I need to talk to you about the game that countries are playing, that whales are playing, that some of the big names that you dont see are playing and what theyre trying to do, because i think a lot of people get caught up in the day to Day and maybe they lose hope or they make stupid stupid decisions in crypto. So let me explain to you today what people are doing behind the scenes and what you should be doing. So if you guys dont mind hitting the like button and hitting the subscribe button, i definitely appreciate that if youve seen videos like this before and you like them, definitely subscribe for more of them turn on that bell notification. So you know right when i post a video, because some of this is time relevant yesterday i said we will probably see a dip and were at 62 500 now were at 58 700.. So if you caught that, i had someone say to me today: hey i sold all my crypto. I bought it back. I made a lot of money. Of course, like i dont do what i say all the time like do your own research and stuff, but still so with that in mind, i do need to say: shiba inu crashed several different websites, including a coin market cap, including coinbase, including voyager, now, one place That you can go that will not crash because the shiva or anything or a lot of other cryptos and theyre actually raising rates is block fi, so theyre raising their interest rates on stable coins up to nine and a half percent for usdt and nine percent.

For other stable coins theres a link underneath the video you can get a bonus if you have one place already where you have cryptocurrency its good to diversify. So that way you have access in case these different sites go down, definitely consider having it multiple places. If you already have on block five make sure you check out the link down to voyager 2 because again, like different places, go down at different times, so with that being said, why did the market follow? Well, i already covered it, but 500 million dollars of liquidated uh bitcoin hit today or we had 500 million liquidated as bitcoin fell whales dumped. So that way people got liquidated its obvious whenever we see leverage at all time highs that the whales are going to do. This – and i called that out yesterday now with that being said, were still staying above this range, so we hit that 58 000 support weve come back down a couple times. Weve stayed right in this range right here: 58 to 59 000, maybe just coming up to almost 60 000, but then being rejected several times, so that is actually really good to see. If we can keep this level, i would not be surprised if we felt a little bit more to be honest, but if we could stay here and wed even break this 57 000 mark or something that i think would be really strong now with that being said, Why are the whales doing this? I think thats something we have to pay attention to? Well, obviously, they want your bitcoin, so one way to do that is to force liquidations now.

What are big people doing behind the scenes today? What are what are countries doing? What are wealthy individuals doing? Well, theyre buying bitcoin, you can see el salvador just bought the bitcoin dip, they bought 420 bitcoin. Now this is hilarious because of the fact that they actually went to the imf recently and they want a loan. They want a 1.3 billion dollar loan and some people were joking that they might use that to buy bitcoin. They just spent 25 million dollars on bitcoin today, so i would not be surprised if they go out and buy 500 million or a billion dollars worth of bitcoin if they get that loan here soon. So i dont know if youre catching this, but not only is el salvador trying to get bitcoin with loans, essentially theyre trying to get a loan to buy bitcoin at least thats. What it looks like now also microstrategy has done that before so countries and companies are trying to get into debt with this very low interest rate environment to buy more bitcoin, because its such a pristine asset i mean heck. Michael saylor has talked about, go remortgage your house to buy bitcoin, do whatever you can to buy bitcoin now, im, not suggesting that thats just what he said before now. What else is happening? Well, banks are trying to get their hands on crypto on crypto too. Then u.s regulators are talking about how banks could put it on their balance sheet and take it as collateral.

I mean michael saylor says this: when large u.s banks are able to hold bitcoin on their balance sheets, everyone will want to buy it. No one will need to sell it and you wont be able to afford it. So wealthy individuals will just take loans out against it. So if youre trying to buy it its like that meme, where everyones lining up to buy something at like a hundred thousand or a million, everyone will be lining up to buy bitcoin when its a million. No one wants it now at 60., so still a small portion of people are actually buying it. Now. What is the end goal? Well, michael saylor says it here. What is the end goal to investing in bitcoin? What do i want? You know? I want it all. So michael saylor says it right there he wants to buy as much bitcoin as possible. He wants to collect and he wants to acquire as much as possible and thats what people are doing. Theyre just trying to get as much bitcoin as possible, especially by forcing liquidations thats easy. You can see other people doing it. Third largest bitcoin whale just bought another 596 coins worth over 37 million. I mean this person has a lot of money. They already have a hundred and six thousand bitcoin and theyre buying more here today, because they are so theyre so bullish on it right and an anonymous bitcoin whales just moved 127 million dollars worth of bitcoin off of coinbase recently, because theyre locking it up.

We also have tesla the smartest man in the world right theyre, one of them right, elon, musk, whos, literally gon na put people in outer space on mars, who is the richest person in the world, sees the potential of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Even if you look at you know, holding them versus being able to accept them for payment, he realizes that theres a lot of excitement and you can capitalize on that by offering products for bitcoin and other cryptos, possibly he holds it himself. Spacex holds it also. Tesla holds it theyre buying it for reason. We see a bunch of miners too by the way buying bitcoin miners theyre spending millions of dollars on bitcoin miners. You know theyre doing that because they think its a wise investment to buy as many miners as possible and get as much bitcoin as possible, but we get caught up in the day to day right we get caught up, hey is bitcoin going to fall down to 57 000. Is it going to fall down to 55 000 after this? Well lets look 30 days ago right back here right, if you had bought at 44 000 and then it fell down to 41 or you know ‘ or something you probably felt like. That was a bad investment at the time because it fell 10 15, but now you wish you could go back as much as possible and buy as much as possible. Well, that is what you have to realize now, if youre bullish on crypto the crypto in general, but especially bitcoin too, buy as much as possible.

People are buying right now because they really do think were gon na hit 98 000 end of november 135, 000 by the end of the year. More after that, this is the soundest money out there and theres only so much to go around theres, actually a decreasing amount every single year. If you count for how much is lost so its only becoming more scarce over time and everyone wants it, we have banks, countries wealthy individuals, they all want as much bitcoin as possible. This is true of other cryptos, too right. A lot of people want ethereum right now: uh theres, a lot less on exchanges, and once we transfer over to ethereum 2.0, its actually going to become deflationary, also so thats another thing going for ethereum theres, going to be less and less of it out there, even As the supply goes down, we are still inflationary now the supply and exchanges is going down, but once it becomes deflationary, its going to become very scarce now dont go on leverage right now, in my opinion, of course, do all your financial advice do all your stuff? This is not financial advice, but just be careful, because the leverage is what got us into this mess in the first place, and a lot of people lost a ton of money. With that in mind, too, be ready, because there is going to be fear, uncertainty and doubt ive already seen some articles talking about how inefficient bitcoin is and how uh people are losing lots of money in it and all these different, crazy things so pay attention to That too, just dont get scared out of your positions.

Now i always believe in having some cash on the sides. Thats. Why i do like block by, like i said, i mean theyre, paying you a ton of money, theyre paying you a bonus just to get you in the door, theyre, also paying you interest rates, theyre, also giving you interest back or bitcoin back on credit card transactions With their bitcoin card, so theyre trying to get you in the door and theyre trying to pay you as much as possible. So if you guys want links to that, you can check it out underneath the video. Thank you guys so much for watching. I really do appreciate it. Let me know your thoughts on this and whether you picked up some crypto here today.