Now, if youre, a new crypto investor – and you just started investing in the crypto market, i know you might feel uncertain and start to worry. After seeing the crypto market lose 600 billion dollars in value this past week, so seeing this type of market action may make you want to panic, and i know that thats what a lot of people want to do, but just take a deep breath – and let me Tell you here that everything is going to be okay, so, in this video we are going to take a look at the current market prices and some action that were seeing right now and go over some of the best all coins to buy right now, because this Is a time when you make the most gains in red markets and im going to get this out of the way and tell you that the bull market is still in play and we still have long ways to go in this market cycle. And i went over lengthening cycles in my last video explaining why were still going to see bitcoin at 100 000 in this market cycle and if you havent watched that video yet then be sure to do so right here. But to summarize everything, the hypothesis of lengthening bitcoin cycles assumes that each successive cycle will last longer measured from the absolute bottom to the absolute top of the bitcoin price. This also means that bitcoin is also going to need more time.

Each cycle to reach its absolute peak and also the return on investment, is lower each cycle. So then, if youre wondering what you should do during these crypto drops well, crypto crashes are more common than you think. All markets fall at some point, whether its the housing market or the stock market. So, to put it simply, if you believe in the long term, potential of your investment, you should think of it as a fire sale and see red days in the market as the perfect time to go shopping. And if youre here to make money overnight, then its more than likely not going to happen, so you need to go into this market, especially the crypto market, knowing that you could lose it all overnight unless youre keeping a long term mentality. Now, before we go over all the all coins on the list, we have to remember that there are a lot of institutions and countries buying this dip. El salvador just recently bought 150 more coins at an average price of just 48 000, so its safe. To say that el salvador is the most bullish. They have also recently announced plans to build bitcoin city and by 500 million dollars worth of bitcoin through a special bond. They also havent taken advantage of this dip and bought more ada this past week, which brings me to the first altcoin on the list and thats cordanos ada. Now, in my opinion, the cardinal network is still one of the most reliable blockchains out there.

The network, which was founded in 2017, is still the industrys largest proof of stake network. It was the proof of stake network with the most coins staked until recently. Nonetheless, cordano is still a force to be reckoned with, and since the implementation of smart contracts, the network has seen an increase in activity. After barely four years in existence, the network has reached 20 million transactions in just over two months and, in my opinion, cordano still has plenty of upside, and this is due to the fact that cordano has a lot more in store for everyone. The platform is now being built and expanded in order to achieve its ultimate objective of being a self sustaining system. It has even laid out a five stage roadmap and everything still seems to be going according to plan, and i know that cordanos price may have changed, but their fundamentals remain strong as ever and as mentioned earlier, i havent accumulated more aida this past week, especially with The drops that we havent seen in the market, so let me know down in the comments below which all coin you have been buying on this day or if youre, just huddling now for number two. I have an all coin that i have on my watch list and thats. The render token the render network aims to help provide the first peer to peer gpu, rendering in 3d marketplace for creation of next holographic media. It pretty much means that digital artists are not gon na have to spend much money on a high end.

Computer hardware and network participants will be able to receive rewards. The render network is also scalable environmentally friendly and allows anyone to make 3d content for a very low price. Now the render network makes it simple for anyone to donate their unused gpu power, and the system removes the technological hurdles that network computational systems have, and the technology actually connects. People who need render work with others who have spared gpus, because they dont need to buy high end computers to execute these jobs in house, and this technique saves users a lot of time and money. Now, over the previous decade, the digital creation sector has continued to grow as a result of this expansion, theres still greater demand for high end rendering services when users are not rendering their own work. Their gpus are usually left idle and, as a result of this, new users will have to acquire new gpus. Finally, material and energy use increases and the render token is a decentralized render job tracking and management system as well, and the platforms strategy is based around gaming media, augmented reality virtual reality. Medical and industrial sectors in big and industrial sectors – and you can currently buy the render token on binance and gate dot io for number three on the list is going to be ufo. Gaming ufo is a new project that began in july and promises to be incredibly big and robust. There is currently only one game available on the network and thats super galactic, which is a space themed role playing game in which players play ufo to create nfts of characters and complete tasks in the galaxy and just like xcxfinity.

You can also buy land and own it. In ufos gaming platforms, users can buy pieces of space land to do whatever they want with, and you can also sell them on the ufo nft marketplace for a nice profit. Now the team behind ufo gaming has already established themselves as serious participants in the game fight field in a short period of time. In addition, the company also made headlines for becoming the first ever platform to host an esports event, organizing an apex legend tournament with twitch streamers, and you can currently buy ufo gaming on and bitru. With that being said, do not forget to always do your own research before investing in these altcoins and make sure that youre investing money that you can afford to lose. In my opinion, these crypto crashes are a great way to buy your favorite altcoins at much. Cheaper prices also do not forget to follow me on my social media pages like this video and subscribe for more again.