Do yourself a favor and the family come join us by hitting the like subscribe, and the notification bell: hey were a family of all ages, all races, no negativity here. Negativity, rather, we just concentrate on making money and being happy all right. Listen. I want to give you a brief uh market update, and i want you guys to know that. I knew that, if youre just in here for crypto that the stock market affects crypto, and so you need to know whats going on in the market, so im gon na time stamp, this video, so the first part will say stock market. The second part will say: uh crypto or stocks and crypto okay. So, but do yourself a favor and listen to the entire deal lets, keep it going so rising yields are causing the stock market uh this morning before it opened, it was not good. Um uh, the dow s p, nasdaq were all red, though they rebound. That closing. You know at the end they rebound, they fought their way back, but jobless claims okay, the jobless claims were the lowest since 1969.. Most of you that are listening to me right now, werent born you, you werent a gleam in your dads eye at that time and thats not good and its weighing negative on the stock market. Okay – and this is going to tie into crypto too all right. So the market has been uh skittish because they think uh, the rising interest rates, are coming thats been looming.

I believe the stock market is pricing, a lot of that in now before it happens, the biggest problem we have is the debt ceiling right. Um uh congress has kicked that can down. The road now were into december when theyre gon na pass that if they dont pass, that thats gon na be negative. Its gon na be negative for crypto and stocks, mostly stocks and crypto, but itll be negative for crypto. At a shorter term, i believe, because its going to cause them both to to fall, and then i just i believe people will shift their money from stocks to crypto, okay, thats. What i think, remember anything i say, is not a suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell stock and dont listen to any fud dont dont dont. If you see anything talking about a broker or whatsapp uh, that that is all spam, dont fall for never send any money anywhere okay. So i wanted to give you that brief update about the stock market, because remember this is a short week. Tomorrows thanksgiving the markets will be closed, though crypto will be trading and then friday the markets will close early at 1pm eastern time so new york time. The markets will also close. Now. What happens is its going to be low trading volume, low trading volume this week for crypto and stock right, because theres 48 million vehicles on the road right now as we speak and and those people are not trading theyre? Looking for you know a thanksgiving bird and spending time with family, so thats whats happening right, so lets look at um, crypto right now, all right so check this out.

This is uh some of the stock that i have most most of these. I have not stock but crypto and, as you can look at this, it was a sea of red all right. So what i did last night was. I bought two crypto. I involved some more mana and i bought some more uh crow. Okay, i had to eat a little crow, but i bought some more crow cro and, as you can see, uh decentral land is up 29 and uh. Crow is up one percent and um, and so cro is also up. One percent now lets look at this. Why we, why were here, lets just go right into this good people? Okay, lets. Do this now lets look at shiba inu. As you can see, this is a five day chart with shiva inu. Let me make sure that five day, as you can see, shiba inu has been a falling knife. It just has and remember i told you guys – that it could get quad zero, three zero and it got very close, quad, zero, uh, three, five, three, four, even that it came down last night and um, as you could see here, it came down really low. Last night and its not doing much today going down over the last five, but you know they always say when in doubt zoom out. If you look at the month as you youre youre back down, where it was a month ago, its not looking so good right, low trading volume, okay and im gon na talk up more about this in in the end, i i really want to have this talk With you guys about all of these uh speculative plays, lets, look at crypto.

com right. Cro lets look at what it did in the last five days and, as you can see, its been going up, keeps blowing past level of resistance and its going up. But lets look at why one i believe, why is one going up and one is going down? I believe that this tells me the story at first. They were both in correlation with each other right they were, they had the same movement. When you move, i move. We move right and then right here, uh right here at this point is where crows started. Moving upward and shiba inu started moving down, so the sheba e new holders, okay, were selling their shiba enu and putting it in to cro right further. This goes down further. This goes up. The evidence is right here in our faces. Okay, these are the some of the things that we have to pay attention to the people, and so im gon na tell you this. These are speculative plays. Do i think she knew was gon na? Come back yeah, i believe that shiba inu may be higher next week, but i also think that crow will be up next week. Cro, i believe its going to be up. I believe it has upward movement im gon na. Look you guys and i and tell you something dont, let anybody pressure you its like peer pressure. Its like were kids now dont. Let anybody peer pressure, you into holding, buying a stock or holding a stock, do not participate in formal fear of missing out and dont participate in panic selling, because none of the things makes sense you have to do.

