28 billion dollars with a 24 hour trading volume, spiking up to a whopping 28.57 billion dollars. As of this video, with this hype, fueled sector reaching such astounding numbers, meme coins cannot simply be ignored anymore. Two projects are currently dominating the meme coin – category dogecoin and shiba inu, but the real question is who or what is behind shiba inu coins, sudden price surge? This question will be answered today and we will also go through robin hoods involvement with the shiba, inu and bitcoin. So stick around for that, because todays video will be fire also were giving away 300 at the end of the month to our one random subscriber. To start them on their crypto journey to enter, all you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment. Your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado lets dive into the topic. Shall we remember dogecoin a rival meme token just hit a record high and is close to overtaking it. Shiba inu, a dogecoin spin off is close to surpassing elon musks favorite cryptocurrency. The digital token has surged 30 in the last 24 hours. According to data from coin gecko hitting a record high above 0.006 dollars, it has more than doubled in price. In the last week, with a market capitalization of more than 29 billion dollars, shiba inu is now the 11th largest cryptocurrency dogecoin is the 10th biggest with a market cap of 31 billion dollars, dogecoin was down 11 in the last 24 hours.

According to coin gecko data. What is shiba inu shiba inu is a so called meme token that bills itself as a dogecoin killer. It takes its branding from the same internet. Meme dogecoin is based on using the image of a japanese shiba inu dog. The token was created in august 2020 by an anonymous individual or individuals known as ryoshi. The coins creator describes shiba inu in a white paper or in this case wolf paper as an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building. Shiba inu is based on the ethereum blockchain, which has become a go to for numerous new token projects in a fast growing trend, known as decentralized finance, which aims to replicate traditional financial products like lending and trading. The rise of meme coins like dogecoin and shiba inu mimics, the gamestop saga that took place earlier this year when a flood of retail traders inspired by a reddit forum piled into the video game. Retailers stock, leading to wild swings in the price. In a similar vein. Amateur traders have looked to little known cryptocurrencies in the hope of achieving outsized gains. Sheba enus creator claims not to hold any tokens. The cryptocurrency has a total supply of one quadrillion. According to data from coin gecko in may ryoshi sent half of the coins supply to ethereum creator. Vitalik buterin, who sent 50 trillion of the tokens to an indian coveted relief fund buterin, then destroyed most of his holdings and donated the rest to charity.

So why is sheba e news price surging keep watching to find out, but first todays sponsor is buff. Dogecoin buff dogecoin is the buff version of dogecoin. Since august 2021, buff dogecoin has risen over six thousand percent. What makes buff dogecoin so unique is the double burn which can be seen on the website in every burn. It is predicted that buff dogecoin reaches new. All time highs. If you hold the coin, five percent of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. Buff dogecoin still has not been listed on exchanges, so there is still potential for the coin to grow. In fact, yesterday the holders did a community burn. It was the seventh and eighth burn, which was all done in a day. If you want to learn more about buff dogecoin, you can find a link to the website, telegram and twitter in the description below now back to the video. Why is it rallying? Crypto traders have been speculating about whether online trading firm, robin hood, could add. Shiba inu to its platform. Believers in shiba inu are pushing hard for robin hood to list the token they have started a petition on change.org, which has now reached more than 300 000 signatures. So far, robin hood hasnt actually said publicly whether it will support shiba inu, robin hood on tuesday missed revenue expectations for the third quarter. After a big drop in crypto trading volume, shares of robin hood were down more than 10 percent in early wednesday trading.

The online brokerage got a big boost from digital currency trading in the second quarter, with dogecoin accounting for 62 percent of its crypto revenue. During the period the shiba inu community has also dropped a number of nfts or non fungible. Tokens known as shiboshis nfts are a type of digital asset that tracks ownership of virtual collectable items like art or sports. Memorabilia cryptocurrencies have been known to undergo wild bouts of volatility, bitcoin, which recently hit a record high above 66, 000 halved in price earlier this year. After chinese regulators, clamped down on the countrys crypto industry, meanwhile dogecoin, which had a huge rally earlier this year, is currently down 68 percent from its record high set in early may sheba e new coin soars 22 to another record after crypto whale buys 277 billion tokens Sheba e new coin, a meme based cryptocurrency that is based off another meme based cryptocurrency, that makes fun of cryptocurrencies altogether soared more than 20 percent on tuesday to hit a record high of zero point: zero, zero, zero, zero, four, eight five three dollars according to data From coin market cap, the move higher in the cryptocurrency was sparked monday evening after an anonymous crypto whale purchased, 276.6 billion shiba inu tokens for about 11.5 million dollars. According to data from whale stats which tracks activity for the 1000 largest ether wallets, the purchase brought the crypto whales total holdings in shiba inu coin to 316.5 billion worth about 15 million dollars in the largest position in the wallet.

The surge in shiba inu represents a renewed wave of risk on sentiment among cryptocurrency traders, especially after bitcoin surged, to record highs earlier this month at about 67 thousand dollars, shiba inus tuesday surge catapulted its market value to 18.8 billion dollars, making it the 11th largest cryptocurrency To crack the top 10 shiba inu coin will have to nearly double its levels: to take over usd coins market valuation of about 33 billion dollars. Dogecoin. The inspiration for shiba inu coin would be the next target for shiba inu. It has a 35 billion dollars valuation. The technical analyst katie stockton of fairlead strategies said she thought the renewed rally in altcoins like shiba inu, could continue if bitcoin managed to confirm its recent breakout by trading above the 65 000 level. Again, a breakout in bitcoin in absolute terms would support a risk on environment, favoring ether and other altcoins stockton, said in a tuesday note, and that type of environment could be a boon for shiba inu coin. Shiba inu is the third most googled crypto. In 2021. New study shows shiba. Inu is the worlds third most googled cryptocurrency in 2021, a new study shows as the meme coin climbs to its all time. High shiba inu has received 2.8 million searches on average per month so far in 2021. According to a recent study by back in c technology that compared with 22 million average monthly search volume of bitcoin and 6.3 million of ethereum, another dog themed coin dogecoin ranked sixth.

According to the study, what could happen next? Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, making it very difficult to predict what will happen next. This is why they are risky investments. Edgell, patel, ceo and co, founder at mudrex said last week saw a bit of consolidation with low trading volumes for the top cryptocurrencies. The volatility in prices seems to be below both bitcoin and ethereum seem to be hovering around crucial support levels. The meme coin, shiba inu, has lately been among the favorites for the investors and traders after its listing in coinbase. Dogecoin is currently witnessing a sell off the good news this week for the short term. Traders is that the trading volumes has over 160 000 signatures and hidden robin hood messages. As they stated, more cryptocurrencies are coming to the robin hood platform. It is only a matter of time before shiba inu will get listed bottom line. Shiba inu coin is a nascent token in the virtual currency market, so its riskier than more established cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Even binance warned its users about investing in shiba, stating sheba is a relatively new token that poses a higher than normal risk and, as such, will likely be subject to high price volatility after the finance listing. So with all this information, are you still holding shiba inu? If you want to continue to learn about crypto, defy shiba inu and many more coins, we have got two more videos waiting on the screen for you to check out dont forget to give this video a thumbs up like and subscribe to enter our monthly giveaway.