just about every single thing. We know about crypto or finance or anything related to any asset. This is completely shattering just about every indicator. We could possibly look at um like the relative strength index. This is absolutely destroying the relative strength things i mean this isnt following it at all, and normally the relative strength index is pretty good at determining by volume cell volume and giving you a rough idea of whether or not an asset has headroom to appreciate on the Day and shibu inu just doesnt care, it is doing amazing things and if you guys want to do some amazing things you guys can do is check out. Weibo folks, link down below in the description is so easy to do. All you guys have to do is go over. There make an account literally taking two minutes and its probably the quickest 15 20ish bucks in free stocks. You guys will ever make in your life top a link down below in the description. Of course i get a couple free stocks too. So if you guys like me and want to support the channel again super easy to do type of link down below description, who knows you might get lucky, you might get a share of apple or facebook or something very valuable up to twenty three hundred dollars. So anyways folks, like i, was saying what is amazing about this is again it is defying everything we know about crypto and when you take a look at this region which you guys can see, this is a very typical area of consolidation.

You guys can see from the 17th to the 23rd. You know we watched it, basically just bounce off the top and bottom, and why is this important? Well, what this is doing is it adds stability. When you see something like this, you see a lot of long term stability, because youre watching something just consolidate moving up and down up down within a set region, meaning that whenever it gets high, you know people feel like okay. You know what this is a good time to sell and whenever it reaches the bottom, which you know wasnt, really all that low people say hey its a good time to buy now. This is typically a good indicator of an upcoming breakout, and you guys can see. We see an upcoming breakout right after that period of consolidation. Now you could argue that the same thing happened, although your technical indicators would be a little sloppier, i mean again, you could, if you wanted to, if you really wanted to zoom out under any circumstance, it doesnt really look like a traditional on a period of consolidation. It just looks like a never ending, bull run and again you guys can see it has that very characteristic. Uh kind of bull run motion which you guys can see something like this, and you guys see it is basically doing that here and it just shows no end in sight and, like i said there are indicators we can look at to determine whether or not you Know this is looking like it has headroom on the day, but again, ship just doesnt really seem to care and whats amazing about this.

Folks is when you zoom out and really do look at the big picture. What is amazing is that when we started here all the way back in may um, you know we saw it hit around four nine and right now were watching it sit here around five two, so we have officially broken the all time high. We officially have broken that entire may crypto craze, which was you know, getting a lot of people interested in this. Getting a lot of people interested in the industry, weve officially been able to break that, which is just mind boggling in a sense because, right now it is definitely an uphill battle. You know when you look at coin market cap man. There are a lot of coins here doing a lot of great things. In fact, a lot more than there were back in may i mean so lana today mon i mean my goodness guys. So lana is an amazing token that i love, which wasnt even there to be found in may you know the competition was in a sense, a lot less stiff and you know to watch all these coins. You know coming to the forefront yet shibuyu still leading by a long shot is pretty amazing. I mean again when you sort by the week man. It is blatantly obvious that shib is leading by a long shot and theres, nothing even remotely close. So again, i am just blown away to see this level of progress.

So im sure a lot of you guys are asking you know, wheres your price target in 24 hours from now should i buy now folks. I dont think this is objectively the best time to buy again. This is not financial advice, my personal opinion, but, like i said man, this is very uncharacteristic. I mean this is just a never ending sort of bull run. It only really makes sense to have some kind of natural correction. Again. I dont think that is tragic. You know you can predict a correction without predicting tragedy. There are many spots which this can correct to and you guys see a little hint of that once elon musk sends out his tweet on the 24th saying he doesnt own any ship, it corrects down to 32, but youll notice. It bounces right back and heads back up, so this variable could happen again. We could watch it correct and head down. You know its okay, its a little inflated yada yada. We bought the top, oh no and it heads down to like 40, and that could be a new potential line of support. Now, if you wanted to get more scientific and use, you know a formula to determine where these line support may be. You check out the fibonacci retracement, which of course i will show you guys here on screen. So what you guys can of course notice here is its analyzing, the very bottom of this run, which of course is at 32.

That was the elon tweet and then, of course, at the top of the most recent chart, which was 49. The fibonacci retracement has not adequately um adapted for these recent candles, so the highest its going to show here is 49, but if you guys will notice it bounces off the 23.6 line, almost like clockwork it bounces off that line heads back up and then again, if We are to watch it. You know kind of continue to ricochet off the bottom here. We could very well see something like this in the near future, where it is bouncing off of the 46, so that is a definite potential line that we could see. If you wanted to estimate a slightly worse case scenario, it could potentially bounce off the 38.2 percent decrease line which would leave you around 43. So you know you could very well see something like this go on, for you know a day a week. You know something like this could go on for a little while um you could head down to the 50 if you wanted to and the 50 we have seen evidence of in the past being a decent line of support here around the 25th. So you could definitely guess that uh, the 41 here or the 50 decrease line uh from the top of this run is fine. So there really is a lot of flexibility here, but when it comes down to it, you know definitely do be trying to look at indicators like this and and try to gauge whether or not it looks like were in for a red day in the market, because, Obviously you know bitcoin didnt do amazing today, obviously slightly down ethereum, you know slightly up, but if theres a real bloodbath of a day like you know, bitcoin down like 10, i would definitely say that shib might not be uh having a great day as well.

So again definitely do keep an eye out for those bloodbath days. We havent seen that with bitcoin in a bit so thats fantastic, but i would definitely be on the lookout, because if we do have one of those blood bath days, then ship definitely might suffer um from hitting this all time high, but regardless folks, still amazing stuff. Um, i really do appreciate you all watching. Thank you guys so much again check out the weeble type of link down below in the description.