Now, so is this the end? Should you get out while you still can before we get into all that? Let me just say i think, if youre buying bitcoin right now, youre making a huge mistake, its not financial advice, of course, but i will explain why. I think that in the next two minutes – and i really think you should watch this video to the end – because i think its my most important video ever because, unlike every other crypto youtuber im, not just going to be spoon feeding you, some generic, buy the dip Advice im going to go through the exact strategy step by step that im employing right now in this video. I want to talk about why im selling most of my bitcoin, what im doing with it, because spoiler im not selling out of crypto completely at least not yet, and i also talk to you what you really want to consider doing because were getting near the end Of the bull run and if you get stranded out of you know, coin c at this late stage, then youre going to be there for years until the next boron wave comes along anyway, real quick before we start make sure you subscribe, so that youtube recommends these Time sensitive videos to you at the right time when theyre still hot anyway lets first talk about bitcoin, because of course bitcoin is what everyone is talking about right now. Uh bitcoin has not had the greatest time ever over the last week since it did debut its etf.

So i was talking a bit on twitter. I put out a poll – and i also mentioned a couple times in my discord – live streams about how the etf could be a similar effect to the coinbase ipo. As you remember, the coinbase ipo was this thing that everyone was hyping about. This is when crypto is going mainstream. This is when everybody under grandmothers going to be getting in buying bitcoin, and, of course, that happened, i think, was actually the literal top like that was the literal top back in april. If not, it was within like one day. So, since that etf announcement, weve kind of seen uh the same kind of a sell off from a new top of 66k only, i dont think that this is going to go down the same way. I dont think its going to be going as bad as it did back then. So then the question is: if its not going to be like april and were not heading back to 20 or 30k, then why would i be selling most of my bitcoin? Well, the simple answer is that i think its the worst thing in crypto to invest in right now. So just let me explain that everyone in crypto knew that if the etf was approved, it would be a massive catalyst for bitcoin. It was talked about many many. Many times for months on end and while it technically did send bitcoin to a new all time, high, barely just beyond 64k of 66k, its kind of disappointing.

You know it barely made it sort of like winning a boxing match against a 10 year old. You know yeah, you won, but not really and after the etf theres, nothing big coming for bitcoin that everybodys screaming about, at least by the end of the bull run there isnt any way, maybe a company, a few companies or a country or two adopts it. You know that nobodys heard of since they were in geography like 10 years ago, whatever and sure that might send bitcoin to lets say 80k, but thats only around a 30 percent gain of where we are right. Now, before the etf hype fizzled out at around 66k ive been thinking the same thing that ive said all the way along for bitcoin since february march, since i started this channel, that bitcoin would go to 150k by the end of the cycle. Originally, i thought that would be the end of this year now. I think its more likely going to be the end of well not the end of next year, but around q1 q2 of next year, but now im not so sure that bitcoin will make it to 150.. This isnt just some random. You know 10 million market cap coin that can triple with a couple tweets by elon. This is already a one trillion dollar asset right now, thats, not a one, its a one point: one trillion dollar asset: it takes another two trillion roughly to be able to get to that price target and people say institutions.

Well, institutions will save us like its some sort of magic spell. You can just click your fingers and instantly bitcoins going to 250k heres the truth. Institutions dont like bitcoin as much as they like ethereum all the hype around these hedge funds and the people who do interviews like kevin oleary im, not saying he knows everything about crypto he doesnt, but he represents a consistent pattern of these kind of high net worth Individuals who know whats going on among the institutions and their ones talking to the public, and they all talk about eth they talk about if they know a little bit more, they talk about defy after that they talk about yield farming. Very few of them talk about bitcoin theyre, almost a little bit annoyed, sometimes when they get asked the question, and i think the steady growth of the eth chart compared to the bitcoin chart kind of shows that as well, but as the money comes rolling into crypto. For the end of the boron, which i think it will, by the way, im not saying that this is the end for crypto and anything like that. Although i think that this could be one of the last big dips, which really could be one of the last big buying opportunities, but as that institutional and that retail money comes into crypto, most of it wont be going bitcoins where of course, some of it will Be but most of it wont be because, if youre an institution are you going to be buying bitcoin at you know, 60k 60 58k get a discount on it when it struggled to get past 66k, even though it had this massive announcement, which everyone hyped it up To be of an etf, which long term is a massive deal for bitcoin, but the fact that it only moved the needle by this much and when you look at bitcoin, it was at.

