I need to talk to you about chiba inu and something really bullish that happened here today. Now i want to talk about some other news in the crypto market too, not just shiba inu, but the news that i have to cover is about hindu, because it is really interesting and really good for holders of shiba inu. Now, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button subscribe button, i talk about all different kinds of cryptos on this channel. I also talk about stocks with that in mind, hitting the like button and subscribe. Just tell me that you guys like that, and i will say too: i am partners with tip ranks and if you are interested in stocks at all, i really like tip ranks provides a lot of good insights, including, like you can look. How much traffic is is looking at specific websites, thats a new feature and theyre, giving you a 20 off coupon. If you use the link underneath the video its supposed to only be halloween day, but they gave it to me from now until halloween day. So definitely use that down below to get 20 off. If you want, i am already using it, so its a great thing to use for the stock market. Now, with that in mind, the crypto market is down here today, so we have bitcoin falling. It fell under 60, 000, just very briefly, and then went back up. Then we have ethereum.

It fell down a little bit too. The whole market kind of is a little bit red, but you can see shiva inu up at all time highs. I mean it hit. All time highs here today and its just pushing up against the top. So, first of all, why is the cryptocurrency market down? Well, i talked about this in a video earlier today i talked about how this coin can crash, and i explained why it was uh. Why whales would dump it and its bitcoin right? So bitcoin is highly leveraged right now, compared to what it typically is its pretty much at the highest amount of leverage over the last uh about two days ago. It was at the highest amount of leverage thats been at all year, so whales like to shake people out, they try to sell, drop down the price, and then they try to liquidate all the people that are on leverage right that are borrowing money to go into. Bitcoin so with that being said, i said in that video. When we were on like 62 500 hey, we could see a dip down to 60 000 and if it falls through there, 57 058. 000.. Now we hit that 60 000 mark like a couple hours after. I talked about it, so it was really interesting. Now, with that being said, i am buying here today. I bought something here today. I have limit orders in for bitcoin and ethereum and then solana too, and i did buy some ethereum, so ethereum has an upgrade tomorrow.

I did a video on this too and again well get to sheba in a second, but i bought some ethereum here today. I bought it because they have their upgrade tomorrow. Its looking really bullish, theres, just not enough supply going around for ethereum and the the fact is that most of the adoption most of the uses is still through ethereum right. Most people are using ethereum as opposed to slolana or cardano. The total value locked is much higher. We have ethereum 2.0, which will actually cause this to be deflationary, so we already are less inflationary than we were before because of eip1559. But after we moved to proof of stake, well, actually decline. Two percent annually, which makes it very scarce with that in mind too theres, just so much demand from it for it, because it is one of the larger cryptos, its definitely one that a lot of institutions want to get their hands on now. I i think that ethereum is just going to do really well and i think the risk reward is really good for ethereum, but lets talk about chiba inu because because it is going up while the rest of the market is falling down. So why is sheba inu going up again? Well, theres, some really bullish news over the last six hours, or so because robin hood announced results, they announced their earnings and they were bad. They were really bad. So the whole point of, or one of the main reasons, shiba inu, has gone up so much in the last week or two is because people think that robin hood is going to list it now.

Robin hood has a lot of those like whats. The best way to say it like apes people that love these kinds of cryptocurrencies, i mean a lot of the volume from dogecoin came from robin hood and it accounted for 30 of their revenue in q2 of this year. They just reported after hours their results and they were bad. They were 16. The revenue was 16 worse than people were expecting sorry still getting over a cold uh 16 worse than people were expecting, and they might. They said that that was because of crypto trading revenue. So it still went down, it went uh from 233 million in the second quarter to 51 million, so it got cut in a fourth because no ones trading dogecoin right. So a lot of the thinking is, they will start listing shiba inu and i think they would have to be dumb. Not to recently they did a survey to some of their users asking what they owned and a lot of people are asking for shiba inu. We also saw right around this time some whale that bought 277 billion dollars worth of tokens about 11 to 12 million dollars worth so thats going to push up the price, so that is really exciting for a lot of sheba and holders. Also, their petition passed 300. 000 people on it to to have robin hood. Actually you list shiba inu. So a lot of people are pretty excited about this.

I think the thing is when robin hood doesnt make as much money. It makes it more likely for them to lift chiba into because thats, where all the excitement is. That is good news for ship holders theyre. Seeing a lot of a lot of green recently, i mean look at the last one day up a good amount. Last seven days up a good amount, so its looking very bullish. Now i do not hold shiba inu. I actually got 42 million at one point from uh referrals through voyager app, so i i should have held on to it, but i didnt but uh yeah. I just its amazing to watch, because i mean this community is really strong um, so if youre in it congrats, if youre not in it, you know uh. At this point i would take sheba inu over dogecoin in a portfolio, but i dont have either so. Let me know your thoughts on these down below. Let me know what you are most bullish on. Let me know if you are buying shiba inu or if youve held it and what you bought it at. Let me know if you bought ethereum or bitcoin here today. Im looking forward to buying some more if we can, because i am very bullish for the end of the year – one thing to consider is plan b thinks that we are going to 63 000 by the end of october. This is worst case scenario from on chain metrics and then 98 000 by november.

So if we see that we will see over a 50 percent increase in bitcoins price in november, what happened last month was right on 43 000. What happened the month before was right on 47 000 and as soon as we got done with september, we started to see green. So in seven days we might be seeing a lot of green in cryptocurrency and then hes talking about even more green after that with another 40 pump. So let me know your thoughts on all this down below. Let me know what you think: all these different cryptos would be at if bitcoin was at 98 000 by the end of november. Let me know if you think, hes right on for the end of october, because its sign up to look that way now. Thank you. Guys so much for watching again, you can check out the link down below to tip ranks in case you want an unfair advantage with their platform. Also, there is a link down there to block fi to get an interest rate on your cryptos. Thank you guys.