Bitcoin is up, six percent ethereum is up. Nine percent solana is up. Ten eight has up. Ten xrp is up seven and a couple of our coins, which we are buying over the last couple of days. I made a video two days ago about my top ten alts to buy this dip. Matic and avalanche are up 20 and 33 respectively. The only coin, i think we missed this little dip was and thats, mostly because i didnt notice it was down this much another coin in my list was mana and theres. Also sand v chain lets quickly see how sand is doing only eight percent on the upside. But oh boy, oh boy, has this been a juicy juicy day, so how are trades doing? What are we expecting and what is my, i guess in hindsight as well. Well, so our trades here on xrp and ethereum are doing really well, i noticed our sand. Trade also got liquidated. Unfortunately, we lost 200 with that, but at the end of the day, it doesnt really matter as we doubled our money with ethereum and we also about doubled our money with xrp. By now, which is extremely juicy yesterday, i told you all that this is a perfect buying zone for xrp and if we look back a little bit further, i also told you guys theres two things for xp to watch. First of all, this little upward sloping line because thats the bigger symmetrical triangle for xrp right now, you can see we basically bounced off of that and are coming right back around, which is really juicy to see, but, more importantly, the rsi.

And from that perspective, i am even telling my friends and people now, if youre buying right now, still the risk to reward is in your favor, because with xrp, the rsi is so ridiculously low every single time it got that low. The gains were severe over the next couple of days and weeks. Lets look back here. The rsi went below 30. That was the low of the 22nd of june. The price there was about 50 cents over the next couple of days. Lets check this out over the next couple of days. The price went from that point. All the way to about i dont know about 43 up or so in that short time frame, can we get the rsi? Oh i messed up. I took the rsi i dont know what i did just now lets put the rsi back. Maybe i addre oh, not exactly sure what happened right there, but lets continue on all right, so the next time. Well, the last time it went below it its right here that is the 22nd of december thats, the exact day that they got sued by the scc and so the price kind of dipped over the next couple of days. But if you look a couple of weeks further, just a little bit further look at those gains as well: almost 300 percent over the next couple of weeks and so forth, and so on just start. Looking back at all the times, the rsi hit that low of a figure here it did too, i guess not as low as i would have liked, but okay lets do.

If you look back over the next couple of weeks, boom 100 up over the next month or so, and that continues on here, we go once more, so the dip right there, you guys get it right. So from that perspective i told you all rsi. This is yesterday when i said it and the day before, i believe, as well from our side perspective, things are really really juicy to keep on buying, even now, because the rsi is still at the 30 territory or so. However, this translates also over into bitcoin, because its showing the exact same thing, the rsi – works, ridiculously low right now it could adjust it a little bit to actually be a little bit more positive because of course, it takes the end figure of the day. A lot of people are putting in this same little, um little pennant here over on the bitcoin price. I would like to kind of skip that and look at the macro, which is right here. We had a nice little bounce for bitcoin at about 49, 000 or so, which is kind of like a im, not going to say a double bottom, but basically another hit at one of our major supports. Slash resistances in the past uh very nice to see. But more importantly, the rsi, i think its just its one of the most easy indicators to know that we are in a very, very juicy trade right here is the last one i would say for exap its even stronger than that of bitcoin, but it does show You that, if you buy every single time it gets that area and you base it upon where the market is about to.

Basically where the market is going. Logically, is just a juicy thing to buy and it kind of feels as if were just replicating what we saw over here yet again, which means that juicy games are about to come again im just telling you guys. A lot of people are putting in the same pennant here, but just copying this over to the move that were witnessing right now and if we do yeah it does look like crazy games are about to come, and i do follow that. So what is my strategy right now? Well, i have my long positions open. This is the youtube account. I also have them open on. My own account were not exactly sure how high were gon na go in the near term, because bitcoin already fell down quite a lot throughout the day here, but theres. A couple of really important things to understand. One is right now theres quite a lot of fun and fear. We talked about it over on the channel. I talked about china. I talked about the big event friday and i talked about the new variant, which of course are all bearish, potentially news, but logically speaking as well, the crypto market shouldnt really react as negatively to any of those events as it has done, and so as long as Bitcoin keeps building here, i do believe the near future is going to be extremely bullish for all coins and, yes, guys, im mostly buying into all coins right now, not going as heavy on the bitcoin.

As i believe, all coin season is around the corner and we dont know necessarily how amazing bitcoin is going to do but were seeing it again as well. Every single time we get bigger corrections if we focus on xrp or matic or avex or whatever, rather than bitcoin. The gains usually are more severe, so yeah thats. What i said funny i actually told one of my people. I told you guys during the livestream that we did just before i made this video here we went, live and a couple of times throughout the day i told you all. I am also telling my family to buy crypto right now and one of the fun things is some of my family members dont fully understand yet that you buy when things are dipping. One of them actually is asking me now, for example, what to buy and thats one of the fun contrasts, which i see in the comment section. Quite often too people like to buy when things are up guys its about having that faith. When things go down, thats the hard part but thats, also where the money lies, if youre looking for the best entry right now, im telling you it is riskier than buying a couple of days ago and thats, why you should listen when people are telling you that The dip is there to be bought, not the gains after the dip, not any financial advice, but i guess logic would suffice.

Right there to say the dip is what you buy and its the whole key to not get too scared or to be like. Oh, maybe were going to dip further thats. Why? I put guys look back at one of my videos. I told you how much money i put in look at how much were up right now. Just kind of you know its fun as well as theorize here. So i think were up about 24 or so on. Let me turn that sound off on the majority of coins that i bought in this little time period. Bitcoin was, of course, quite a little bit less, but that basically means we made a couple years – salary worth in just two or three days by buying the dip and believing in the dip. So to speak and believing that it basically means we understand that it moves in waves. A correction like this is very normal in a bull market, and so we buy that. What are we going to do in the near future? Well, we are preparing for even a bigger dip. I told you guys im not going fully in just quite yet because were not sure, whats gon na happen this friday. This friday can have some really bullish, really bearish effects on the market and so were preparing for it right now, if were taking some gains, it wouldnt be too crazy, but it also wouldnt be too crazy to actually open up more positions, as we are basically, then Putting our faith into friday being a positive day and since were going to see a very bullish close for bitcoin today and xrp, and for most coins, plus the rsi.

Its still, as i said just now, wouldnt be too crazy to start getting even more bullish. But i noticed a couple of people on youtube. Making some very negative videos, for example, for ethereum here, were facing some major resistance at 4 400 bucks. I dont think its going to be too much of a problem because i do feel the the underlying narrative of people just being not so fearful anymore, because remember guys, bull markets end in crazy euphoria, not in negativity and and scaredness like this so thats. Why were basically putting all our money on the freaking number guys im trading over on buy but make sure you check that out? The link is down below juicy juicy trades and we made these trades together during our live stream. So if you want to also get trades like this done, not trying to brag not trying to sound cool, make sure youre just subscribed and check back every time we upload another live stream, because that is the easiest way to get into this stuff. The same way and the same hour and stuff that we do so yeah.