I dont know 13k, a year ago, its gon na be a little bit harder to justify to your board lets, say, while youre buying into it, if its going to crash all the way back down to 20 or 30k in a bear market, whereas if youre investing In eath, cardano polkadot solana, luna theyre a lot more closer to investing in just a startup where you can say: okay well, this is the investment thesis of why solana or luna, or any of them are going to do well, theres going to be more projects in The ecosystem that means the tokens going to be used more and more demand. For the token that goes, hardly you can see where that might be a little bit more easier to justify, especially when theyre at much lower market caps. When hits the fan at the end of the boron, the much smaller market caps, they have the price catalysts, they have the fundamentals that will one day justify the value of that altcoin, which makes it a little bit easier of a decision to make. So what do i think is going to happen next? What am i buying and selling at the moment? Well, as you know, ive been talking about cardano, quite a bit and ive been talking about it since february since march, when i was giving my initial price predictions of three to five dollars by the release of smart contracts and then seven to ten dollars by the End of the bull run and then back in august, when we were leading up to the release of smart contracts.

We talked about a 20 to 30 selloff which, from the three dollar high, we kind of got there in the end. So we went from around 315 down to you, know two dollars, obviously its a little bit less today, but the most important thing to know about that is that you should be taking profits when those price catalysts are coming back, then i was doing that for ada, But right now ill be buying the dip for ada, because its back down to two dollars, which is a much more comfortable price target for me to get in at now. I wont be buying a massive amount of data because i didnt sell anywhere near to all my eight or anything like that, but the a that i did sell. I will be able to get back at a cheaper cost basis, which i think is one of the best times to getting into cardano, especially with d5 coming out over the next few months. Another coin that ive been looking at and ive been talking about for months on my patreon discord. A little bit sick of me talking about it by now is harmony but its starting to pay off talking about a lot all throughout the summer when it was kind of down here at these ridiculously low prices of seven cent and whatnot. And, of course, that was kind of to be expected because cardano ethereum bitcoin to a certain degree, they were kind of hogging up the limelight compared with the fact that the market overall wasnt doing too well, but harmony is still a solid project.

A lot of people are harmony, maxis and right now its starting to come back into the limelight, but as i posted in my patreon yesterday and again, im not going through all the posts or anything like that. But i was posting a salad at 36 cent. In order to be able to take out that 25, because that allows you to get your cost basis back out, so essentially you know. This is not entirely how you should think about it, but youre essentially eliminating your risk, because the amount of money you put in youre able to get out when you get that 5x back now. Of course, i do think that harmony im still bullish on it. I still think its going to the top 40 projects, but at the same time you also want to make sure that youre managing your risk and managing the downside, because generally these coins in the top 100 a 5x is pretty good. You know 10x at most, if youre able to kind of buy during a period like the summer and then sell towards the end of a bull run, thats a little bit better. But ultimately, if youre kind of buying and selling during a bull run, a 5x is about as much as you can expect and its time to be, taking out at least the amount that you put in and, of course, taking out more profits later on. As well. Now i think one will easily be um a top 40 coin by the end of the ball run and by the way thats.

The way you need to be thinking about it. You know everyone talks about. Oh, you know my polkadot price prediction um and they give a price prediction of i dont know lets, say 150, but that doesnt really matter. You know right now. Dot is, i dont, know 40, almost 41 dollars and sure it sounds great. If you can go to 150, but doc can go to 150, and it can also be a really stupid decision to invest in both of those things can be true because polkadot can go to 150, but it could also fall down to i dont know 12th place. Lets say when sheba comes for it, if it does that, then that means its been outperformed by every coin. Essentially, that hasnt fallen three places and thats, where you kind of get that effect of everyone being a genius in the bull market, because people that invest in things that are getting outperformed by everything else, which is a bad decision um, if youre doing it to make Money which i think a lot of people are even that ends up make looking like a 3 or a 4x on a coin like polka dot. Now, im not saying dot is bad im very bullish on it right now with power chains, but im even more bullish. On the underlying ecosystem, which is where a lot of my attention around polka dot is going thats, where the real gains will be made in coins like kylon, which, of course, is to do with data on uh polka dot and also coins like fallow, which is to Do with more security and allowing people to trade anonymously on kusama – and you know you can do your own research in these projects in your own time, but these projects on top that are being built on top of the network, especially a project like fala thats, almost Guaranteed to get a power chain slot theyre the projects that are going to do the best, even though polka dot will still make gains.