You cannot be a lazy trader. You cant just listen to me. You got other guys out there, thats telling you what they see. Okay – and these are all speculative we are all spec – were all speculating on what we think is going to happen right, and so what im going to tell you is, is you have to make a conviction on the plays that you have and you have to know The difference of swing trading and investing some of the crypt, some cryptos are investments and some are swing. Trades some are day trades, but im gon na tell you, when i say: hey, im gon na sell some of this. If its a speculative play ill tell you, the hate comes: oh youre, an idiot youre, a clown blah blah blah blah blah from here on out im im, not paying that any attention, because if i see its time to sell im going to look you guys, because You guys are my family. We dont care about what everybody else is doing. You guys are my family and i want to make sure you maximize your earning potential and so just like i said, hey, it could go to 3 0. I had some hate and i i will tell you the first time i said that ship was going down or i saw it. I got hit with about 300 bots, all just start spamming, spamming, spamming and i literally had to stop the stop the video and take it down because they didnt want.

You know they didnt want me saying anything negative about it, and so what i want to tell you guys is is all of these speculative plays should have a time period. So remember in the beginning, where everybody is going to a penny, scoring a penny scoring a penny im telling you guys that is the okie doke. They they going to set you up for a straight rug, pull when youre doing that. Is there money to be made? Yes, um, when i got to telling you and not just myself, other youtubers were telling you its not going to a penny. Oh you guys are crazy. Where are these people now? Where are they okay? And so what im telling you is theyve moved on to the next coin, all right so im gon na tell you that i made money off of these speculative plays and at the beginning of the years, for those of you that remember that. Please leave me a comment. I say it with crypto right now this year i want to be in the fastest moving car, and i need to get back to that because i made more money with crypto doing that and so, if youre, a lover of any stock or any crypto, and you Get pissed off if i say its time to do some profit taking im gon na invite you to just go ahead and leave the page because were gon na make money, and so right now i think cro is gon na make money next week.

I think its gon na run up its its actually doing well right now, but when the trading volume gets back and the way that theyre doing in marketing is going to go up and im going to tell you at a point in time, im going to sell It all and im going to tell you guys. So what im going to start doing is when i see a a trade im going to say hey for you swing traders. This looks like this and for you investors. This looks like this, and maybe i just wont tell you guys what im doing and just to keep it broad and just be a messenger, but never trade, a stock or a crypto and get emotionally attached. Because we are here to make money not to be a part of a club of a coin thats. What were here to do all right, good people, and i want to be straight with you guys, and we just want to maximize the amount of money, because i can tell you guys right now soon as cro is through running the next one is, is waiting and Im also going to tell you that if these uh speculative coins are more than 20 of your crypto portfolio, it is a huge mistake. If youre into these hype coins only and you dont have any ethereum and if you dont have any of bitcoin. You know at least some solano things that are safer.

Then i think youre making a big mistake and um, and so if your entire portfolio is swinging by 30 a day, your boat is not balanced and youre going to drown, and i just want to tell you the truth and so being a safer coin and or Stock then, when the speculativeness that goes up and down you know theyre buying on hype and selling on fomo, when that happens, it doesnt affect your portfolio that much okay and so im gon na tell you on the speculative plays. It should only be 10 of your entire uh investment. Thats me remember, anything i say is not a suggestion for you to buy, hold or sell a stock. I got to tell you whats true whats going to happen is a lot of paper hands. Some of you guys will come in youll, find youll, see one comment: dont do any research and buy at 88 quad zero, eight, eight or quad zero, eight five right, and so, if you bought at eight five youre, not in the same boat as somebody that bought It at quad zero one, seven youre not – and i could tell you right now that most of all of my ship is the houses money, because i did proper profit taking and i did it multiple times and to be quite honest with you, i did it with Keeping a minimum of 2 billion shares, but i know how to do profit taking when its time to do profit, taking right and im telling you guys.

If you learn some good principles, you will make more money now. If it goes down im losing am i losing profit? Yes, but im never losing my initial investment im playing with the houses money. Now, in my coin base, where i have my long term hold, i got it at quad zero, one, seven im, not touching. It got a link below if you wan na download the link and deposit a hundred dollars in my weibo is where im doing my swing trading and i shared that portfolio with you guys im going to look you guys an eye and tell you if you, if I could have done it over again. If i had a crystal ball, i would have sold it at quad, zero, eight, eight, eight or qua zero eight five wherever ship went up to, i would have sold it there. If i would have known it was gon na. Come down this much and then i would have bought it back again and wrote it back up, im being honest with you guys and so from here on out im being going back to my basics, and that is when it comes to crypto. I want to be in the fastest moving cars, so cro im going to make a short pop and im back out because believe me, you, the next week, is going to be another coin, all right and its only 10 of my portfolio that im making these crypto Swings right, so i just wanted to let you guys know that got the check out all the links below im going to probably post a video tomorrow.

If i dont, you guys, have a wonderful, blessed thanksgiving spend time with your family and your loved ones. Im gon na be praying over your health, wealth finances and family all right. Good people love you guys. I just needed to get this off my chest and i need you guys to hear it and if you say, hey, never talk negative about a stock or crypto.