Today we are going to be diving into the crypto gaming markets as always, and we are going to also take a look at some projects that are doing astronomic numbers for us in our portfolio today. Uh some projects, like ultra citizen finance, nft champions that are absolutely pumping, and then i want to cover a lot of projects that are still undervalued and have some good buy in potential. We are literally in the midst of the crypto gaming. Bull run as we speak, were seeing bitcoin kind of do weird things, but were seeing crypto gaming absolutely surging – and this is some of the best times to have been lined up on your positions in crypto gaming and im, going to walk you through some projects that Weve been covering for a long time and are doing massive numbers in our portfolio today, and then i also want to talk about some projects that i think still have some value buy in points and some projects to generally keep your eyes out on in the future. And some projects that really may not have pumped yet in this gaming narrative that i think could have that pump potential, so lets go ahead and get into it guys if youre new to the channel drop down and hit that subscribe button, we come out brand new Crypto gaming and all coin videos here every single day on the channel and be sure to like the video if you enjoyed the video and if you are bullish on crypto gaming, just like i am so lets, go ahead and get into it guys atari tokens up 33, today love to see that sandbox just keeps doing ridiculous things.

Uh i mean just sandbox is defying logic at this moment. Its just pumping and pumping and pumping and pumping were now sitting at a 5.5 billion dollar market cap on the sandbox love to see that elluvium guys. We told you last week that if you wanted to get in on eluvium, but that was the time we told you when it went under a thousand dollars – it was a value buy here. It is today were sitting up 27 on elluvium at a 850 million dollar market cap that is still about 10x undervalued of axi infinity. Elluvium could legitimately eventually hit 10 000 im, not going to be the guy to tell you that alluvium is going to 10k uh, but it is in the cards. Theres no doubt about it. Luvium looks a million times better than axi infinity. As far as the game goes, uh and i dont think a 5 000, 10 000 long term elluvium is out of the cards. So if youve been in on this elluvium train the whole time congrats and then, if you bought this dip right here, even more power to you, because that was the dip to be bought and then well. Take a look at ultra ultras doing nutty things as well. Ultras chart just keeps on going people tell me ultras already pump youre at two plus dollars. Today, 484 million dollar market cap – i still see 3x potential or so from ultra get what ultra is doing.

Just absolutely nuts. We got in down here at about 65 cents, once the narrative of crypto gaming and metaverse has really picked up. We have seen this thing 3x plus, and i would still recommend this is a project that has a lot of value going forward. Uh ultra is the steam of crypto gaming, theyre, literally signing new games and new studios to distribute on their platform every single day, theyre partnered with amd ubisoft, atari, uh, theta, elrond theres, so many bullish partners for ultra – and i can tell you like ive – mentioned multiple Multiple times i have sources that are telling me that ultras partnership that they will announce eventually tier one company, will be absolutely mind blowing and, in my opinion, will send this thing on a moon mission. Uh ultra is one of my biggest holdings in my entire portfolio and im super bullish on ultra a citizen finance once again up another 20. Today, hammering down on this channel that citizen finance and the meadowlands fps metaverse are simply undervalued. They come out with consistent updates that just make me even more bullish guys they have the mystery box, starter pack updates on their gameplay, while youve seen a lot of teasers well be releasing an actual gameplay before the mystery box campaign on a monday, the 29th, so That only gives us about a week uh, so that is really really soon guys that well be seeing actual gameplay actual heads up display, as well as other in game mechanics.

And then the team is on schedule for the alpha release this quarter and instead of one map and one game mode of team deathmatch, the alpha will be coming out with three maps and three game modes: your favorite cs go bomb, defuse game mode and a pub G shrink map style will also be available play with us play for fun team meadowlands. Every single thing that theyre doing i absolutely love and theyre one of the more active crypto gaming projects on twitter. As far as providing updates for the community and providing updates on their game, its almost every single day that they come out with something new things considered, i think that meadowlands and citizen finance are just getting started and this low of a market cap with what theyre Building um, we could legitimately see 200 300 400 out of this, and i dont think that could be a stretch at a 26 million dollar market cap and such a low supply. This really has a lot of run up potential and lets. Imagine that their alpha blows. People away this thing is going to go crazy, uh and then dayton arena dayton arena is coming out on the 27th of this month. Mobile battle, royale on android ios itll, also be available on the desktop video behind this game. Ive mentioned a million times, theyve wolf, fun game. They came out with hero strike 5 million plus downloads. They are rebranding it for the blockchain and dayton arena.

