Many people are talking about shiba, inu listing and robinhood is about to make a surprise launch of ship on its platform. So far, robinhood insider has just revealed that everything is already set to roll out shiba inu on the robin hood exchange. What exactly did the insider reveal? When exactly is this listing happening? How will this partnership pump shiba inu price? All these questions will be answered in this video. We also have interesting price pumping news for shiba inu, so make sure to watch this video till the end to find out. Also, this channel has a weekly giveaway of 1 million chiba imu tokens to our two random subscribers to get them started on crypto. Investing make sure to like this video subscribe to this channel to look out for the secret message somewhere in the video and comment it down below to enter the giveaway. All the best now lets get straight into the video use of a cryptocurrency getting listed on any major exchange platform always comes with a price increase. Shiba inu is lately getting a massive listing, and the entire ship army is excited about this great news. There exist over 400 different exchange platforms globally and shiba inu seems to be fighting for a fair share of listing. It nearly passes a week before we hear of a new ship listing and this week, and in particular the month of october, seems to be heaven sent for ship. Weve all witnessed countless listings of shiba and different exchange platforms, which now makes ship more available in many parts of the world.

However, one major upcoming listing that has shaken the internet is the robinhood listing. There has never been any kind of hype and support than we are witnessing with the robinhood listing push. The ship army is indeed committed to pushing for the listing of shiba inu and robin hood. They have indeed pushed robinhood to the wall and were all excited that at least ramadan is beginning to respond. At the same time, there are several leaks from insiders just revealing that ship listing is a matter of when and not how. So how important is ship listing in robinhood? When are we likely to see ship and robinhood well be getting to that in a short, while also well look at what exactly robinhood insider revealed about ship listing on the platform, but before that lets? Look at some of the recent price pumping news about chiba inu. Just the other day, shiba inu got listed on novodax brazils largest exchange platform. Ideally, novadax provides a safe, convenient and fast way for customers to trade cryptos, with a focus on the south american market, its the first and only exchange in brazil that has both fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto order book with a stop limit function available established In 2018, novodax offers the most cryptos and trading pairs with over 50 available pairs to trade cryptos in fiat, while announcing on twitter novodax revealed that traders on the exchange can buy ship using brazilian real saying quote great news for the ship army in brazil, where the Biggest exchange in the country now allows brazilian reals for ship.

Therefore, its partnership with shiba inu is very essential in helping shiba inu to make headway into south america and brazil in particular, and considering that brazil has a huge population of about 212 million people. Ship is assured of great exposure to the huge population. Also, novodax has a vision to go international. That means that ship will have the opportunity to grow along with novodax. The listing has been massive for ship this month of october. Talk of quick swap clever exchange, coinbase will be btc, turk coinflex among many more and all these listings are significant for the growth of shiba eno, the more the listing the more credible ship becomes in the eyes of investors. This makes it more trusted by people. Even those who thought ship was just a joke are beginning to take it seriously already. The massive listing has enabled the shiba inu coin to reach over a million new traders, and the number is expected to rise as ship continues to be listed. Another great news involves the partnership between change now, a non custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform in chibaino through the partnership traders can now flip those for ship as a way of exchanging their dogecoin holdings for chiba inucoin without having to convert to fiat. Now. This innovative strategy aims to help traders who hold which tokens convert them to ship and accumulate more shipped tokens ahead of the rumored listing on robinhood. This is important for doge holders, considering that ship offers a huge return on investment and, as we all know, investors move riveras potential for making a huge profit itll be abnormal to find people milling around a token, with little return on investment.

Now, considering that jib is outpacing doge and several fundamentals, it thus becomes obvious that many dodge holders are going to shift the ship and, interestingly, for each doge to ship swap transaction. There will be a fee of three percent which will be burned by sending the fee to the shipper and wallet. This will help to increase the value of the shiba inu coin. So, as you can see, shipping has experienced several price catalysts which are surely going to pump the price of ship soon, and one thing that we need to note here is that, despite all these listings and partnerships, shiba inu has been consolidating below 0.3 satoshi units. Why is this important for any ship holder? Well, you can be sure now that ship has been consolidating for about two months amid major price catalysts, ship is preparing for an explosive leap to the moon. Analysts have already predicted that these catalysts, along with the upcoming robinhood listing, will help ship to break beyond the 0.3 satoshi unit resistance and lead to 0.5 satoshi units. Before the close of 2021, a sedonamous crypto analyst at army underscore shiba noted that quote ship chart its forming a bullish triangle for around 10 days. It accumulates in 0.25 satoshi unit support and 0.35 satoshi units resistance channel. Once it breaks the resistance targets will be .42. Satoshi units and 0.52 satoshi units. What exactly did the insider reveal when exactly is the listing happening? How will this partnership pump, shiba, inu price now lets talk about robin and listing and how exactly thatll impact the price of ship? As mentioned earlier, the robinhood listing is by far the most bullish listing for ship shiba inu community understands how important the ship listing and robinhood is on the entire ship ecosystem.

Weve seen it with dogecoin when it was listed on robinden and the price went to the moon. Today. Doge accounts for about 60 of the total crypto investors in robin hood and produces the largest revenue for robinhood. Therefore, ship investors know how important it is to have ship and robinhood, especially considering that jib is outperforming doge lately now robin hood has about 20 million active users, and if ship gets listed and manages to outpace doge on the robinette exchange, it means that it may Win over 5 million additional investors, and when this is added to its current over 700 000 holders, you can be sure ship will be ready for a massive pump now in the latest updates. Robinhood insider has just confirmed the rumors that robinhood listing is true. The anonymous insider revealed that robinhood has taken notice of the massive social media support for ship and that the exchange will soon list chip according to ship influencer at shibaina news who spoke to one of the robin hood insiders ship listing is not far away from us. The anonymous account holder of at shibaina news, tweeted, saying that quote just spoke to a robin hood app employee. In the confidence of anonymity. I cant release her name. She told us that robinhood has all the infrastructure in place still on ship. Just waiting for the final green light could be any day now. That is amazing, as you can see, robin head has ship already loaded on the exchange and its just awaiting a perfect moment to launch it, and that may not be far away.

So how important is robinhood listing? Well, the listing has a double effect and will benefit both the ship and robinhood. As we all know, robin hood is in business and is carefully looking for potential projects to partner with to make money. Now, by listing ship robinhood will be assured of a huge daily trading volume, because ship has a huge community, and this huge trading volume translates to massive profit from the fee collected when people transact ship. But, on the other hand, shiba inu also stands to benefit from the listening, since an increase in training volume leads to increased exposure and popularity of the coin, which attracts new holders and hence social media coverage for ship trading events. This increased social media coverage will lead to many more holders on the shiba inu ecosystem. The result will be a growth in the value of ship. So, as you can see, the ship and robinhood partnership is essential for both sides, but the ship stands to benefit more at the end of the day. So there you have it guys if you enjoyed this video, make sure to check out our newest video here.