Yet again is this. The end of the bull market is 2022, going to continue to be bearish in todays video im gon na be sharing with you breaking bitcoin updates and news, as well as three crypto currencies that i believe can help you become the next cryptocurrency millionaire and the best Part is some of these cryptocurrency coins havent even hit the market yet giving you the chance to get in first. So if you like all coins and multiplying your money, even if the market is going down, smash up that like button to a new all time high lets get this video to over 5000 likes and lets get started. Welcome to the youtube channel, my name is joe and every single day i make videos teaching you how to make money with cryptocurrency. So if you like money and you like crypto click, the subscribe button also hit that notification bell to be notified every single day. When i come out with these new videos, they are very time sensitive and youre not going to want to miss out. Also, please know that everything i say in this video is not financial advice. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only in full disclosure. I do own some of the cryptocurrencies that i will be discussing in this video. All right lets get right into todays. Video bitcoin, as you can see, has made a lower low dropping into the 30 thousands. Yet again, it literally flash crashed all the way down to ‘ 500, approximately okay, so its right around that number.

It has since bounced back up, and i want to share with you yet again in this video. I think that these could be some insanely good buying opportunities. Now, of course, this is not financial advice. You need to do your own research and you should never risk more than you could afford to lose, because the truth is we could go lower. Okay, nothing is guaranteed in crypto, but everything right now is literally ridiculously oversold. In fact, let me share with you the chart of ethereum, and this is a tweet by richard hart. He says ethereums daily rsi is the lowest its been in years. Ethereum is currently down 40 in 61 days, bounces arent illegal question mark and you can see, we are down 40 and you can see. The rsi has not been this low literally since april of 2020.. Now again, just because these metrics are showing does not mean that we cant go lower, thats, always a possibility. However, if you take into effect all the things that are happening right now, as well as the fear and index being in extreme fear. All of these things are lining up, in my opinion, to actually be some really good opportunities to get into crypto, but here on this channel, not only do i share with you opportunities when the market is going down, but also new opportunities, so lets get into our Very first cryptocurrency coin, but before we do that, i just wanted to say thank you again so much for all of your support here on this channel.

We are still growing like crazy over 300 000 subscribers. If you want more time sensitive details and alerts, make sure to follow me over on twitter, we are rapidly approaching 50 000 followers. If you want your questions, answered, make sure to follow me over on instagram and click on the instagram stories, as well as for shorter bite. Sized videos make sure to follow me over on tiktok. Now your first altcoin gem that hasnt hit the market yet which was actually just delayed, and i think it was because for multiple different reasons, but one of those being some of the market conditions is one called sin city now the sin city, copper launch is coming Soon so we dont know exactly when this is going to be happening, and if you want to know exactly how to get into this pre sale with copper launch. The first step is going to be navigating to the launch pad and connecting your wallet. Metamask is a recommended wallet step two is going to be entering in the amount of sny tokens that you would like to acquire and then swap now its also very important to not forget about gas fees. There is no minimum threshold for the tla participation, but dont forget about the cost of gas before participating. Gas fees are in addition to your chosen amount of syn tokens, so make sure you have enough ethereum in your wallet. If you want to learn more exactly how this copper launch is going to work, we will link a medium article down below for you, so you know exactly what to do when the time comes now.

The reason why im sharing this project with you is because it has a massive community at the time of this recording you can see they have almost 200 000 discord members in just six weeks, which is absolutely insane, and they are approaching over 200 000 over on Twitter now it looks to me, like sin city also going to be launching over on pokestarter, but the white list, unfortunately, is close at this time. So now let me teach you more about what this project is, and why do you believe it has the potential to be a really nice up and coming altcoin sin city is the first ever mafia metaverse, as we know in 2022 and 2021. Metaverse is an absolutely massive market in this metaverse youre gon na fight loot and build and govern through your own syndicate. Now the syn governance token is going to be used for the metaverse and at its core will be a mafia as a dow system. Users can also stake their syn tokens to generate votes to delegate to any syndicate leaders. Now over eight million dollars has been invested by angels in this project and some of the biggest v season capitals in the world have made some investments in this project. Now whats really cool about this cryptocurrency project is that it will be free to play and earn anyone can come and engage. No ownership of nfts are needed to start theres. Also going to be multiple revenue streams.