These will be the ones that make two or three acts the same gains that its making, but you also want to be looking into smaller projects on the network. You know 190 million dollar market cap. Its going to you know its quite a mature coin. At that point, so you also want to be coming to this page and coin market cap and just basically looking through the list and doing research on projects like you know, like entry, you want to be looking down for projects theres kylin. You want to be looking for other projects. Staffy um was a pokebridge. Uh was off shift theres a lot of good projects on the network that are right now, very, very small market caps, but eventually, once the hype comes to polka dot in a big way, theyre going to be the ones that explode and the same exact thing is True for solana or its true for cardano cardano projects will really start to explode in around three months or so, when d5 is ready on the network. The polka dot ones are the ones that a lot of people who ive been talking to for years in crypto are looking at right now as the next big thing, but those projects will have their day as well when its time right now, polka dot was just Getting slammed for months and months and months for everyone forgot about it now its its time to shine essentially in the spotlight, but that time and the hype around power chains will fade aft in the next few months and well, move on to cardano projects and well Move on to solana projects, but you need to get the timing right and you need to be buying them at a point like this before they start to explode.

You also want to be looking at coins that have solid fundamentals, but are undervalued. One of the tricks that happens in crypto sometimes is the projects with the best fundamentals in the short term. They tend to suffer because if some coin is making now, you know this isnt true of this coin, im about to talk to. But if a coin is making lets say one million dollars, but its worth 50 million of a market cap people will think. Well. You know it only makes 1 million, but its valued at 50 million sell thats what they do. They just sell the coin, but instead you know they buy some magic coin, thats years away from even beginning to do anything that they talk about and maybe never will get to that point, but because theyre good marketers, they can tell a good story. The coin is valued at 1 billion or something like that that tends to happen in crypto sometimes, and it kind of happened to this coin. One inch that ive been talking about in the patreon for a while, but eventually these coins with the solid fundamentals. Eventually, they get their time to shine as well. When people realize oh wow, this is actually undervalued, theres. A coin like one inch has solid fundamentals. It has tremendous trading volume on it. People kind of forgot about it, but i was posting back uh lets see in the discord back here. Posting you know, buying it up in september, i think was buying it up for like two dollars and 10 cents, because i knew it was a solid project.

Solid trading volume, as soon as trading started to increase in q4. These things were starting to get more bullish, as they have been. Of course, one inch was going to do well and right now, its actually down from you know, high of around 740 or whatever, but its still a 2 or a 3x on a coin thats in the top 100 um its up, i think 30, something percent on The day, meanwhile, everything else is selling off, because once a coin starts to get valued for its fundamentals, it doesnt often matter whats going on in the rest of the market. Now there are exceptions to that. That happens to you know dogecoin as well, and you know a lot of that is just hype and speculation, but the coins with the solid fundamentals when they start to get valued from that eventually make up the ground that they lost in the short term. By all means, though, invest in chiba and im not trying to hate and cheap or anything like that, a lot of people made a lot of money in it, but at the end of the day, if youre one of the people who was kind of waiting between The pumps, then you made a killing on it, but if youre already buying it when its already up like 100x from where it was a month ago, you might make money in the short term, but over the long term, youll lose money because youre essentially playing russian Roulette if you havent got a system, and then you just eventually give in to fomo.

You sell things when theyre down on a day like today and you just throw everything into shiba inu and you follow what everyone else is doing and the worst thing that can happen to you is you actually make money on one of these tick? Tock trend coins thats a bit of a mouthful and you think its easy. Like the first time lets say you win a blackjack, but eventually you know the house always wins and youll lose. If you dont have a system and youre just following what everyone else is doing, the only way to actually understand whats going on and develop a system that can win over time is to understand the markets better. You should join discords with, like minded investors read stuff on crypto twitter. Listen to what people are saying, get an idea of what the quote unquote. Smarter money is doing, although its debatable, how much of that is really in crypto but find out what people who are generally ahead of the trend are doing so that you can kind of get an idea of the patterns and do it yourself and then one day You can be the dumper of shiba instead of the dumpy. When you know, maybe it will just go up forever, but itll likely turn around at some point anyway. Thats it for this video make sure to like and subscribe and turn on notifications.