I believe that all these are tapping into some hot stuff in the market and have some great potential my names lark. Every day i make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if thats, a topic youd like to learn some more about, maybe just stay up to date with, they should definitely subscribe to the lark davis channel, all save and take quick, say and tap on the thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm id massively appreciate it And, of course, anybody whod like to receive a notification when i put out a new video, should click on the notification bell by the way. Every single week i produce wealth, mastery, the say, crypto currency investor report designed to help keep you ahead of the curve. In this fast moving market, every issue you get defy: tutorials altcoin reports, technical analysis, tips, trending coins, airdrop alerts, token sales, my complete portfolio updates and much much more. You can sign up as a free member or go premium to get the whole package. Click on the link down below where you can learn more about becoming a member today, now lets get into this topic, so bitcoin bitcoins. First one look. I dont spend a lot of time on bitcoin and ethereum because you guys know i got the bitcoin. We got the ethereum, you want the hot alt coin juice, but i just wanted to mention real quick that i did buy a little bit of bitcoin recently, not a crazy amount, but a little bit, because why the heck not feel like it was kind of.

You know gone, the price has gone down its, not a bad time to add a little bit to the stack of course, im always kind of adding in little bits of bitcoin, but i havent many huge bitcoin purchases in quite a long time. Just trickles add a little bit here, a little bit there. Just you know when im taking some profits on small coins or some trades or whatever ill, throw a little bit of that into bitcoin long term stack. You know ethereum as well. I bought a little bit of ethereum again were not breaking the bank here on my bitcoin and ethereum purchases. This stuff is just long term wealth assets, theyre, fine, theyre, chilling the real money, though the real money is made in alt coin land. So lets talk about some altcoins. What has lark been buying? Well, one thing that i put a lot of funds we should say into over the last month: polka dot, parachain auctions, not the core dot asset in fact, actually took a little bit of profit on my polka dot bags. So basically, i took about 90 to 93 94, something like that of my entire dot stack and just plowed it into parachain auctions, the other six seven percent actually sold. So basically now i have got all my capital back on the polka dot that i was buying around three four five six bucks. My average entry on polka dots somewhere, like i dont, know 70 bucks or something like that so took some profits out, got the initial capital, most of it back out anyway.

Everything else has gone in to parachain auctions. Basically, the idea is im gon na get that polka dot back in two years. Hopefully itll be worth uh. You know something decent when i do get it returned. However, i think that the parachain auctions are going to be massively profitable. As i have said previously on the channel, i was backing a few different ones. I put my money into a caller. I put my money into moon beam. I put my money into infinity, which is engines nft gaming play for the polka dot ecosystem. I put my money into parallel finance. I also threw a little bit into a couple of the other ones, just very small amounts into some of the other pair chains, but like 90 percent of my polka dot went into backing those four parachain auctions. So we shall see how that plays out. But those are some other things that i have been buying. We already talked about that in a previous video, so very bullish on polka dot pair of chains. I did, of course, invest in a lot of those this month, but lets get into altcoin time, so the smaller cap stuff, the stuff with some great upside potential first lets talk about bridge mutual. Now this is an insurance play, so cryptocurrency insurance is a massively massively important area of the entire cryptocurrency market. Players like nexus mutual, have literally paid out. You know hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance claims and because of the massive risk of smart contract hacks, which happen all of the time in crypto.

You need to have insurance bridge mutual is the the uh snappy upcoming insurance platform, theyre, also expanding out to other chains like solana, theyve got a big shake up to the tokenomics coming soon, some pretty big rumored partnerships on the way as well. So because of all that stuff, going on bridge mutual v2 coming out in a few weeks, i doubled my bag of bridge mutual. So i had uh had a bit from the pre sale from back in the day i farmed a truckload of it, and then i just went and bought uh, basically doubling my bag of bridge mutual, because i think that, with all the upcoming catalysts we will see The price of this one going up, which is exactly why i bought a bunch of bridge mutual next lets talk about the avalanche ecosystem. Now avalanche has been pretty nice to use, ive been using trader joe and, of course, thats based on avalanche. So what i have actually been doing is farming a whole bunch of trader joe tokens and also avalanche tokens right now, trader joe is running an incentive program where you can get about 75 apy paid out in joe tokens and avalanche tokens for providing liquidity into the Joe avalanche pair, so in order to do that, i bought a truckload of avalanche traded. Half of that into joe on the trader joe platform piled it all into the farm. Some farming, those tokens getting around 75 percent apy at the moment, paid out.

