We come to you twice a week, im your host dz im justin and we bring you the breaking nft news with the hot drops and the hot projects, but uh were gon na start with an opportunity to meet dz and jeezy. Why are you telling the details? Well were gon na be in new york? Is it nyc nft or is it nft nyc its nfc nyt, oh thats, what it is nfc nyt, so yeah well be at nfc nyt see i used to think. I knew it now. Im saying it wrong: whatd, you do to me here its nft nyc were to be there. I think uh. The event is all next week. I think either monday through thursday were going to be were flying into new york. Sunday, yeah were going to do the whole day on monday, at the event most of the day on tuesday and then were flying back to atlanta um tuesday night yeah. So especially, if you have a pluto alliance nft, you can catch up with uh, deezy and jeezy. Well, maybe well hang out, maybe like monday night well uh! Well, you know well meet up with the pluto alliance, so how about on monday well set up a a unique discord channel for pluto alliance people that that come to the event well well communicate with them and well try to meet up with them yeah lets. Do it im excited and also they got to get something ready for some future integration? What do they need to get ready play to earn on wax pluto alliance play to earn on wax just get your wax ready? Get your wax wallet, get your wax ready more well talk about this more as it develops were looking about three weeks for this drop, its going to be when we say pluto alliance is branching out different branches, different ecosystems, we really mean it different chains, different communities Get get excited all right.

Well, lets talk about some drops. First, though, we have uh crazy skulls. We mentioned them previously. They have the spooky halloween card about a drop yeah, yeah thats, some really good art im ive been excited about the spooky halloween stuff coming out. Yeah, so one card is given out: if you hold three skulls, so you got ta hold three skulls. You get a card. The card can instantly get turned into a mummy once thats live so oh wow, but the other side is gon na. Have the the radioactive can and then the other one is the halloween pass barrel? What do we get with the barrel? What does the barrel do? Yeah, so its a barrel, radioactive ooze, im guessing and its going to turn your crazy skull into a radioactive skull. So you hold three skulls, you get a card, you, you can instantly transform one or you could turn them into a mummy. So the ooze does this that you know what that reminds me of whats that ninja turtles yeah ninja turtles, so who knew that they were just little turtles and then this ooze went on and they grew up into these, like fighting it ninjas like a little kung Fu rat yeah, you know, probably, could have kicked your splinter. Youre talking about splinter, splinter, yeah didnt, he train shredder yeah. He did train each other tonight. I dine on turtle soup all right, so the mummies theyre gon na have 3 33 of them thats going to be free, but then theyre going to mint and its going to be worth 0.

1. So you have a way of getting you know. Basically, you know, besides the cost of gas, a free mummy here, nice yeah. I think we still have some skulls, so i think i might participate yeah and uh the founder shes really into the project. She believes it. We talked to her so yeah. I mean uh. This im, looking forward to this drop yeah its gon na, be really cool. So what else have we got uh? The project that were gon na go over this week is called game station. Okay, thats like a gamecube and playstation mixed together. Exactly so, it plays old games from like the 90s. Like the game gene, you remember the game genie that was really cool. No um game station is similar to engine starter. They actually partnered with engine starter, its a way for developers, game developers, even players to integrate their either nfts their games, their playing action, their assets that theyve collected playing games onto the blockchain and sell them as nfts. So its kind of like a launch pad for nfts and its a launch pad that goes and helps gaming and game developers. Okay, so they want to be like the open sea of gaming, yeah very, very similar, so game station. They do some of the like kind of like seed round funding for these things right, yes, theyre gon na be its gon na its basically like a launch pad for a token, but its a launch pad for a game, okay and and developers.

So its a way for a young developer to raise funds to actually build out their ideas and build out their games, not only that players will be able to take assets, nfts that theyve earned in the game and sell them as well, so its pretty cool okay. So, like a lone wolf who has this like killer game idea, but doesnt want to go to zynga or epic or you know he wants to maintain control, they want to own it. They still want to own the idea, so they would go that way. Instead of, like you know, trying to shop it around or something exactly exactly so its its a pretty cool marketplace um, it also has event systems for playing for community, so you can set different events set different contests when youre playing games stations of games, different stations, Like a game station like a game station – oh my god, its making sense now now youre starting to see it yeah. So tomorrow, which is the 28th. The tokens actually coming out. The idea or the dex listing is going to come out. Okay uh tomorrow, so its pretty cool check that out the ticker is gamer gamer yeah. What a great ticket that is a good ticker is. It spelled out like with five g, a m e r, um gamer token thats. Actually, good yeah go check this in this age of meme tokens, and i mean that actually does kind of i hate to say that it matters, but that does kind of matter exactly so so for those interested in getting in on this.

