If you are invested in this cryptocurrency market, i want to demystify exactly whats going on in todays video. I want to share with you. Why is bitcoin dumping some bullish news involving ethereum chain link, cardano solana, as well as a major shiba, inu update and much more if youre interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe, we drop a video every single day, demystifying. This cryptocurrency market lets jump in answering our first question, who is selling bitcoin right now? Well, for that insight, we can look at the on chain data. Take a peek at the total supply held by long term hodlers and see right here. After months and months of accumulation, we have a little bit of profit. Taking here is the breakdown during an extraordinary accumulation period. Since march of this year, 2021 long term hodlers have added over 2.42 million bitcoin to their wallets and that accumulation is undeniable. We can see that right here and by the way this was that nasty correction. We saw earlier this year from 65k to a near 50 dip and at the time when people were screaming were going to 10k were going so much lower. This channel was telling you we were showing you the on chain data that long term hodlers were accumulating. Well, after several months of accumulation from long term, huddlers whats happening right now. Well, a little switch from accumulation to spending the spending below is around ‘.5 000 bitcoin or roughly 1.

6 percent of the total accumulated balance. Long term hodlers are taking profits, but not exiting in mass, and this is very natural right, 1.6 percent, approximately of the total amount accumulated. This is nothing, and my next question is obviously well, then, how will we know when these long term huddlers are not taking profits but actually exiting the market in mass? How do we tell the difference in that? Well long term huddlers usually sell more drastically into tops. Thats a great indicator, for example, as the bitcoin price from january through march at the beginning of this of this year, was rallying. We can see those long term huddlers selling into the top as the price climbed higher. They continue to take profits. So nothing really to worry about today, but as this data updates, as i get more information, i will make a video. I will be sure to keep you updated next up, some very bullish. Adoption news for ethereum photoshop will get a prepare as an nft option. Soon. This is to fight nft, art theft, so every single person that uses adobe software – i use it every single day to make these thumbnails for the videos will now have a prepare as an nft option. Thats huge adobe is launching a system built into photoshop that can, among other things, help prove that the person selling an nft is actually the person who made it its called content credentials and nft sellers will be able to link their adobe id with their crypto wallet.

Allowing compatible nft marketplaces like openc, for example, to show a sort of verified certificate proving the arts source is authentic. So when will this be functional, when will this be released and which different nft marketplaces will this be linked to? According to adobes chief product officer, this functionality will be built into photoshop, with a prepare as an nft option launching in preview. By the end of this month, adobe says that nft marketplaces, like openc wearable, known origin and super rare, will be able to integrate with content credentials to show adobes attribution information. Why? I think this is so cool is its just so interesting to see. Cryptocurrency and nfts seep into the culture seep into the software that business people, artists already use every single day, and i didnt quite realize that nft theft is a problem that this is aiming to solve. Art theft has been a big deal in the nft world. There have been many examples of people minting art they didnt, create or dont have the rights to on the blockchain, and let me share with you an example. In other words, i could right click on an existing image of an existing nft and then mint it again. Myself, potentially fooling unaware buyers, while adobe system wont prevent art theft, it does offer a way to prove that the nft youre selling isnt stolen ill, keep you updated, and next up awesome news. If you hold chain link big integration between amazon, web services, aws and chain link quick start, and while we did mention this about a week ago, the official drop just happened.

Calling all data providers, enterprises and devops can now sell data to any blockchain. Using the new amazon web services, aws chain link, quick start and basically what this means to you is. This is going to make it so much easier for amazon web services, huge user base of businesses and developers to now start using blockchain and, of course, start using chain link as part of the continued expansion in chain link. Node infrastructure were thrilled to work with amazon web services aws to simplify the process for data providers, enterprises and dev ops. With the newly launched aws chain link quick start operators now have a one click workflow to easily deploy a chain link; oracle node on aws and sell real world data across multiple blockchain networks. So it keeps things transparent. It keeps individual developers and users in control of their personal data and through aws chain link quick start. Data providers can then sell their data and apis simultaneously across numerous public and private blockchain environments without needing any prior blockchain experience so easier to run a node easier to provide data to any blockchain. Now, using aws and chainlink good good news if youre chain link holder and next up like the video like the video, if you appreciate these updates and we have to talk about cardano cardanos partnership with ethiopia – has been named among 2021s, most influential, specifically theyre talking about Italian prism and what them and cardano right now are doing in africa.

One project that has grabbed eyeballs is iohks identity management solution, atala prism. The technology is in the news now after it was recognized by the project management institutes, list of most influential projects for 2021.. So does cardano slash a teleprism, did they come in first? Did they come in 10th howd? They rank the pennsylvania based organization. This institute for projects and project management experts placed a tallah prism in the 14th position and, of course, we know specifically what cardano is doing with ethiopia. Iohk had announced a partnership with ethiopias minister of education earlier this year in order to develop a blockchain powered system. It aims at monitoring students performance in local schools. This then culminated into a national digital database called the teleprism, and my understanding is. This would be a huge help to the people of ethiopia, because these students right now have no way to track their credentials or their achievements over the years, and this is aiming to bring some transparency to that. While the project is due to be launched next year. The recognition it received from blockchain enthusiasts has led to cardano planning to propose an additional proposal, a blockchain solution for a national id system to the ethiopian government, pretty cool. This is definitely the long term play for cardano putting out the infrastructure now for kids to grow up on blockchain grow up using cardano and charles hoskinson is right now touring africa meeting with leadership and presidents talking about a potential future progress is happening.

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There is no bigger, more mainstream event to share a message like that than the super bowl ill be watching, and next up we got ta talk about shiba inu, it is pumping, it is still pumping hard and people are wondering why shiba inu coin sourced 22 to Another record after a crypto whale buys over 277 billion tokens, so in this case it doesnt look like this is natural growth. It looks like its a crypto whale specifically a shiba inu whale buying, more tokens, pumping up the price and heres some details: shiba inu coin, a meme based cryptocurrency thats based off another meme based cryptocurrency, that makes fun of cryptocurrencies altogether soared more than 20 percent on Tuesday, to hit a record of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a penny, its actually higher than this. At this current moment and looking at the data, we can see exactly why the move higher in the cryptocurrency was sparked monday evening, after an anonymous crypto whale purchased over 276.6 billion shiba inu tokens for about 11.5 million dollars according to data from whale stats which tracks Activity for the thousand largest ether wallets, so this is one entity accumulating hard and this purchase brought the crypto whales total holdings in shibuya new coin to over 316.5 billion coins worth about 15 million dollars and the largest position in his or her or their wallet. Now let me ask you this: i would really like specifically shiba inu hodlers to sound off down below.

Does this anger you that it wasnt natural growth – or maybe you think, hey is this? Is this a robin hood, or is this another huge entity you know buying for an eventual listing? Do you like this? Do you love this? Do you hate this comment below, but that is the video. My name is austin.