Influencers promote vpns or g field. Theyve, now moved on to crypto, now, im not going to waste time explaining the ethical and moral difference between advertising, blue, chew and sticks. Yes, there is a difference, but ultimately, like it or not, influencers arent going to stop pitching the latest, get rich quick schemes and with regulation five to ten years behind, you guys are at risk falling for ads disguised as influencer posts. So today i thought i would share with you guys all the secret lists. Ive found of crypto influencers prices. The price is to post sponsored posts, and many of them do not disclose that they are sponsored, although some do now up. First, we have at nft on instagram. Now this one is near and dear to my heart, because they are apparently a mark cuban company and leverage company. You contact at jf for business and, yes, we will, but just looking at some of their posts, you can see what kind of stuff they do. December 6 im dropping. My first nft eighth in space were going to the moon, so dont miss it. Here we have another uh, shill, post, uh, another shell, post and uh. These do not say that they are ads. Okay, they do not say that now, of course, i was curious how much they charged. So i asked them: how much do you charge for a post and they say whats good, we charge 20 to 25 000 per post, which is part of a campaign that includes a full feature: blood blah blah blah.

The point is 20 to 25 000 for a undisclosed ad, which i just think is awesome. Coming from a mark cuban company thats, just thats beautiful, you know, youd think that these are great projects that these people believe in, but actually a bunch of its paid. Now, next up we have a guy – you may have heard of at bitboy crypto hes, the largest youtube crypto channel, and i found this media kit thanks to zach on twitter whos, always digging up really interesting, crypto stories. Now, here in this media kit, we can see the demographics of uh bitboys channel. We can see that it uh, it is mostly uh gon na be a male audience which not too surprising there, but we can also see how much it costs for you know getting shouted out, dedicated review. Five thousand dollars live stream, just pay twenty thousand dollars. You could be in a live stream. Mention youtube interview, oh well, thats gon na cost you forty thousand dollars telegram ama. Oh thats, gon na be uh ten thousand dollars and a website article, only twenty five hundred dollars guys just twenty five hundred dollars. You can be written about by bitboy crypto. Now i reached out to him to confirm this is real. He did confirm this is authentic pricing, but when i asked, if he ever does a sponsored post without disclosing, he said absolutely not ben armstrong always discloses if its a paid post, but now we know how much hes been paid there.

It is uh forty thousand dollars. You two can be uh interviewed by bitboy crypto, so i think thats uh super exciting, obviously now up next is another find uh. This is from big step up marketing im, just gon na call this list, the music slash, rapper, slash, has been actorless now were gon na have to break this down, because this is just its amazing up top. We have the beginner tier list. This is, if youre a baby project, you know youre youre a youre, a starter. This is the starter cap project. Here youve got people ranging from i dont know, eight thousand to ten thousand dollars right here, and you have people like kyle massey, aka corey in the house. Youve also got legends such as wide neck. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can get wide neck to shout out. Your crypto scheme and then um then going down. We have the mid tier, so this is going to be 20 to 50 000 per post and, as you can see, this might get you a soja boy. The shiggy show, whoever that is thats if youre a little more serious and then at the bottom, weve got the vip section. This is a hundred thousand dollars or more here we go. Little pump starts at a hundred thousand dollars. Youve also got dj khaled over here. For one million dollars, okay and youve also got a post malone in the weekend coming in at the mid hundred thousand.

So if you ever want to buy these guys influence, i guess thats thats thats. The price now bear in mind. This price list comes from the soul, celebs project uh and the reason im saying that is because anyone can put together just some list of a bunch of famous people with prices next, their name right, but in this case the same project got sponsored posts from some Of these influencers – and that obviously lends credibility to this lists authenticity, because if theyre saying they can get these posts and then they got some of them, uh seems like maybe its real. For example, they got a cory in the house to post about him. They also got soja boy, aka, big draco, to post about him. They also got the shiggy show to post about them. I think hes since deleted that post they just saw archive stuff on instagram, but i think its important to say whether they can get you know. Uh rick, ross or post malone – i dont actually know right. Sometimes these marketing teams pad out their influencer lists with really famous people to seem like more credible than they are so uh just take this list for what its worth. While it seems that definitely some of these are authenticated, some of them may not be. We dont know. I think the real takeaway here is just how cheap soja boy is only 25 000, and you can crank that. Okay, just so you guys know in case youre wondering how much does it cost to crank that hey its 25k? Now last but not least, guys, we have a price list also dug up by zack on twitter.

Go follow him. Okay, get some good stuff. This is a set of twitter and youtube. Influencer prices, heres twitter here from uh such legends as crypto, tony crypto, liz, liver coin, girl, gone crypto, youve also got youtubers like journey chico crypto bit boy, okay, and then you got their prices over here now. Obviously, some of them are more expensive than others and uh. This tells you what your package includes. Some people give you the full dedicated review. Some people give you a sponsor segment, but either way youre gon na be signing checks. Okay – and this is just a beautiful look behind the curtain of how these operations work, these educators of crypto work now bear in mind this uh. This all comes this leak. It comes from these guys luna pr. They call themselves a global, fintech pr agency, focusing on crypto. Now these guys actually addressed this database leak. They said in a statement. Lunapr would like to take a moment to address the situation regarding our influencer database, which has been leaked. This document has been tampered with and included false information. We have never worked with some of the influencers on this list, including ivan on tech, so uh bear in mind. They did say that now i we got ta unpack this a little bit because its interesting on the one hand theyre verifying their list, did get leaked. So we know at least some of thats very real, and then they say some of it got tampered with, which we cant verify um.

I will say it does seem like they have incentive to save face for their clients, who might be embarrassed by appearing on such a list with their prices. On the other hand, i could also see lunapr, including a bunch of people they have pricing for, but no connection to or maybe theyre just flat out wrong, and they just made some of it up. I mean maybe ivan on tech sent a few lawyers their way. We have no idea again. We have to go back to the conundrum that marketers often exaggerate and lie, and most of this info is coming from marketers, so thats really important context here. My point here is not even to throw any individual influencer under the bus right, because some of this could absolutely be wrong, but just assuming that even 50 of this is correct, because we know at least part of this list is confirmed. We just dont know how much so, even if 50 is correct. What this shows is that most of these influencers make what a lot of people make in a year. They make it in a single post about crypto. So my goal in this video again not to call anybody specifically out because how bad they are really ranges right. Some people say: theyre sponsored some people dont. Some people promote super unethical projects, some people dont, so thats, not the point. Instead. The lesson is this: we should have all been crypto influencers.

Oh my gosh. We made mistakes. No, no im not actually im actually kidding. The actual lesson. Is this guys when you see crypto advice online, when you see it coming from an influencer, maybe a rapper. This is what you might be seeing right, theres stuff, going on behind the curtains and theres a very real possibility that its bought and paid for, and while we could hope that these people would always do the right thing and disclose that they got paid. We know that that isnt, the case always so uh just be safe out there, its really easy to be greedy with everybody talking about how they got rich from crypto, but bear in mind that a lot of the people talking about it are actually getting rich from Promoting crypto not actually investing in it.