All time highs. We have a few percent today, a man. It feels good, at least that, of course, the sentiment around social media. Today, however, i would like to say we are not out of the woods yet. Bitcoin is still in a down trend right now, so lets not count our chickens before they hatch were breaking on the technicals for you today, as well as talking about some massive metaverse news, as well as some very big news coming out of colombia for bitcoin. My name is lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if thats a topic youd like to learn some more about, maybe to stay up to date with, i think you should definitely subscribe to lark davis channel. Also, you can take a quick second to tap on that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm. Then great fortune will come your way. Also, if youd like to receive a notification, when i put out a video, then you should definitely click on that notification. Bell by the way, if youre a cryptocurrency trader, they needed yourself an account over on femex. You can long and short all of the best coins, bitcoin ethereum, jane link, cardano solana. They got all of the good stuff and if you use the link down below in the description to start your account, you will get 10 percent off your trading fees. A hundred dollars in trading bonuses for doing things like making your first trade, making your first deposits.

As well as up to a 30 500 deposit bonus, so you can use that to trade on femex that 3 500 portion of it is a limited time offer so go ahead and check that out using the link down below. If you are a trader now lets talk about the price of bitcoin man, so first lets just lets just zoom in here. Real quick lets, zoom in here, just just just real quick today, were back about the 200 day exponential moving average. This is a nice thing. I think thats an important line for us to reclaim, of course now we need to stay above the 200 day, ema. Obviously now we did reclaim that on some not too bad volume. To be honest, you can see here. Obviously, we have a giant volume spike on the sell off, but these two bars right here represent actually some nice volume for the buyback as well. People rushing in buying bitcoin under fifty thousand dollars i bought bitcoin under fifty thousand dollars. Did you? I know a lot of people out there were. I got some around forty seven thousand dollars two days ago. I bought some more 47 500 or something like that yesterday, so nibbling a little bit more bitcoin into my stack, not massive amounts. Nibbles feels good buying under 50k. Of course, now were back over 50k again, which also feels good, so winning either way. Now i want to talk here about this sort of general trend in the market.

Right now lets just go ahead and reset the scale on there. So what we can see, what is this in perspective, this giant, sell off that we just had. You know its incredible to see these kind of movements in the market where the price just back three weeks ago, mid november and were down all the way 38 at the bottom of the sell off the other day. Of course, now were back up in more mild range, only 25 percent away from all time highs, but that giant sell off what did it actually accomplish at a technical level? Did it destroy the market structure, not actually its pretty interesting? So we have our low over here then we have our. This is back in july. Then we have our higher low. Here in august, we have another higher low higher than the one back in august higher than one in july, higher low here in september, and this most recent sell off where to bring us down to oh right. There look another higher low, so thats keeping the momentum going here in the charts. Keep the momentum going for bitcoin showing the market is generally still on an upward trajectory. You know when you look at the lows continuing to rise. It gives you a good idea of the direction that the market is moving in. However, although that is a bullish thing, i would like to point out until we cross this trend line right here.

Bitcoin is still in a downtrend. I know it feels nice seeing a little bit of green in the market. It gives you this kind of, like oh gosh, were gon na make it things are gon na, be okay, feeling after a a big sell off like we had the other day, which, especially, if youre new to the market, these things can be scary. They can shake you, i get it, but dont dont uh get complacent here and start you know doing any crazy stuff. Just stick to the plan. Man, stick to the plan buy on dips all that jazz, because until we crack over this trend line here, bitcoin is still in a downtrend, which means we could, for example, see it. Do this come on up smash into resistance here again, around 54 000 come back down and retest the exponential moving average around fifty thousand dollars. Maybe we come back down and test support around forty, seven thousand five hundred or something like that, come back down here and then try again to get above it until of course we do get that crack out moment and then we can probably start talking about moving Up to find some new all time highs for bitcoin, however, just to keep it in perspective, if we were to um just kind of trend sideways approximately up and down – and you know a little bit of here and there and everywhere until the end of the month.

Well, we might not even get our breakout until the end of the month, so if we just trended sideways until the 23rd of december well, then we would technically get our breakout of this trend line. We could have something much more explosive happening depending on news events. Obviously any fears out there, i feel, like the the fear, band aids kind of pulled off, though, and that weve seen a lot of fear already playing out thats represented in these big drops right here for the market, but just so you know, dont count your chickens Before they hatch, because we are still in a downtrend for bitcoin, which is a nice time to accumulate, definitely a nice time to accumulate a lot of those hot alt coins that you might like, theyre on sale, theyre on sale currently. But until we crack that still still a downtrend, although flipping a little more bullish after crossing over the 200 day exponential moving average, also just a quick look here at the ethereum chart. Ethereum, of course, continued to be a very, very bullish asset, its actually only around 10 away from a new all time high, where bitcoin is still around 25 percent away from a new all time high. So we did have a nice bounce on aetherium from this area of support. You can see on sport here we bounced on support here back here as well, and of course that was a previous area of resistance back here that has now flipped into a pretty strong area of price support for bitcoin.