Their box sales did really well feedback on their beta was amazing and its up 60. Since we brought this to you here on the channel in the nine dollar ranges, i told you in this whole entire little consolidation. I told you in this whole consolidation that dayton arena was a buy, and here we are at fifteen dollars just about three and a half days away from the fate and arena launch uh, so good to see some great price action. And i think that this is one i mean were looking at 20x undervalue of axi infinity im, looking at big things for the future for dayton arena, and i think this is a multi billion dollar game. When all is said and done, especially in current valuations comparison to axi, infinity bait and arena blows it away as far as gameplay nft champions up 22 today, as a few whales came in and placed some massive massive buy, orders uh and sent this thing absolutely to The next level and now were consolidating in the 80 cent ranges were about 85 cents today on nft champions. Phone marketing campaign by crowd, create the marketing agency behind star atlas. Is marketing well be bringing the marketing for nft champions beginning this week as well? They had their nft marketplace on december 15th, ill not only be looking to participate in the nft marketplace, but ill be looking forward to all the marketing updates and the new centralized exchange listings said to be having, throughout the rest of the quarter.

Im really bullish on nft champions and take a look at my full video on nft champions for more were getting a next leg up from infinity token, at about 1.78 right now, this is another multi billion dollar token. In my opinion, full blown games are building on the backbone of engine and affinity and affinity is vying for a parachain spot. They are on polka dot built by engine im, really bullish on affinity, ive talked it multiple times, and this is a one two, three plus billion dollar market cap project. In my opinion – and i think this has a lot of wiggle room at 300 million dollar market cap – if polka dot starts to run up your effinity – do crazy, crazy things. Ioz network is like a streaming metaverse play. We got in this one around 60, something since were now at 94 cents today and 165 million dollar market cap. I think this thing can do what rinder just did and if you just saw what render just did. It is a very similar project. Now, at a 1.1 billion dollar market cap, i think render is going to be bigger, no doubt about it, but this is the move we just saw render make, and i definitely think that the same potential is here for a i o z network and its coming Out of a slump here, this thing really consolidated for a long time, because quality projects take time to build guys things take time, especially when its an ambitious project like a streaming metaverse platform such as aioz network uh, and, as you see here its recently running up In my opinion, this is still a value buy at the current market cap.

I want to cover a couple that are potentially value buy in points today. Lets start with a game, and this is one weve talked about in multiple videos in a row, and this is war arena we got in on war arena around two dollars and ninety cents well arena at about a 18 million dollar market cap. It was a thrilling action, survival gameplay throughout two release phases and it will battle throughout pve and pvp content using highly personalized warriors, participate in tournaments and be able to collect nfts at the same time, theyll also have their full blown metaverse, as well as a 2d Game experience and the interoperability between other games and other metaverse assets well youll be able to bring your axes over into the world of war arena im super bullish on this project. In the future i mentioned, i did pick up a little bit of a position on war arena. You can see their team there and they are backed by animoka brands and eluvium im absolutely bullish on this project and, as you know here on the channel uh, we like, we usually make a good amount of gains in amoka brands projects. Good games guild is a little bit pumped when you look at the chart, but once again it has consolidated just a bit here and were starting to see the next trend upward. We saw this massive trend upward and then were starting to see this next leg up.

In my opinion, for good games guild at a 15 million dollar market cap and with no token unlocks until january 11th, i think were seeing a 20 plus good games guild in the short term. We got in on this project around 2.67 right here on the channel, and we told you about this coin way before it dropped uh, so good games guild. We are massively in the profits on about 5x. At this moment, uh and im still holding on to my good games guild ive, take 20 off the table, took a little profit, secured my position and im letting the rest ride on ggg another project backed by animoka and eluvium uh. This will be an in game asset, dow, a guild economy where players can play to earn steak, to earn or put up their nfts and rent to earn put their nfts for the scholarship program and for players to utilize within these game economies and play to earn For the dow asthma is another one that i am just absolutely bullish on. It is a layer one block chain built for gaming. Smart nfts are going to be the backbone of the future of in game assets, and this one right here is the same market cap as its diluted. There are no token unlocks that are going to hold phantasma down. This is going to be a 500 to a billion market cap project, 500 million to a billion market cap project and i think thats on the low end.

Phantasma already has games operating on it right now. That is the thing: fantasma has an operating product and operating blockchain. They have a gaming pavilion with games already launching on it uh, so fantasma is all around bullish. For me, my checks, all the boxes for me and if you watch this channel, you know that phantasma is one of my biggest holdings as well. The altura is well at about 30 cents today up 10 and this ones been really slow after it recently just did a 20x in just a matter of weeks. Its really consolidated in this 25 cent level and were seeing a 30 cent altura today at 180 million dollar market cap. I think this has three to five x potential, still this cycle, and i think we could see altura a dollar plus here being realistic. I think that altura has a dollar in the tank, and i think that this still is undervalued at 180 million dollars. Smart nfts built for gaming, their nft marketplace and their nfts have done really well in the past this one i do also hold quite a bit of since about seven cents, but i do think after this consolidation, its been healthy as gearing up for a next leg. Up and could be worth potentially getting in on game swap is another one. 10X undervalued against its competitor, vulcan forged and game swap, has already landed a top tier aaa fps cyberpunk style, futuristic shooter, their assets are already being teased on their twitter and on their decks.

