The dev team has for the better future of shiba inu and his update through his twitter discord and telegram account as well as medium articles, have helped him to popularize the ship token to the masses, its impressive that all the things that shitoshi has revealed to the Ship community have become to pass, and some of them are in progress. He talked of shiboshis and it has happened. He talked to shiba, swap in a cabin and many more and now shitoshi has come out to reveal the secret catalyst thatll. Take the shiba inucoin to one cent, what catalyst shitoshi revealed, how will the catalyst take ship to one cent? When will this particular catalyst launch? These are some of the questions that will be answered in this video. We also have an amazing price catalyst news for shiba inu, so make sure to watch this video till the end to find out. But before we go into that wed like to announce a giveaway of 1 million shiba in the tokens for lucky viewers of this channel. To compete, all you have to do is watch the video to identify the secret message comment this message to stand a chance to win from the jackpot and make sure to subscribe, so we can do even bigger giveaways in the future. Now lets get straight into the video, the most popular meme coin. Chiba inu is back in the limelight, making great progress towards anyone set and the dream.

210 is not even far away from us. Recent developments around the shiba ino ecosystem are getting analysts back on the drawing board to revise their prediction for ship analysts who thought it would take a decade for ship to hit one cent or waking up to the realization that in fact, ship to once end is Just a few months ahead today, shiba inu has its own exchange platform called shiba, swap to enable people to easily access and trade chiba, inu trifecta ship leash and bone and other listed cryptos. Also, the dev team recently launched shiboshis shiba inus own nft project to help burn more ship tokens through the renaming of shiboshis at a fee of 100. This is a great development that well see ship takes advantage of the fast growing non fungible token industry, and we already know that shiba inu developers are working towards launching a shiba based nft game, known as ashiverse to be traded on openc, nft marketplace and sheba swap Exchange shiba inu also has a huge community, with over 1 million fans, spread across different social media platforms. A strong community is essential in popularizing ship to potential investors, which helps to bring in new investors. Only time will tell how far the shiba inu coin will reach, but as we can see, shiba inu dev team is well prepared to explore all possible means to take ship to one scent and now. Shitoshikusama has revealed a great catalyst thatll take ship to onset.

Well, details of what exactly shitoshi revealed and how thatll help pump ship to onset are coming up in a moment, but before that lets look at some of the amazing new surrounding ship and how these are great catalysts to the valley of ship. Well, one amazing ship news that has taken the internet by storm is that of ship breaking a new all time. High shiba inu has surged over 42 in just two days to hit a new all time high for the first time since may 11.. According to data provided by, ship has managed to record a lifetime peak of 0.4 satoshi units, its now the most traded cryptocurrency, with its 24 hour trading volume surging over 400 percent to hit about 14 billion dollars. Shiba inu is now the 12th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, valued at 15.8 billion dollars. This is amazing for the ship community and it has set the ground for great success for ship soon. Shiba inu is indeed making major strides in the crypto space leaving deutsche coin. In the dust and even as ship lodges, a new all time, high tuition is still down a staggering 65 from its may 8th peak. So how important is ship logging a new record high? Well, as we all know, whenever a given asset breaks an all time, high theres, huge momentum and much driving for us and if its a legitimate and clean break from an all time high, then that particular asset will surely rally even more now.

For our case, ship has actually logged a clean new record high following the developments taking place on its ecosystem. Therefore, we look forward to another positive rally which will ride on the huge momentum that pushed ship to the current all time high and considering that this is coming at a time when bitcoin has just broken a new record high theres. Every reason to say ship is bullish. We know that bitcoin is a crypto market leader whenever it surges the same force, trickles down to other cryptocurrencies and ship will surge in tandem. Therefore, we expect this massive force that logged a new record high to continue before ship corrects in preparation for another trend. Now, just before the surge to an all time high, when ship was trading below the 0.3 satoshi units resistance, he was senate candidate. Shannon bray came out openly to reveal to the shiba inu community that hes one of the big ship proponents and back the coin to reach 0.3 satoshi units. Soon he went had to change to cover photos on his twitter profile to a photo of a floki smoking cigar representing shibahino bray also noted that if shib could only break past the resistance of 0.3 satoshi units itll be very easily reached an all time high. He tweeted saying quote: i changed my twitter background, its time to kick ship back into the 30s. Come on. Hashtag shiba army make some noise lets close friday over 20. Once we break the 30s again, we should have little resistance for a new ath.

Indeed, the support was huge and brave statement has come to pass, and here we are shib not only surpassed the 20 search, but also went past the record high to set the new higher boundary of 0.4 satoshi units in some other amazing price. Pumping news, shiba inu, is increasingly getting listed on many exchanges, and one of the latest is the move by huobi to list shib on its platform. Kuwabi is a seychelles based crypto exchange that was founded in 2018., its a leading trading platform providing secure and convenient trading services with hundreds of digital assets. This partnership will increase the number of new holders joining shiba inu shiba ino coin now has the opportunity to explore the seychelles marketplace to get more new investors and its ecosystem. This is bullish. Sentiment, thatll, help ship to search even more what catalyst shitoshi revealed. How will the catalyst take ship to one scent? What is the launch date lets took it shitoshikasamas latest revelation on the plan to take ship to one sense. Shibainu ecosystem has continually been growing to adapt to the technological changes and keep up with the competition. Much has been achieved, including entry into the nfts through shiboshis, and the establishment of shiba inus own exchange. Shiba swap, but one major catalyst thats going to be a game. Changer is what shitoshi has revealed to the shiba inu community, and that is the establishment of shiba inus own blockchain, known as shibarium, and even though there exists other blockchains shitoshi notes that jubarium will be totally different on the ground, that its transaction fees will be much Slower compared to existing blockchains, while speaking on shiba discord, shittoshi confirmed that quote, shibarium will offer low fees for every service game or whatever that builds on it.

This is in line with shiba inus anonymous, founder ryoshi. One said that she bariums transaction fees will be minimal or even zero. In addition, shibarium will also provide the network or bridge for other ecosystems shibainu, which is currently based on the ethereum. Blockchain has been facing a high gas fee on the ethereum network. Just recently when it launched shiboshi nfts shiba inu suffered a hefty gas price due to high transactions. This added to the high transaction fees on the ethereum blockchain has been a major hindrance for some new investors to join the shiba inu ecosystem, and all these changes explain why shiba inu is working to launch its own efficient, blockchain shibaria. When is the shebarium launch date? According to details from satoshi, shibarium is just a few months away to launch discussing on shiba discord. Shitoshi noted that the development of shibarium is in the mid stage and that the dev team will need some time to do testing before release. However, he noted that the testing wont take a year. Can this help ship to at one cent most? Definitely this considering that chiba inu will now be able to burn huge tokens collected from transaction fees charged for each transaction and as more ship tokens get burned.