Hey. We come to you twice a week with the breaking nft news and the hot projects, but uh this weeks a little bit different. I was in vegas yeah. I had to spend uh monday alone in my office. Where did you what happened in vegas? How was it so me and bj aka biscuit jesus? We went to magic, the gathering las vegas. It was a big big tournament, big nerd fest i mean there may have been some furries and some cosplay people – oh yeah yeah. In fact, i actually talked to some of them. Yeah lets check it out. Youll, like this Music were here with charizard james now known as the one jame now, the one james. What is an nft um? I have no idea. Do you know they do well, of course you wouldnt, if you dont, know what it is. What do they do? I dont know we are here with micho sword now mijo sword. What is an nft? I have no idea what is bitcoin uh, uh cryptocurrency and what is cryptocurrency go ahead and tell me i dont, know daisy electronic money, all right thats. All we got time for. Thank you were here with lady lavinia center giant d20. Now lady, what is bitcoin, what is bitcoin um, something that i have not the knowledge tell anyone else about: thats, fine, thats, fine! Now, lady lavinias, what is an nft were just talking about the hard questions. Uh nfc is also something that i dont have the most information about um yeah, its talking about hard questions.

How do we solve israeli palestinian con were here with zabrakis zabrakis were here with zabrakis and zabrakis? What is bitcoin? It is a cryptocurrency digital, pretend money, thats actual money. Okay, what is an nft? It is also a digital, pretend thing that is equal for money like a yeah like an expensive monkey, jpeg yeah yeah all right. Thank you very much were here with sam pardee. Now, sam, what is an nft? My understanding, which is extremely limited, is that an nft is basically a blockchain secured pointer to some kind of link that verifies ownership or verifies that the thing that is put at the link was put at the link in a way that people can verify all right. Great sam, what is bitcoin bitcoin is a currency, or at least intended to be a currency right now it seems too volatile to me to be a currency uh. That is also on the blockchain. I dont totally understand what that means, but uh yeah its one of those it is on the blockchain all right. Thank you. All right were with jessica now jessica. What is bitcoin? Okay, its a internet currency, mtg las vegas with jaffer now jaffer. What is an nft uh fungus token, all right? What are they? What do they do? I have no clue. I dont know what an uncomfortable token is jeffer. What is bitcoin money online? All right. Is there any crypto youre in no? I dont have any knowledge about any of that thats the thing that is a thing and thats what we got time for uh were here with samsoni and what is bitcoin uh as far as im aware is another theres, an online currency as far as thats worth Way more than what ive been comfortable paying, i mean right now, but would you buy it uh if you thought it was going to double in price? If i had them on suit? Yes, very awesome and uh, what is an nft uh? I forget what the exact terms is, but all i know is its a sort of image that you can purchase and phases, as well as a certificate of non pasticity that you own, instead of an image perfect, very much and uh straight from vegas back to you, Cool man i cant its just like new york, no one knew what bitcoin or nfts were yeah a handful had an idea, but yeah i mean were still very new.

I mean its. You would think they would know a little bit better with gods and chain and some of these nft trading card games, but it just was not on their radar at all. Did you feel, like maybe vegas, knew more than new york its about equal, its about equal? If anything, i would think the people of las vegas might know a little bit better than the people actually attending the magic. The gathering convention, all right, so real, quick before we get into the projects, lets give a quick rundown on how to buy these wax packs. These starship black hole, pluto alliance, wax packs so first step super easy go to wallet.wax.io. If you dont, have a wallet, wax wallet easy to set up an account, you literally just have to use your email address, so its like setting up a new email, its theres. No seed phrases, theres no tricky words. You have to remember real quick. What is your favorite way to fill the wax wallet? I use kucoin same yeah, i use kucoin kucoin does not require kyc yeah theres no shoot the wax over to your wax wallet. So yeah. You can buy your ether on coinbase shoot it to kucoin, buy the wax shoot. The wax back over to your wax wallet that you just created super cool all right. The next step is go to game.plutoalliance.com. That is the landing page for the drop click buy pack. Its like 80 bucks in wax its not that i think its like 90 wax or something right now, yeah, but the 80.

You get the whole slew of nfts to outfit your starship yeah. You can play the game. You can play the game and start mining starting. The beginning of december, you can actually one pack will allow you to play the game play to earn and earn kyanite gas, which you can then trade for wax yeah its got your gear, your pilot, your gunner, its got all the necessary components yeah. So its really really easy, if you have any other questions, feel free to drop some comments below but thats about as easy as i can explain it its not that difficult all right so thats the thats, how you purchase the wax packs. What projects do we have to go over all right? One of my favorite solana projects ever what is it art, punks, its? Definitely the art punks. I will never sell my salvador dali, so they have a new drop. This is called the frames. Nft collection, its the same people – and this is an nft that is going to hold your other nfts for a displaying feature. Okay, so yeah theyre really really cool. I mean they have different uh rarities with the amount of frames, so you might have uh nft. That just has one frame – or you might have one that has like five and theres different things with the the carpet or the tapestry or the there could be a sculpture on it. There could be little furniture in there uh different framings, so theres all types of rarity, theres going to be like some chase rares.