It is just a matter of time until that gets announced once that gets announced, know exactly which studio in which game is launching on game swaps decks. I think that this is going to absolutely go. Parabolic ive been in on game swap for a long time, but this is one i am going to hold my bags on until we hear about this game that is launching on game swap. I think this will send this thing on a moon mission and i think this legit has five to 10x potential. The current price, and, as you see here, it did spike up with the metaverse narrative at the end of october, from about a dollar to 4 and then weve kind of really seen it consolidate over the last month. I do think its prepping up for its next run and every time vulcan forge, runs up. Game swap runs up uh, they kind of run together. You see that same narrative playing out and then once they announce the game thats putting their assets on their decks platform. I see big big moves from game swap theres, another one that is a metaverse play, and this is a full blown metaverse guys network buy, buy assets, buy land, buy, ad space, uh theyre, nft collections and yachts. Theyre absolutely crazy, and i know a lot of vcs that got in early on the lamp lots of network and the concepts that network and their team have for the future of their metaverse are going to blow peoples, mind and right now guys.

This is 5x undervalued of blocktopia, which i think network is a literal, better product, better team, better all around metaverse project than blocktopia and were sitting at 175 million dollar market cap here on network network is simply undervalued. I see 10 15 in the short term for network, especially whenever the actual alt season does come around and the layer ones start flipping and bitcoin starts running were gon na see a lot of these metaverse plays these mainstream. Metaverse plays really really run up, and i think network is a part of that, and not only with a bull run at the network in general, is just being massively undervalued and is worth consideration, and it has healthily consolidated in these price range. For about a few weeks now – and i think its prepping for its next leg up, i wouldnt be surprised to see a ten dollar network in the short term. Miss we havent talked about missed in a few weeks and missed is kind of consolidating after every single time. Its done this guys. It really sold off here in may really pumped up here in august and it sold off, and then it really pumped up here in november, amidst all their dev diaries, theyre coming out with a lot of updates and they actually have their alpha test like their beta Test phase coming up very very soon, we saw this thing pump all the way from six cents down here, all the way up to 24 cents being some consolidation around 17 cents, and you take a look at their twitter guys.

They coming out with a bunch of different dev diary, updates environmental updates, gameplay updates, gameplay teasers as well. They are having their demo selection round two well 300. Lucky players will be joining us for the second round of the closed demo. Uh so missed im all around bullish on and it has taken a little bit of a consolidation since its recent pump and i think at nine million dollar market cap a lot of runway. Potentially for missed, i think mist has a long runway ahead and a lot of potential growth ahead as well, especially if they continue their dev updates and the bullish dev updates, as most of their updates, have been really really clean. As and as always, i want to leave you with a little bit of an alpha drop a little bit of a hint and some projects that im looking at in the future, and today i want to talk about nifty island. Put this one on your watch list. Put this one uh in your twitter following follow: nifty underscore island on twitter island token releases in december is the word and also their nft collections on open c. Their original island collections are doing really really well edited. It really reminds me of like an island version of like sandbox and roblox almost and nifty island just looks super clean to me and everything that theyre building with this metaverse and that theyre previewing looks awesome with the success of their nft.

I do, but their coin will do also really well. Their island token does release very soon and nifty island. As you see, if youre reading this youre on the ground floor of a new type of gaming movement, we believe gaming has been dominated by the big studios and closed ecosystems for far too long heres. What make games great and communities are, what make games bigger than their creators could have imagined. Nifty island is a game verse that was radically open to user generated content that puts user ownership and control at the heart of its design, its an open social game hub and a gallery that harnesses nfts and crypto to make the metaverse a reality. Every user from d5 projects and influencers and individuals are granted their own customizable avatar and private island users are able to play games display their nft collections. Trade nfts, build community and earn crypto by playing and providing content to the gameverse. And, as you see here, theyre previewing like apes axes, youre going to be able to show off your nfts in the nifty island metaverse. So this is one that i, like, i said, follow them on twitter. Put them on your watch list. Look out! For the island! Token launch join their discord. I am looking out for this project in the future drop a future project to the end of the video ive been doing that lately, letting you know some things im looking ahead to so i kind of wanted to keep that trend and let you know one i Am looking at in the future and thats gon na? Do it guys for this video just wanted to cover some projects that are absolutely killing it? A couple that i still think have a lot of value and that are undervalued today and decent entry points and then talk a little bit about nifty island uh.

The island metaverse experience on web 3 that i am absolutely looking forward to their island token release very. Very soon uh, so if you are new to the channel, guys be sure to drop down and subscribe to the channel for more daily crypto gaming content be sure to like the video if you enjoyed the video and if you are bullish on crypto gaming, just like I am ill be back tomorrow with another video guys.