Once again your favorite place, where you can find everything you need to know about your favorite tokens and cryptocurrencies as well, so guys in todays video. We are going to discuss the crypto.com coin cro and you can see today its in such a beautiful green line, so guys, please make sure to stay until the end of the video to find everything there is to know about it, because we have some fresh news. We are going to analyze this graph, this movement and really take us to the moon or keep us still a little bit in this middle situation. So lets start with its price. It is point fifty nine point, five cents, which is a basically seven point. Three percent increase in the past 24 hours and also in green versus bitcoin, and if as well, the volume has shrunk almost 45, but there is no need to worry so lets see. What are the latest news when you go to twitter, you can see instant deposit. Is now is now available to crypto.com app users in the us yeah connect. Your bank account to your app account. Initiate a deposit receive funds to buy crypto immediately so month. Limit is up to half a million dollars and zero fees yeah. You can read that on their blog as well. Here is how that that works. Selecting the bank account enter. The amount check confirm – and here are daily limits – 50k monthly well. 500K, that is huge, really nice to to our u.

s investors now, so they have been going really wide regarding media regarding global marketing plan that they are having. So basically they are in football. They are in ufc. Also they are going to well in basketball. As you know, los angeles staples center is going to change the name for 20 years to be named crypto.com. Basically, they are everywhere now lets see here new erc tokens added to crypto.com d5 wallet. Here we have people keys and like froggies before that. One day before we had lucky token gold, miners, soldiers, land, dodge gamer, so more listings, more listings marketing has been really wonderful and they have made a really nice nice jump. So lets check here. So someone wrote yesterday: dont buy the tip when it was at 54 cents, so i bought a lot. I think that guy will have some regards yeah in yesterdays video. I was talking about that, so i really hope that you were really bullish in this moment. So up to like 53 54 cents, that was really wonderful. Also, this is also quite low. Now it is consoli updating, so guys, dont miss this opportunity when you look at the three month chart. So the highest point was here at almost a dollar which was like 95 28, so guys dont miss this opportunity because it can easily easily go to one one. Is a dollar end to all time high? This is still a bargain, so think about it. Of course, do your own research as well? It is important lets check here.

Cro remember this chart here is showing great strength bouncing from support. We are already in a completely new price range. One day we will be discussing ranges above one dollar, just imagine and yeah. This looks like it is well support levels and, like resistance levels, have been increasing, really really fast right now after this plunge. Also, here lets focus on the price prediction and some indicators. The price is higher. Technical indicator is by social buzz, is kind of keeping low volumes as well as as, and here investing and his fx leaders are saying. Support is basically from 58 to 60 resistance. They are agreeing is at 61. So when we go over that 61 level, which which resistance has been on three levels, we are going to be on our way to the moon, so guys dont, panic lets go to trading view when you go to like four hour chart lets just check here. As you can see, so people were so dont, be a panic seller, be the guy who is waiting for the tip and to buy the ticket to take you to the moon. So tell me what you think about this this in the comments guys and invest wisely.