Just drink into all those things, but first lets take a look at whats going on into the market. So today it is wednesday, one day before thanksgiving uh, for here in the states and uh, the the prices are down a little bit. Um same thing: everythings moving kind of sideways with a little bit of dips here and there bitcoins, not a percent roughly ethereum a little bit benign everythings down a little bit. Uh cardano took a hit six percent man xrp two and a half polka dot. Four percent down everythings down, except for krypto.com man. I should invest in that one missed the boat on that. What are you going to do? Mana, though, is up uh 28 thats, always fantastic thetas up 2 sandbox is up almost 40 percent. So remember, like i love these plays and im glad i got into it and im glad that uh people that i you know, watch and listen to like uh, stash and alex becker and those types of guys they even called it and they called it right and Im glad that they did because now i can diversify and it works out pretty well. So that is what is going on in the market, essentially and uh before we break into uh the big story of the day. Just to let you know, uh theres, a bunch of things coming up, because, if youre not from the states after thanksgiving uh, they have like black friday uh sales, which are like huge massive sales and then also you have like a cyber monday and theres.

Also a thing called crypto tuesday, but uh unstoppable domains. Theyre doing this uh its a buy one, get one free for all of all their domains right and thats on thats on uh cyber monday, no november 29th uh and you get. If you buy any kind of domain, you want either its a dot, crypto dot coin dot walt bitcoin, whatever else for any kind of domain there, you will get one for free and again. The reason why i like this is because, when you use it instead of sending out some like wacky 0x57535 blah blah address, you just send hey, just send it to dan teaches crypto uh, our dan teaches.crypto and thats my wallet and its got a bunch of like, Like bitcoin ethereum on like 20 other different uh cryptos, you can send it to just by sending it to that so thats. Why i like that and uh thats whats, going on within supplements, you theres a link in the description you dont have to use it, but if you do that would help. But if not, you go right to unstoppable domains and remember its unstoppabledomains.com again, link in the description check that all out so thats whats going on, but lets talk about this cardano being listed, hey watch out, thats, good right, everybodys, excited and uh. This information come came to me a little late yesterday, so i wasnt able to cover it but im covering today. So this is whats going on cardanos ada to be listed on bitstamp crypto exchange, fantastic.

If you dont know bitstamp is uh is a pretty higher tier type of crypto as far as like uh the liquidity and the amount of transactions that are going on so a little bit bigger than some like small different type of exchange like an etoro. So this is the whole story. Bit stamp has announced that its listing cardonas native token ada on exchange beginning november 23rd and then uh. You can be placed and canceled november 24th at around 11am utc and thats whats, going on thats the whole thing so thats great. So why do i bring this up to your attention because crypto gets listed every single day and really what it comes down to? It comes down to the story that we covered yesterday about ada being delisted and people lost their minds. Im gon na go over everything about it, but uh. The big thing here is getting the information to make the right investment decision for you and yourself, and we covered this yesterday and people like rob. You didnt talk about how it was only for the u.s. I read the title: etoro toradolius, cardinal and tron for u.s customers due to regulatory issues, and i also said it again down here for horrors of the tokens. Etoro say that u.s customers would be able to sell their holdings so yeah its only for u.s customers. I dont know if i need to say that three or five or ten times so sure so thats whats going on uh as far as that and there wasnt the content of the video, the big issue everybody had with was this and i said, ada delisted.

The end, so people were just freaking out because theyre like first of all, they were like. I thought it got delisted from all the exchanges. Did i say there was listed. Do you listed from all the exchanges? Well, the thumbnail made it. I thats not what it said. The thumbnail is different than the actual content i mean there is. It is the same information that youre getting im just giving you a preview, its kind of hard to tell you everything. As far as the content in the title of the video, so when i say 80 to listen is this the end eight, it was delisted and it was de listed on etoro and as far as like was it the end? Well, it was the end for etoro. I could tell you right there, and i didnt really want to go into it, but now that it just comes out like oh, this is just an awful clickbait title and blah blah ill go into it right now. So when we talk about the end and then before i go on, people were like well rob. Why didnt you talk about uh, this story about it being also listed on bitstamp its because guess what this information didnt come to me at that point i didnt even know about it. I i learned about it after i put out this video. This just happened yesterday. So thats the first part and then when were talking about this this issue as far as like uh the end and what was said theyre like but rob charles hoskinson said, and his video itself was and its not kind of now its uh liquidity and etoro.

That was the title of his his video and people. Just what were talking to me and they said well youll understand because charles said it was just liquidity, thats, not what he said. If you watch the video again content context of whats going on, he said that, even though cardinal was delisted off of etoro that wasnt a big deal because there wasnt a ton of liquidity, it was like ranked number 64 or whatever else is in exchanges and bitstamp. Had a ton of more liquidity, he also talked about how different divisions, as far as i o is the technical part and the cardinal foundation deals with all those things he goes. We never got a summons. We never got any information as far as they were delisting. It because of regulatory issues, he said in the video we dont really have much information as to why exactly they did delist everything, but it doesnt matter because theres a great amount of liquidity throughout the entire world. He talked about japan and everything else. So thats not exactly what it was. So when i talk about like, is it the end ill get into it right now, when a certain exchange or any exchange, looks at and goes, we need to list it because of regulatory issues, its fine right thats their decision. They can do that, but me im just thinking out loud as a business person if im looking at them going hmm if youre making money off of this different product.

