First of all, look at that background. The little studio here in my place is growing better and better by the day, just like the cryptocurrency market. So today we are having a nice little pump in the market in todays. Video were gon na, be discussing what exactly, i think is going on in the market. Why? I am, of course, still so. Bullish on crypto were going to be talking about five different coins that i think are pretty awesome and you should look into them before the end of the year because it might be your last opportunity to get them were going to be going through one small cap, Gem that could show us a lot of future potential and to wrap it all up nicely. If you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy standing in his room, talking about different ways to make money online. Now please do keep into consideration that everything in this video is simply my opinion, and what i want is your opinion on the color of the background im pretty pumped with it. I think it turned out pretty well, but i want to hear what you guys have to say: im continually trying to build up this channel, make everything as good for you guys as possible. So do let me know what you think of the old background that i have anyway ill stop wasting your time now.

Lets talk about bitcoin quickly and yes for the last lets say week. It has not been a good time in the land of crypto. We have seen very very turbulent times, but there are a few things that are sticking out in my mind that are telling me that we are a okay. Of course, we may enter a short or a long term bear market from here. That is possible. There is something here that we have to look out for to see if thats going to happen or not, but i am of course, long term bullish. The best way in this world of crypto. This crazy world is to be long term, find coins that you think will be around for a long time. You can research them, you can invest in them and you can just hold them when the crazy market that weve been in for the last week happens again, which it will. You have the opportunity, then, to add to your bags, because at the end of the day, if you believe somethings gon na be around for five or ten years, the market dumping is an opportunity to add to your bags right. First of all, look at this line. We got our trend line here. This was the momentum we had this bullish trend line upwards, we broke through it, no arguing that we broke through this trend line. We broke through all of my lines of support that i had here but whats.

Looking pretty good. Is we hit 42 000 very surprising? We hit 42 000, but we absolutely shot up. The last two days have been green today. Im hoping will turn green. What we might see is us come up and try and retest this trend line a few times. If we can get through the trend line back above that 52 000 mark, i think that would be very, very bullish for crypto this retest here flushed out loads of the liquidation. It got rid of people who were never gon na hold anyway, and it just got the market a little bit scary and a little bit panicked right, and that is, in my opinion, good for the long term. Now, just before we get to that fifty two thousand dollars right around here is the exact point im hoping we can break through very soon. I wouldnt be surprised if we trended sideways for a while now dont get annoyed that bitcoin isnt pumping off to the moon. Like everyone said it would, this is just how it goes. This is how it happens and why we have to think long term anyway, lets just jump onto the greed and fear index, and this is what i wanted to talk to you guys about mainly today. So we have the greed and fear index yesterday we actually smashed down into a 16 on the greed and fear index. Now this, in my opinion, is the perfect time to be adding to long term bags.

What were going to do is were going to see what happened last time this happened. So if we go back to around here whats the date, this is may 25th and we here are 12 to 16 to 18 right. So if we head back to bitcoin, we go back to may may 25 boom. This is may 25. This is may. This is the region that we were last as scared, as we are right now, if you had a bought bitcoin ethereum any of these big players. Any of these other metaverse coins anything like that in this region. Yes, it would have gone down a little bit more. The market got a little bit more scared, but even where were sitting right now, bitcoin is up from the 25th of may. The bump here to here is up 43, so that was the last time we were in fear like we are now lets. Go back. Lets check when it last happened march. 20. 2022. Do you guys remember what that was? That was the new roney mcroenersson appearing and the market getting super scared. This is actually where i bought another load of bitcoin. I bought some bitcoin here and i bought it here. This is the last time the market was scared and just look at the chart here all the way up to that time and then all the way up to where we are now. So this is the reason why i am bullish when the market as a whole is scared.

This is normally a good sign, because the way you have to think about it is the majority is normally wrong right. The majority is normally wrong, thats, just how it is. If the majority was normally right, everyone would be a millionaire, a billionaire thats, not how it works. The majority is normally wrong. So if the market is overly bullish, like we were up here, everyones calling for 100k bitcoin by the end of last month, everyone thinks were zooming off to the moon. All of that, the majority is normally wrong, whether or not thats due to manipulation or fud or anything. The majority is normally wrong right. So now the majority is super. Scared. Yesterday was one of the scariest scariest. Yesterday was one of the most scared people have been in the market right. The majority was scared. Normally the majority is wrong and that right there is why im super bullish on crypto, and i think that we have more legs and momentum to head back into a bull market from here. So if all of that said, i want to introduce you guys to todays channel sponsor, and that is bang, so bang blockchain audits, nfts and gaming, and this is a particularly interesting project now you know that i would never bring you guys anything that i dont personally Think is interesting myself. These sponsorships are paid here on the channel, but i only take sponsorships from companies and projects and all that sort of stuff that i genuinely think has a future.

