. Unlike the past escapes video games on a 2d screen, the metaverse can be 3d through virtual reality, but the biggest change is the ownership of the assets that inhabit this new realm.. So, are you ready to own this new digital worldwell dont switch this channel off lets own it togetherbecause its time for Chico. Crypto YesPeople have a chance for true ownership of this new world. They call the Metaverse. From owning digital land, avatar, characters to names, cars and even clothing.. Did you miss your chance in the physical world to become a tycoon? Well, there is a 2nd 3rd and even a 4th, 5th and 6th chance in the metaverse, And this Metaverse is coming faster than anyone can imagine. People are being forced to stay home interacting online at a pace never before seen.. Eventually, a majority of social interactions will take place here. A majority of work will be done here. Sports will be played here and, of course, people will trade here Sooo, who are the top players in the Metaverse Which projects are going to come out as the shining of stars of the metaverse? Well, no one knows who will be the winners for sure, but you can take an educated, guess., So educated, guess: 1 from Chico Crypto. Well, the project who has been doing the metaverse, the longestcreating, the first virtual world, owned by its users., That is Decentraland. Decentrland, is a Metaverse OG., Its blockchains most developed metaverse, where you can interact with the highest number of players own land and build on that land Play games, throw events, view NFT art and even trade NFTs.

And the doors to their metaverse have been open. The longest nearing 2 years now with the full public launch back in February of 2020., And it has some BIG backersincluding, Barry Silbert, the founder of the largest crypto investment fund. Grayscale., And lets just hear what ole Silbert had to say about Decentralad. In a conversation with Rao Paul. Lets, listen in Sooo lets just go check out this virtual world. In its current form. Decentrlanand is a mostly 2d metaverse played on a screen, but VR integration is cominga developer for them posted this November 6thheating up with a VR headset, But Lets check out the 2d versionThe startup can be found at play.decentrland.org.. You can play as a guest or you can signup with your ethereum address and wallet, so you can have your NFTs and in game currency MANA with you in this Metaverse. Jumping into the game. This is my character: Chico CryptoI own, the name Chico Crypto in this worldthus I own this character and, as we can see, Genesis Plaza has a wealth of players from all walks of life from all over the worldand diving into the hole.we get even more of a View with DJ music playing more players..and, then running outside. We can see the decentrland world., But Chico Cryptoowns a piece of decentrland.. Yes, I have my own home and kingdom in Decentrland, Located at coordinates, 7215.lets just jump into the map.go to those coordinates in the crypto valley..once. We load into this area.

look around to find it and oh yeahthere is the Chico Crypto homebasepretty sweet with a Lambo and smart car and going insideit even sweeter.welcoming, the viewers of the tubebut. There are some pretty cool things inside even links that take you directly to my channel page., So Chicos in the metaverse, and I got all my stuff Cheap back before the metaverse hype., My land name and even Mana tokens.. But nowthings are ramping up big time within Decentraland.. The price of MANA has gone insane, shooting up from 75 cents back in October to as of yesterday4 dollars and 60 cents., And then just last week, a plot of land sold for a whopping 2.4 million dollars. Now that we have covered this digital world its time to take an alternate look at this concept of the metaverse in terms of gaming., We all know Axie Infinity, revolutionized the play to earn model with blockchain, NFTs and true ownership of in game charactersbut. There is another player who I am superbly bullish, on. And that is Illuvium Now illuvium isnt released just yet, but earlier in the month they released a gameplay trailer.and. The game looks TOP notch, AAA status with excellent graphics, great character, animations and a beautiful world to explorebut. Exploring and trying to capture the monsters in game called Illuvials is just one piece of the game.. The big piece is battling. Your captured monsters against other playersto win Ethereum From the Illuvium whitepaper. It says under battle arenas.