You know excluding this uh big sell off wick here now. We are currently smashing into a line of resistance right here. So if we crack over that, we could actually see ethereum potentially going on its own rally, while bitcoin kind of is a bit stagnant over the next couple weeks. For example, we can see if ethereum manages to break out here and close some good daily candle. The volume above this trend line right here, then we could see ethereum, potentially testing, all new. All time highs by the end of the month now lets talk about the metaverse enough with the technicals lets. Talk about the metaverse kathy wood of arkhanvest says that the metaverse could be worth trillions of dollars. Now that comes after we had a grayscale report last week saying that the metaverse is a trillion dollar opportunity. It will be worth many trillions the what is coming for. Digital worlds, digital assets, digital reality, the integration of augmented reality. With your day to day life, you know seeing dinosaurs walking down the street and promotions and all the craziness you can imagine thats all coming thats all coming all those sci fi movies that youve seen that stuffs gon na happen, except well, have nfts backing it. All up they miss that in the sci fi films, its going to be an absolutely massive opportunity, and while companies like facebook are obviously going to capture a big portion of the metaverse audience, we will see an incredible amount of that money flow in to crypto its Going to be crazy, all of these hot metaverses in the crypto world and stuff theyre just going to be so big, and i think the market is getting really really excited about this stuff, because metaverse lands, sales on ethereum and solana topped a hundred million dollars in A week in a week, man, 100 million dollars worth of digital land inside of metaverses has been sold in just a week.

Man thats crazy stuff, and i know we are right now in a high time of interest for the whole metaverse concept. But its not going anywhere were gon na have ups and downs, people will be more excited about adverse stuff and then the metaverse tokens will crash hard and theyll get all excited about it again and theyll crash hard again. You guys know how the market works, but long term. This metaverse stuff is going to be so damn big, its very, very exciting, so its no wonder to see people piling in buying millions of dollars of land and even stuff like this. This yacht the the metaflower super mega yacht this thing right here. This sold its a sandbox metaverse nft item by the way, but uh this sold for 650 000. So this is an in game asset that people can go and party on that yacht in the metaverse. Hang out on that yacht in the metaverse 650 thousand dollars, man all right: okay, dudes, thats, cool wowzers anyway, theres been um, one other thing ill mention in the metaverse conversation weve seen a major uptick in the amount of uh guild coins coming out and so guild Coins uh, basically, they are sort of almost like an index fund. If you can kind of imagine like that of the gaming metaverse space, these guys go out and you know acquire assets and stuff like that anyway, theres an exciting one that you may want to have on your radar, its called blockchain space and im not going to Spend much time talking about it here today, well discuss it more in depth later.

The reason that im bringing up blockchain space is because theyre having their sale tomorrow so keep it on your radar. Theyve got massive investors behind them. People like animoca, alameda research, morningstar fambushi, so its a very, very, very big metaverse guild project. They are doing their token launch over on copper. So this is starting on december 8th. So if you want to be involved in that, then go over, follow blockchain space on twitter get in there check out the details of the copper sale thats coming up now. Weve had some very big sales happening on copper over the last month or two like merit circle was a big one that came out did very, very well did certain, like a 4x or something for people who bought on the fair launch. So something to keep in mind this is potentially a very, very hot guild token, this one so put it on your radar and lets move on to the final news of the day, colombias largest bank taps gemini, to offer bitcoin and ethereum trading to their clients. This is part of a one year pilot project course: pilot projects turn into real products. The banks offer another massive adoption story, another week, another bank offering cryptocurrency services to their clients. This is massive. This is absolutely massive im so happy as well to see uh latin america really starting to pick up the mantle here in terms of cryptocurrency adoption weve seen big news out of brazil, big news out of el salvador, other countries looking to pass legislations related to cryptocurrencies Or doing you know things locally here we go, colombias biggest bank is going to start offering bitcoin and ethereum to their clients.

That is so massive, because what do you need for a bull run to continue? You need more money coming in all of the time and every bank and every country or city around the world that starts offering cryptocurrency to their customers gives people an avenue to come into the market through somewhere that they already trust theres, no learning curve that they Need to make they dont need to figure out how to use coinbase. They dont need to download a bitcoin wallet or get a ledger any of that stuff. All they need to do is go to their bank and say: hey id like to buy a hundred dollars with bitcoin ill get by a thousand dollars of the bitcoin put it in my savings account its massive its massive. So this is a great great adoption story. Absolutely love it well done columbia. Now your question for today will we get a new all time high for bitcoin and ethereum by the end of the year, so by the end of the month? Obviously, or is this, this kind of bullish price action that were seeing today, just a relief rally and that were gon na have more pain coming for the markets, curious to know your opinion down below in the comments section? Thank you so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.