There wasnt a ton of females showcasing, you know, programming or you know coding on instagram. So that was the original story behind the account photos of morgan working at her computer with inspirational captions have attracted 56 000 followers, but theyve also grabbed the attention of scammers. I feel like a lot of these have been taken a lot of times. My followers will send me, like this person, either just reached out to me, or i just saw your photo on this account and thats, usually how i find out about it. Morgan says: theres been so many imposter accounts using her photos to push crypto scams. She posted videos on her account to explain its sad, because these people that are still in my photos are tricky people to give them money and people are losing money over it, and then they actually find me on this profile, which is my real profile. My only profile, and then they get mad at me and harass me for taking their money. When i didnt, when we spoke with morgan, there were at least seven accounts using her photos under different made up names, gina ford trade with kim 1, which is kimberly wilson, trade with ashley 11 bryson cortez trade with williams, ashley fx, underscore trade and theres invest with Jennifer lopez, thats a good one, morgan says the process of having imposters removed, isnt easy and sometimes instagram, doesnt remove them at all. This has been happening four years and instagram does nothing about it, its scary, and it feels like a huge violation because thats not me, but it looks like me saying those things and so thats worse to me, because theyre trying to actually solicit for money and to Scam these people with my photos, another instagrammer jason salman, says he sees around 25 fake instagram accounts a week using his photos.

So i produce a lot of content around the crypto space im, describing myself as a crypto, evangelist and all of salmans real picks that feature bitcoin, make him a prime target for imposters who have even stolen photos that feature salman with his family. Its super creepy and theyll, even sometimes like make up their own captions for things. You know and like oh im, so happy with my family. Now that i made all this money from my name. They actually tagged my wife in their photos and it gets worse. Salman says: hes received threats from people who have lost thousands of dollars to imposters, using his photos to scam them. Oh yeah, ive gotten like threats like im, gon na kill you im gon na beat you up. You know like theyre like oh, i know where you live and like all these type of things, he says, victims reach out to him a few times a week and like morgan, solomons frustrated that sometimes instagram doesnt help theres like a little function inside of instagram, where You can report an account and youll kind of go through a couple steps. You report it as an impersonation account and then theyll review it, and so sometimes it could take them as little as like two hours to respond. Sometimes it takes days. Sometimes they never respond. When cnbc reached out to instagram for the story, sharing the fake accounts, impersonating, solomon and morgan, the company deleted them all and in a statement instagram said claiming to be another person on instagram, violates our community guidelines and we have a dedicated team to detect and block These kinds of scams, we know theres more to do here, which is why we keep working to prevent abuse and keep our community safe.

That detection and blocking system not always working like it should morgan and salman, have reported imposters through the app and sometimes instagrams, so called dedicated team replies that the fake account will not be removed because it doesnt go against community guidelines and when the company fails to Remove an imposter account frustrated instagram users have no means to escalate the issue, because one of the largest social networks in the world has no helpline or customer service more bad news. These crypto scammers are spreading on other platforms too morgan and salman, say they already have more than a dozen tick tock impersonators pushing crypto too. In a statement, ticktock said we strive to protect the integrity of our platform and authenticity of our amazing community, which is why we remove accounts that deceptively impersonate others and encourage people to report content or accounts. They believe violate our community guidelines, though several of salmans imposters remain active and even more have emerged since tick tocks, review of the accounts and kelly morgan and solomon arent. The only victims here, weve also spoken with people lured in by imposters whove lost a lot of money. One of solomons impersonators convinced a man from texas to invest in bitcoin with him.