Other players will choose to battle each other to prove who is the superior Hunter.? These players will queue in the Ranked Arena where they can be matched with a random opponent of a similar skill or call out other players in ad hoc wagered matches in the Leviathan. Arena. Also other players will be able to spectate and wager on the outcomes. But thats, not it. There are many more ways to earnbut. The important piece I see is this.. Eth is used for all in game purchases and its sent to the Illuvium vault.. Why is this important? Well, a shroom 0xshroom on twitter explained it well.. He said, First and foremost, how does the ILV token capture value The team deliberately designed the token in a way to maximise building a big and happy community. As such ILV is akin to an equity stake in the sense that 100 of Illuviums revenues and governance belong To ILV holders. All ETH goes into the vault which … on its turn market buys ILV with it on a weekly basis.. This means that once the game is live, there will be constant, buy pressure for the ILV token.. As such, your ILV token price will not only increase, but you will also get more of it. Moaaar is Bullish, So weve talked about the all encompassing platform worlds. Weve talked about a AAA metaverse game..but, who is going to power these worlds and games in a decentralized manner? Who is the metaverse infrastructure? Well, we know of 2 cryptos doing just that, but before we get into that its time for a metaverse based sponsored segment of this video brought to you by the team at Gods.

Unchained and like always, the full details of our agreement are below, But first its time for a sponsored segment of this video being supported by our friends over at Gods. Unchained and like always, the details of our agreement can be found in the description. Viewers of the Chico Crypto channel are always getting blessed with alpha and if youve been proactive and jumped on those opportunities in the past, then youve certainly received your fair share of free Airdropped tokens some of those tokens are currently available to be claimed, including GODS, the native ERC20 token for the Gods, Unchained universe running on Immutable X. That claim is for the retrospective rewards, now dont be too bummed. If you missed out on that first airdrop, because Gods Unchained just launched a new play to earn campaign event titled BLESSING of the GODs, and it will be running thru the end of the year where players are currently competing and earning more free GODS. Tokens. We all know Gods. Unchained is the Digital Trading Card Game that pays to play, giving players true ownership over their in game items and assets.. The cards you collect are yours to buy, sell trade and use as you please, But lets take a closer look at the GODS token and why its an integral part of their play to earn ecosystem its both a utility and governance. Token that can be tracked on CoinGecko and traded at many of the biggest exchanges, including OKEx FTX SushiSwap and more owners can use their GODS to craft new NFTs minted directly onto Immutable X and then are tradeable on Ethereum Layer.

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Is a project Ive covered before, but we have to cover it again.. Noweveryone knows Facebook has changed their name to Metaafter the Metaverseand as much as people hate Facebook, with their reach and ownership of Oculusthey are in a major position to capture a big chunk of this market.. Well, just a week and a half ago., The Oasis Rose twitter announced a partnership.. They said Oasis is excited to be working with MetaAI, formerly Facebook, AI, on a fascinating application of secure computing technologies in AI. Stay tuned for more early next year. I wonder what it could be, What could they be working on? What about a secure identity, As earlier this month, they announced something. MetaMirror Your private web 3.0 identity built for the Metaverse.hmmmm is all Chico. Crypto has to say. Facebook aka Meta is just one of the big tech companies who is now obviously taking a deep dive into the Metaverse.. But what about the others, Like Microsoft or even Appplewell Apple may be doing just thatits, just not as clear as Facebooks new name. Meta Apple October 18th had their BIG apple event and they had a keynote video that played at the eventand. It was obviously about powering the metaverse experiences games and more., But lets just play this clip from the beginning where they introduce the people who spoke in the keynote., Stop right: thereJules Urbach, who uses Apples Octane X, Who is Jules Urbach Well going to the decentralized GPU Rendering crypto Render Networks website and scrolling downwe can see.

Jules is the founder and CEO Now lets fast forward to what was presented from Jules at the Keynote.. It was the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek and look at this tweet from Jules back in 2018.. He said OctaneX app is crazy, fast, with full production scenes on my new M1 iPad roddenberry RNDR Archive Yes Render was used to create that Starshipand Apple highlighted it in their Keynote.. Can you say bullish? Well, I canBOOOOLISH.