For those of you that know me. This is not my normal but theres. Some things going on that you guys need to know about if youre new to the page go ahead and hit the like subscribe notification bell go ahead and do that right now and hey. If you see any spam talking about a whatsapp uh, send me money anywhere. All of that, its not me, be careful, never send any impersonal information or any money or crypto to anybody. Its spam good people lets talk about whats, going on okay um. This video, i want to tell you theres, so many hidden, gems, thats thats, making so much money, so uh lets go lets start with ship and dont dont leave after i talk about the shield, because what im gon na tell you is making just as much money As ship after this, okay, so whats going on with the ship right now its around four zeros and seven at the time of this video, so four zeros and then 700, okay and um, so its just finding a base right now, im just telling you guys in Crypto, this is nothing absolutely nothing so um theres uh um the amount of shares thats out there theres still some discrepancy about that, but also two. We have learned that actually one whale meaning an institution or somebody filthy, rich about 43 million dollars worth on uh uh. I believe was the first of october and then somebody else bought another 11 million dollars worth of ship uh shortly after that, and so we know that eight whales control about 70 of all the ship and some people are are afraid of that.

Okay and um it. It is something that we need to monitor because they could all get together and say: hey lets sell, but why would they sell if there is a big positive catalyst coming and to me the biggest positive catalyst that is coming thats going to drive it even higher? Is the listing of robin hood even if r, even if that does not happen, uh and we know about the burn rating? All of that, and we know that uh 43 of it has already been burned, but even in spite of that retailer sentiment uh tomorrow. Well, dig a little deeper into that. You have people that never ever ever talk about crypto talking about crypto. Now i mean with big networks and uh just fomo alone, retailer investors, you and i that buy in and hold the whole time every day is getting longer and longer right and so its not its not really a long time that people are um holding their ship. Excuse me, but it is getting more and more and remember this still. This whole story still has not hit mainstream media yet so to me, theres a lot more upside. I do believe that its going to knock out another zero me personally, and i believe that that will be very soon literally. What should have took years is gon na happen, and the gains that is making is showing me that okay, but remember anything, i say, is not a signal or suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell the stock a stock.

You must do whats best for you right now. Let me talk about something else that i brought up in yesterdays video facebook announce their metaverse their meta. You know theyre changing the name of facebook to meta and you know youll be able to get make avatars and get into this alternative world. Well remember on yesterdays video i talked about that got me to thinking instead of me, buying meta im buying mana, so i bought mana yesterday, which is decentraland its available in coinbase and today its saturday. Facebook is up two percent, but meta mana, decentraland, ticker, symbol m. A n a is up 113 Music. So if you saw my video on yesterday and you purchased some mana m a n, a or d central land uh leave me a comment, because you should be up 100 and heres. What i think is going to happen. I think that um uh facebook just showed a little clip of whats to come in this. I believe that the more that facebook talk about this, the more that mana will run up now. Mana is having a slight pullback after the run up im actually going to buy more and im, expecting it to double again thats what im expecting, and i believe that mana is going to uh just grow from here. So if you got in please leave me a comment i want to know. I love it when you guys say youre, making money off of these plays all right and uh.

So, lastly, what i want to talk about is the video yesterday. I want you guys to absolutely look at the video i made yesterday im going to leave the video right here, so you can click on it. If you have not saw it there, i have it time stamped and in the time stamping. I have something that that says message for you. I want you to share yesterdays video with everyone that you know your loved ones, everybody and if they dont understand uh stock at all. I want you to go right to where it says message for you and just hand them the phone, make sure they subscribe to this page and make sure they have trading platforms. I have two below. I have the weeble deposit hundred dollars, theyre, going to give you 2 300 worth of free stock and theyre, giving free ship coin, but for mana ticker symbol, m m, a n, a uh, its called decentraland. It is available in coinbase so download the coinbase and deposit a hundred dollars theyre going to give you some free crypto, but you can buy mana now im just telling you guys what i believe i believe mana is going to go up at probably another 150 from Here, if thats, what i believe – okay and so for those of you that got in yesterday, congratulations all right.