Paribus DeFi, Built on Cardano! Here Is Why I am Buying.

What is up, everyone welcome to crypto capital venture. Thank you for coming by pbx paribus were going to jump into the charts. This video is kind of going to be about like the the gains potential, the investment opportunity that is there for upside in the long term. This is brand new. I want […]

Kevin O’Leary reveals his crypto investment strategy | Interview

Since then, olearys views have changed dramatically and now hes managing a highly diversified, crypto portfolio im a huge advocate for bitcoin. I treat it as an asset, no different than a aaa office tower in boston in individual tokens and coins and chains. Ive got 33 different positions. What is mr wonderfuls current investment […]

MANIPULATION der Orderbücher durch BITCOIN & Crypto WALE! & Achtung vor falschen On-Chain Analysen!

000, us dollar ich mchte, aber heute mit euch ber eine masche sprechen die eigentlich, auf den traditionellen mrkten illegal ist, aber im krupp, toom markt immer hufiger, vorkommt weil, solche plattformen die Ihr ist jetzt hier zum beispiel sehen knnt immer beliebter werden die daten werden immer zugnglicher und das. Ganze wird auch immer […]

Cardano ADA Might EXPLODE in 2022 – Is Ada A Good Crypto To Buy In 2022

I forgot some good ones. Oh no, and i actually did i forgot cardano. How did i forget cardano? I did a video about him. I loved the ceo hes, actually my favorite ceo and i completely forgot, but i am bringing it back because i believe cardinal ada will also be one of the […]

💎 Sandbox Crypto MASSIVE SELL-OFF? SAND Crypto Urgent Price Prediction

Today, yeah were going to talk about this cryptocurrency. Today, we want to see if a massive sell off is going to occur in the market for this cryptocurrency, because if so i mean when you want someone to give you guys, a heads up well welcome to hfn, also known as infinity. This is […]


com specifically were going to be looking at the way these markets have been consolidating the past couple of days. To be honest with you, everything is pretty much just free floating sideways. Now, after seeing major correction to the downside, everything is pretty much corrected back down to re testing, a very vital and […]

SEC (+ Pro-Gensler Congressmen) / ETH vs. Ripple / XRP / USA Crypto Innovation

We have a liftoff Music, hey everybody. This is the digital asset investor, and i saw this tweet today and its a good little reminder. I havent talked about swift in a while on this channel, but its just a little reminder about the big picture jack. The rippler says swift currently handles over 1.25 […]

Crypto: Calm Before The Storm

P uv retweet, porter, 8, 2, 5d 7d over you went on to win. Droop were on good, better, oh oo. Up over our love is to 6 817 8 yoon. Ok order to alert you ve answer power tool uo before toto poodle, so we receive two dream life into in the room, erode […]

Crypto Might FINALLY Start Moving Tomorrow! HUGE OPTION EXPIRATION!

Today we are looking at the crypto market and why it looks like tomorrow. We might finally see the market start moving, so theres a lot of excitement for a couple days from now when we actually get the first of the year and when maybe people start reallocating and stop selling crypto and start […]

The Tangled Web of Crypto

I want to know about that 90 thats allocated, but not circulating. Who has that nobody knows but its? Not that many addresses, but it could be you sure it could be anybody. It could be you okay, yeah, okay, now maybe you probably might have an easy explanation for this coin. Gecko has your […]