Of course, in joe and in avalanche, this, i think, is a great exposure to the entire uh, really just the entire ecosystem of avalanche right, so its the core asset, plus the most popular decentralized exchange on the avalanche network. So really, if you just want to look at the kind of the ecosystem, place and whats kind of happening outside of the ethereum space theres, so much going on you dont have to make it super complicated. My kind of thesis here is that other layer, 1 chains will do well and you dont need to make it super complicated. You can just invest in the layer one chain itself, as i have done with avalanche, and you can just invest in maybe one or two of the top protocols on that, as i have done with joe. So i am farming both of those currently its going out. Pretty well so far well continue to see how that moves in the future, but uh you know bullish on the avalanche ecosystem moving forward. So i feel like both uh getting into joe and getting into avalanche, not a bad thing to be doing at this particular time. With the sort of rise of all these alternative layer ones lots of money. Moving on to these chains, you can see total value locked in joe, for example, like 2.5 billion dollars, theyre doing huge trading volumes and stuff as well over there. So we are seeing d5 finding a new home on these other chains and if you compare the market cap of something like trader joe, which has just a half billion dollar market cap to something like uni swap, which has a 10 billion dollar market cap, you can Kind of feel that yeah, this is sort of an undervalued player in comparison.

If we see this continuing to move forward in terms of the trend of people looking out for these alternative layer, one solutions next lets talk about gaming, crypto gaming, baby, its so hot its. So hot right now its crazy and looks gaming is something that we have been talking about on this channel for years now, but i think were really reaching an interesting inflection point with gaming right now because were starting to see so many good games. Finally, coming out, i think the last year has been really revolutionary when you know the axia infinity really started taking off and the play to earn thing really got proven in practice via axi infinity. Now previously, a lot of the games we had were just like. I dont know like retro, arcade, game kind of stuff, terrible graphics, all this whatever not awesome, gameplay, etc, etc, but now were actually starting a really really cool game. So these are the plays ive been making this month in the gaming space now theres a few here that uh a few others that ive invested in im not actually talking about in todays video. So those are our pre sale, investments that were gon na talk about later when it becomes more relevant, but these are ones you can go out right now buy on the open market. Should you of course choose to do so its? What i did you can choose to do that or not or not its also an option.

Of course you should always dyor before just apping into something just because im buying it doesnt mean that youre going to agree with me on that. So you should of course understand what it is that youre buying, if you want to buy the things that i buy so the first one here is a rory. Now this is a solana based game. You can see heres some of the stuff uh, some of the gameplay footage and stuff like this, so this is a jrpg. I really like this kind of stuff, its its just cool um. It has the potential to be a popular game that does well its got. Some really big backers behind it, so i bought a bunch of their tokens and im currently staking them. I havent checked on the staking reward percentage in a few days, but it was pretty high last time i i had a look at that, so this is basically a bet that this game will manage to become big. You see right now. The market is valuing it pretty highly at 150 million dollar market cap before the game has actually released. Now, if we can see this follow along with the success of some of the other big games that weve seen well, then we could see this get up to over a billion dollar market cap. That is where i will be watching for starting to carve off some profits on that. The next one i want to talk to you about is called rangers protocol.

This is very small market cap coin. At just 33 million dollars. I got a big bag around the 30 dollar mark, so its up a bit since then, but still, i think the potential here for something like rangers protocol is pretty damn big, so very small market cap and tapping into gaming metaverse infrastructure – very, very interesting. So this is a virtual world. Blockchain infrastructure play the main net coming in 13 days. I feel like thats something worth keeping an eye on there, so these guys are basically building infrastructure to help people do uh crypto gaming in an easier way, so theyre bringing in the key nft protocols that you need theyre bringing in cross chain compatibility making. It super easy for developers to come and build crypto games, so its a pretty cool idea. Weve also seen actually this isnt their full backers list here. So this weve got some massive backers behind this one as well pantera alameda hashkey, who will be so. This is basically an infrastructure play for crypto gaming, so its a low cap well see how it goes im, looking for like a 10x on this one, so that would be it getting up to like a 200 million dollar approximately market cap. I think, with the main net coming up the big backers behind it, the general gaming metaverse trend that were seeing thats, not such an unrealistic target. The next one is merit circle now. Merit circle is one that ive actually been farming, that just crazy amounts of farm, but of course, in order to farm merit circle, you need to buy some merit circles.