With this now, people are going to probably want to buy more art punks to display in the frames that theyre going to be buying too yeah. That looks pretty cool so its on solana, though theres not theyre, not doing a cross chain or anything yeah. So its all solana um its its going to be 0.5 solana to mint, which is pretty cheap these days with solana. Right now, salon is about 220, i think, or so so, its a little yeah so less than a gas fee a lot of times so with solana, the gas fee will be a couple quarters or something like that. Maybe a dollar, maybe less, even all right, so theyre going to have all these sales 750 sole is going to go back to the art punk holders from this mint wow, so art punks, they have a doubt the the frames are going to have a dial they, Like to pay their people, so a lot of the royalties is going back. 15 of the cell is going to the back to the holders. How many, how many rpms are there? Theres 10 000 theres going to be 10 000 frames? If you have an art punk, you can actually pre mint youre on the white list. You get 24 hours ahead of time, its the 26th at 11 p.m. Utc. I think its 6 p.m, eastern standard time so uh and then the public thats live 24 hours later. On the 27th 24 hours after that, theyre releasing the frames tool and then boom thats when youre putting in your salon nfts nice.

I, like i, like the interaction uh taking two nfts and creating yeah. I like that this nft is doing something with nfts its a little more utility than uh. Oh, i just can look at this jpeg now. This jpeg displays your jpegs yeah yeah its like its gamified yeah, its an inception of jpegs here cool. I i just got an oculus. I know you did yeah. Are they gon na do integrating any kind of im living in the vr world yeah? Are they doing something with vr? I sleep with it uh yeah theyre? Actually, they do plan to have a vr, 3d interactive gallery soon and theyre going to do a design contest. So you might win ten thousand dollars. You design it. You get your probably like color coordinating nfts in there and you might win ten thousand dollars, but yeah im super excited for the 3d integration. I dont know when theyll be but thats where its heading. You know i want to put on my oculus. I want to look at you know my salvador dali art, punk yeah. Those oculus are crazy. Yeah. I love my oculus yeah, all right uh. What else do we got? Yes, uh. We have red ape family. Okay, all right people love their monkeys, man yeah yeah. Well, this ones actually built around board apes yeah all right. So i think i saw this is uh the one thats uh, where theyre taking that ip right and theyre theyre running with it right there theyre running with it, but its not just board apes, its like its lazy lions, its some cool cats, its other blue chip, Nfts but the actual storyline is built around the board ape, so the red ape family is a series, its the first series, funded by nfts, its pretty cool.

So i like that. I like that yeah. So if you meant one of these nfts, you actually own a fractionalized portion of the series. Okay, so real quick. If pluto alliance did a series, would you voice one yeah yeah? I would absolutely. Can we hear your pluto alliance voice? No, i dont know what an alien sounds like hey im, an alien i dont know so anyway. So guess who is uh the executive producer of this project ashton kutcher close two chainz is the executive producer of this project? Okay, no, you know he definitely has connections here. Absolutely yeah hes got a lot of marketing power, hes very successful, very popular im, sure hes, huge across all social uh platforms, probably in a big talent agency. Probably access all types of talent, too yeah yeah, has access to everything yeah, and not only that he was always a smart guy. He was and he had those two chains. Always he always had two. Never three chains, never singular, always two. So theyve done something really cool, though like for the actual nft holders of the red ape family theyre, giving uh, i think its 25 to 49 rev share back to the holders for any kind of streaming. That happens with this series, so thats thats massive. You know what kind of money netflix throws at these things its in the millions upon millions, if not tens of millions. Sometimes this is the beginning of like a decentralized netflix, where the viewers and the holders of nfts actually get the money instead of big business.

Netflix hulu amazon signed these people well or watch out yeah thats. What i want, because otherwise they might take over yeah watch out, so i actually have one of them. I dont know if youve minded one yet, but i actually minted one so um. I know theyre breaking it up into different phases. I think the first phase was like 300 nfts actually got one of the first thats right, thats right yeah. I remember the yeah theyre uh theyre theyre phasing it into uh. You know each each drop kind of funds, a different part of the show, yeah a different series, a different episode or so on and so forth, but theyre bringing in other blue chips, which i really like like communities like lazy, lions or cool cats. Or who knows, maybe even pluto wouldnt that be huge yeah and only that you get like a two chainz or you get one of his uh comrades to change their profile. Pic next thing, you know this thing could blow up massive, so be look be on the lookout for big things on the red ape family. If you havent mentioned one all, the the the stuff will be in the description, the links and other information so check it out all right and uh. Maybe you get to hear a two chainz voice, a cartoon character. Thatd be supposed to give me your two chains. Two chains, but i only have one yeah thats, not even a chain, wait, wait, wait! Maybe i stretch this one.

Two beads well start calling you two b, two beads, two b, all right im, two beads all right. If you liked what we did in vegas just now, we also did in new york uh. We might be doing more of that. So let us know in the comments what some places you would like to see us go to. Where would you like us to go to i dont know: college lets go to college campuses. Yeah uh were in atlanta lets, go to little five points come on. Give me a shout out a little foul point: yeah yeah, maybe check out a falcons game, get some of the fans out there. Definitely not the bluffs, though. Definitely not the bluffs. I just moved here so i dont know where to go. I dont want to know about that, but anyway i think thats. All we got im gon na, throw it to you this week since youve been tardy all week. All right here we go. I deserve it.