I like what their plans are. I like what theyre doing. I tried out some of their different platforms and it looks good to me so. First of all, bang crypto, blockchain audits, nfts and gaming is securing its thumbprint in the crypto environment. Aside from its own bep casino, we will revolutionize the complete gaming environment, blockchain technology in our world class, nft virtual reality gaming, so they are trying to attack the metaverse space. But the most interesting thing i found about this project was actually how the team members got together. So you know on this channel, i love a docs team thats. My favorite thing to see. I want to see people putting their face to the project because, if they dont put their face to the project, who knows what theyre going to do with peoples? Money right? You have no idea its basically like when you find an early crypto project, its exactly like. Investing in the real world, you have to trust the people behind the project. If you didnt know who was behind it, how can you trust them right? Obviously, this isnt a surefire way to not get scammed and all of that sort of stuff. This is all speculation. You must only risk money that you are okay to lose and you must only take what im saying as opinion, but my opinion is: docs, teams are very good and the way the team actually got together was they were part of a rug pulled project and they All came together to try and do something good for that community and what theyve decided to do now.

One of the many things theyre doing is investigate rugs honey pots and theft on the bsc network and providing asset protection services to prevent future thefts. So, in order to do this, they have investigators and all of that sort of stuff and basically, what they do is they go out and find these scammers? They freeze their funds and try and recover them for the communities. I think this is awesome and definitely something that we need in the space of bsc, especially where there are so many scams happening now. There is a lot happening here on the website. I highly suggest that you come over and read it all, so you can find out as much as possible. They have a tech rate audit here that you guys can come over and read. You can go through exactly the things that were found in that audit and, like i said they are attacking many different spaces in the world of crypto. They have their own casino here that i personally tried out. I used to play a little bit of roulette when i was younger its very addictive, and you can do this here using their own bang token. You can, of course, buy the bang token on pancakes what all of that sort of stuff jump over to coin market cap to find their contract address ill leave the links that you need down there in the description, but thats the casino they also have sports betting.

Here that they have on the website again using their bang token, but you can also use bitcoin and ethereum here, so it doesnt close out anyone to the market and then finally, they also have their new bang nfts platform. And what theyre trying to do here is actually take back. Some of the market share from finance, so binance has basically an umbrella over all aspects of crypto and what they want to do is they want to provide a really good, nft marketplace that can take some of that market. Share back from finance make it more about the people less centralized and more about the communities around them, which i think is really cool, and i think that they are onto something here, especially with their community focus that they have within the team. Now one thing that only stands out to me about this project: i do think they need to work on the design of the different websites. Although the underlying assets behind it is very nice, i think the website itself needs a little bit of work but thats, something that can easily be overcome. They need to just put some time and effort into the website. I think what theyre focusing on is providing as much utility as possible up front, which i personally do really like. I think, to meld all of this together and make it perfect. We need some more clean design here, especially on the nft platform, which i think theyre going to do very well in a little bit more clean design, its very retro some sizing issues here.

So i think, taking this website and giving it a new lick of paint will do very well for the project. But if you do want to learn more about the project, all the links will be down there in the description and lets jump straight onto coin market cap, where we can discuss five cryptos that are absolutely killing it. We spoke about pretty much all of these on the channel. I bought some of them on the dip because they are part of my long term holds. If you guys dont know already. My way of trading is when the market is super greedy. I take profits from my long term holds my short term holds. I take profit from everything when the markets greedy, that doesnt mean selling my whole position. It means skimming some money off the top, putting it in a long term place like blockfi thats, where i stake. My stable coins i hold them there, then i wait for a moment like we had this week, the market, absolutely tanks, then i start to dollar cost average into the positions that ive personally researched the most now. The first position that i personally bought was polka dot. This was on an extreme discount, a massive discount. I couldnt believe how low this went. I think it even went on some exchanges as low as 16 or 17. That was a flash sale that was black friday cyber monday, all wrapped into one right there.

I, of course, bought polka dot. We are up 13 on the day, solana. 12. On the day i bought this as well. These are the things that you have to look out for when you are long term invested in a project when the price goes down its a sale. Thats it im not saying any of these specific coins are what you should buy, but thats the mindset. Majority of people are scared, sale time majority people are greedy, personal sale time right, youre selling your stuff. At those points now other coins that stood out. I had a lot of people asking me if it was too late to buy just about lets say a week or 10 days ago i did say its too frothy right now. The market is too greedy for me to invest in a coin like this, i personally took profits from at about 80 cents, 80 to 85 cents. I took some profit and then the whole market tanked. So another thing is that had nothing to do with It had nothing to do with any of these coins, the market as a whole tank, so thats, something you have to keep in your mind when you are finding these coins. Are these projects down more than the market? Is there any fundamental reason for them to be down more than the market if the answers no perfect time for dollar cost averaging? Not today, though, because, for example, crypto.

com is up 25 today today, but was down one of the most in percent on that pullback. So they were down more than the market. It was completely unnecessary its because people were scared. They were fearful they sold out of their positions. Now the market is coming back, up 25, now the other coin avalanche. We got that up up almost 20 on the day. This was another coin i spoke about in another video. When the market was down, it was down more than the market, perfect dollar cost averaging opportunities, and the last one i want to talk about is mana or decentraland up 20, even at a 7.5 billion dollar market cap, they can move 20 on the day now, mana And all these other metaverse coins are very interesting now, something that was happening recently in the world of these metaverse coins is the land. The virtual land sales within these games, like axe, infinity, sandbox and mana, is absolutely outpacing. The rest of the market people are going crazy. They want to have their own virtual land within these worlds. That are growing, and this is a very exciting thing. I need to actually get involved in this because i havent yet, but those are the exciting things happening in the market. Those are the projects that i think are pretty cool today.