So i i took a chunk of aetherium 50 of that went into merit circle. The other 50, of course, stays in ethereum in order to provide liquidity uh. I think it was in sushi swap so the liquidity for this. So then, the staking rewards for this are just absolutely crazy, which is one of the reasons why i decided to get into it, because the staking rewards are super super lucrative and obviously again we are tapping in to that gaming trend here. So this is like a gaming guild coin, so they are focused on developing the play to earn gaming economy. So you could almost think of this as like a venture capital fund, but for the cryptocurrency gaming space, the metaverse space. So these guys are out there creating all of this value by tapping in to those areas and into those assets which is very very interesting. Also, of course, worth pointing out here that uh backed by the digital currency group, which of course the guys behind grayscale the biggest bitcoin fund in the world, so kind of a big deal, some other great names on earth mechanism capital. So this one again, great farming awards im just uh enjoying that farming. The heck out of this coin right now, final coin on the list today is elluvium. Now elluvium is a play to earn game its been doing very, very well. Of course, the market cap is getting up close to a billion dollars right now.

The staking rewards on this also very very nice theyre, around 400 percent apy. You have to lock up your stake and all this stuff, but im farming, this coin. Of course again we had to take some ethereum 50 of the ethereum is staying in ethereum 50 of the ethereum goes into the elluvium token. You can lock that up in a liquidity, uh pool and then start farming on their website, but the rewards are crazy and if the game succeeds, as i think it could, then those rewards are going to pay out very, very handsomely. You can see here, uh well put the trailer up here, for because elluvium is a super super cool looking game. Now, this obviously the cinematic trail. They have some gameplay footage in here as well. So you can kind of get an idea for what the what the game actually looks like as well. Of course, all the you know the cinematic trailer uh stuff as well. It gives you an idea of the world that uh eluvium will be the kind of game that eluvium is is building here. I just think its super cool again. This is the kind of the kind of gaming stuff that i personally like, and i think thats. The cool thing you see about gaming right now is that you can just you can find the kind of games that speak to you theres, so much happening in the gaming space right now, theres, so many games coming out and look not all the games gon na, Be successful in the long run but find the games that you think look cool that are you know.

I love this kind of sci, fi, rpg kind of stuff, so you know for me, makes sense to be providing liquidity in to their platform and farming. The heck out of these coins now obviously with farming theres, of course, the the risk of impermanent loss. So you do have to keep that in mind if you dont understand about that, go and read about permanent loss, but the basic idea is that by providing liquidity, you could end up suffering a loss of funds. So not all your funds, but lets say youre going to lose 20 or 30 percent of the money that you put in. So if you put in 10 000 into the liquidity program, you end up by the time you take it back out in a years time, with only like lets, say six or seven thousand dollars. The idea is that the rewards are going to be high enough. That youre going to do well in the end, because youre getting all of these mass rewards and, of course, reward rewards paid out in elluvium tokens. I think could do very very well over time, because i think this is a game that has got a lot of potential anyway. Those are just the cryptocurrencies that i personally have been buying. As you can see, bitcoin and ethereum just nibbles. We got plenty of bitcoin ethereum in the portfolio im looking to make bigger gains. I think its the time in the market when those bigger gains are happening thats.

Why im looking at these lower cap, altcoins alternative chains and, of course, trying to get those gaming coins farming them when and where possible, buying and staking them in other situations, but theres an incredible opportunity right here in the market right now, i think gaming metaverse, all That kind of stuff is going to be so damn big and the games that do go. Big are going to make crazy returns for investors, which is exactly why im allocating more capital into the gaming space. But what about you? What cryptocurrencies have you been buying recently? Let us all know down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.