Why would you delist it? Why would you go against it and just say im going to get rid of it because, for whatever reasons well, maybe its because they dont have liquidity? Okay, fine, whatever else, but if they start to spout off and say that it is because of regulatory issues. Maybe me as a business and an entity and have to you know, answer to a lot of different people. Maybe i look to myself and go you know what? Maybe we should take a look deeper into these regulatory issues and see, if were not going down the wrong path. So i talk about the end. It was the end for etoro. Is it the end for other exchanges? Possibly we see this happen again with privacy. Coins need i remind you about monero whats, going on there throughout multiple exchanges and thats the end for them until maybe sometime in the future. So when i talk about these things, give it a little content and dont just be what i call a thumbnail investor. We look at the thumbnail and go geez. I need to sell my cardano if youre doing that, youre not going to make it so thats, really uh the big thing that is going on with that piece, and i just want to remind everybody that in that video, when i talked about cardano it wasnt like I was saying its the end, its the worst, and you need to get rid of it.

The content. The context in there was my thesis was this: if its for regulatory issues, it really comes down to the how we test and how we determine as far as securities here united states and i talked about how the howie test in 1933 makes no sense whatsoever. So i talked about, there is utility with cardano if youve used anything for nfts and i talked about cardinal combat all different nfts that are being built on there. I talked about cornucopias. I talked about the nft gaming realm and a bunch of different things. That would be considered a utility and i also referenced ethereum – how they got screwed around that legal aspect, because they just said they hired a bunch of lawyers. I talked about the invisible machine book, go and check that out, and they said, look if you get into ethereum uh its all about the gas and thats the utility, its not the other thing that were, we were, you know getting away from as far as like The security as far as someone going you know what were going to buy ethereum in hopes that it gains a bunch of money, then sell it off. No, no thats, not what ethereum does its all about the gas and the utility. So i made the same argument for cardano. So look when i talk about these things. Im not going to give you uh just straight up, stupid, hopium and everythings going to the moon, and you should have no worries whatsoever.

I told you specifically what was going on and i gave you the best information i possibly can on top of that, if you would have taken a look at it, whats down a ton today, six seven percent is cardano, so i mean i dont know what else To tell you uh, i just got a little uh perturbed. I have other different battles going on behind the scenes, but thats what i got thats all im going to say about that. So moving on uh next piece. I think this is a probably a better better piece, so i can calm down the metaplay. So first of all, the metaverse, i think, is going to be very huge. Ive done a couple of different videos, one with stash, which was uh crypto stats, which was fantastic. I really liked doing that one, and he really made it crystal clear as to why the metaverse is going to be big, and this one really says it again so uh i am big into real estate and now more bigger, bigger biggest into virtual real estate. So theres a two and a half million virtual land sale. What happened here so the metaverse group, which is headquartered in decentraland, crazy, announced on tuesday that it had completed what it calls the largest metaverse land acquisition in history. The subsidiary of tokens.com snapped up 160 parcels of land 116 and that cost just a uh, a small shanty, 2.5 million nice metaverse group plans to develop the estate for fashion, shows and commerce, and this is where it gets interesting, because the question is, why would i Buy virtual land that makes no sense rob because its just virtual and you cant do anything on it.

Oh contraire monfrere, and it says right here: it will also form partnerships with fashion brands, looking to expand their presence in the metaverse, especially into central land. Who cares? Youre saying fashion brands: who cares because they have a lot of money thats? Why? So, if youre, taking a look at the gucci and louis vuitton, how much money they swing around ton? And if you have a plot of land – and they say you know what wed like to advertise here – because theres a lot of people coming in and playing games, so wed like to just set up a little shop here, great on the land ill rent it to You well hows that going to work because its just its just virtual doesnt make any sense. We covered a story a couple days ago, sothebys south of bees. However, you say it and uh what they had done is they had set up shop and they had auctioned off a very expensive piece by the artist known as banksy. So if you have artists coming in, you have the fashion industry coming in. What makes you think that other industries arent going to come into this virtual land and set up shop and want to have land and want to want to rent it from you and want to get your advertising dollars in? On top of all the other things we dont even think about, i am telling you, in my personal opinion, not financial advice, just financial opinion.

I think virtual land is going to be huge thats. Why im going in heavy and uh? To me, this is a two to four year play, but i think at the end of four years, im gon na be pretty darn happy and thats it so look uh thats it. For today, sorry, i got a little heated a lot of things going on, but if you liked the video give it a thumbs up uh, if not, you can always give it a thumbs down. I got a ton of those yesterday. On top of that, you can also subscribe. A lot of things are going on pretty crazy and thats it for today. So thanks so much for watching.