Is this on ethereum or binance, so yeah? If you want to get involved, you want to look at this project. You want to invest in this project its going to be on uniswap, okay check out that dex um and its not even out yet so the the actual market caps unknown its probably extremely tiny. It would be a good idea, maybe not financial advice, to get involved early yeah, i mean uh jumping on a coin day. One is typically better than you know, day 100 or day 200., yeah thats. True so gamer token, i, like the name man g on the name, g, a m e r, all right on ethereum. So for our last project we mentioned them already its the cyber trees. Now we warned you to get in on this white list. Theres only 500 spots, so hopefully a lot of bit squad members are in there yeah its amazing art. It is amazing art. I mean look at this. Look at this red tree. You know whoa whoa, thats, nuts, crazy red tree yeah. They got some uh trees that are on fire trees with neon. You know like so its its definitely pretty cool, as we mentioned before its an environmental angle, so theyre immediately gon na its forty thousand dollars, you get to decide. You know where theyre gon na place. These funds too yeah they wan na kind of put money back into like uh conservation and saving the trees and the forest and the rainforests pretty cool yeah.

I mean it makes sense. You know because there is a little bit of energy fun, so its good that theyre addressing that and who doesnt want to save the planet. You like, i know i you like fern goalie yeah. I love saving the planet, yeah yeah, so whats on their roadmap. Good question so a lot of things you know they uh, they want to add liquidity to nfts. You know you buy this nft its, not exactly liquid. You know theyre a lot of times: theyre called ill liquid jpegs for a reason yeah, but theyre teaming up with nftx liquidity pool so theyre going to have a liquidity pole going pretty soon thats going to be pretty good, but thats, not all, oh really. What else you got well theyre gon na do some merch theyre gon na. Do some free, merch drop to peoples, thats pretty cool, but uh also future expansions. So if they got trees now i dont know whats gon na, be i dont know. Is it gon na? Be shrubs could be shrubs flowers, vines vines could be vines mushrooms. How about just straight grass? I can see mushrooms being big. I see flowers, fungi and think about a future metaverses. Maybe youre going to have like you know, a vase of flowers that are like actually like rare nfts could be, could be cool. You never know uh, so yeah, the cyber trees. I mean im pretty excited about its 888, a little bit less than normal and its just the arts insane.

I think the environmental angle is going to get people excited, so i dont know yeah. I havent seen a drop like this in a long time where the actual art is phenomenal. Yeah and i notice uh theres a glut of projects right now. So i think you know those little things that make you stand out. You got something exciting. We saw what the mecca verse the megaverse was insane art now, despite what happened to the prices they launched at a very, very high level, huge community yeah, so uh im excited its coming out the 28th tomorrow, if youre in the white list, its the 27th, and We warned you to get in early, so i hope some of yall got in early, so 20 years start listening, yeah yeah, so uh, cybertrees 28th check it out all right end of the episode time for the giveaway thats right lets. Just recap: the contest for halloween lets get everybody involved, yeah its the pumpkin carving contest pluto carving, so you carve out you know your favorite pluto alliance, alien enter in the contest on twitter with hashtag aliencarving and were going to be giving away some awesome prizes, hashtag Alien carving take a picture of your pumpkin that you carved as a pluto alliance. Alien enter it on twitter, the winner two thousand dollars stable; second place thousand dollars. Third place 500 and everyones getting nfts first place. You get a pluto alliance. Pumpkin head uh were also going to be giving out some rebel, bots and stuff, so other things too, yeah youre great everyones everyones, getting uh everyone.

That wins is at least getting uh nft, but i get two thousand dollars stable, stable coin. Thats a lot of money, two thousand dollars you know cut up some pumpkin ill. Do it easy all right? Well, thats, all we got time for, i think thats it im, throwing it okay, youre, not throwing it this time, im throwing it here. We go im gon na catch.