Users will have multiple revenue streams by engaging from grinding through the events reallocating assets to generate returns and leading your syndicate to earn a mob through the maad system. Players can stake their syndicate to get s power and to delegate it to the syndicate leaders and only the top seven leaders with the most s, power can be allowed to join the high table to manage the governments committee. There is a lot more coming with this project, but the fact that its going to be free to play to earn and also having a metaverse. I think that this game actually looks really pretty fun and cool and its giving me kind of some grand theft auto vibe. So we know exactly how well those games have done, and so sin city is your first cryptocurrency all coin gem. Now your second cryptocurrency altcoin gem is going to be the smashing of the like button. All coin no im just kidding it is meta strike, but if you guys can smash up the like button, it sincerely really helps these videos, especially now because a lot of people have not stuck around in these bearish times. So i really do appreciate the support now. Metastrike is going to be your number two cryptocurrency coin. We have some breaking updates right now. Ido will be on january 11th on cedafy and it will be on rosen finance and paid network on january 12th. Now the public price is going to be 0.

5 cents, and the initial market cap is only going to be 450 000.. A lot of you have been saying this looks a lot like counter strike, and yes, it does definitely look very similar to something like this. Let me share with you more about this project and why? I think it has massive potential. Metastrike is a blockchain based role, player, shooter game, with a collection of weapons for players to equip upgrade level and complete missions all while having the ability to earn nfts and tokens. Meta strike will also include many features and essentials for multiplayer first person shooter game. These will include weapons, characters, projectiles shells, explosions, game modes and much more meta strike is also going to have different gameplays such as zombie mode team mode and deathmatch mode. Youll also be able to customize maps where you will be able to build your own map and play to earn metal strike will also have nft boxes and equipment and a total metaverse experience. They have the mts token and the mtt token. Now the mts token will have a max supply of 565 million. This token will be used to advance maps missions with rare nft drops will also be used for in game activities, and you can also stake to earn, rewards weekly from not only the mts token but the mtt token and nft. This token will also be used for major tournaments participating in dow governance and purchasing metaverse land and nft boxes, and later on, mts holders will be able to vote on those fees that they will be able to earn with the mts stakers.

Now the mtt token has a max supply that is uncapped. This is meta strikes in game token, and its main use case is going to be a play to earn reward token. This is where youll be able to unlock new maps, participate in game modes as well as special events, purchase, regular consumables, upgrade weapons and also swap to the mts token, as you will need to have a certain amount that is required for nfts theres. Also, a burning mechanism for this coin, and any time the mtt can be used for anything, it will be burned forever and 10 will be pulled into a weekly prize pool to reward, ranking, gamers or used for competitions. Now, just taking a look at the road map in q2 of 2022 theyre going to have a metaverse land, sale and open beta version of the game itself, and in q1 of this year, theyre going to have a marketplace a closed beta version and an nft sale. This game has also gotten some amazing press from yahoo finance, bloomberg market watch, nasdaq and bazinga well, right now, metastrike is having its pre sale over on c defy, and you can see that this is going to start in six days and 21 hours. Now you will need to stake and hold a certain amount of cedified tokens and pass the kyc in order to participate. If you want to learn exactly how all of this works, i have created a step by step tutorial on seedify in my online class, which is sitting at a massive 75 discount, which is happening in the beginning of 2022 as a new year special.

You can also pay in crypto and, if youre interested in doing so, make sure to email us at info and title the email pay with crypto. Many students of mine have multiplied their money exponentially, and there are now more than 2 000 students who have enrolled in the class if youre interested in getting this one and getting it early, click those links down below and well see you in the course. You also get questions answered in our vip voice, chat by me personally on a weekly basis, as well as questions in our vip group chat in general, and this is why meta strike is your number two cryptocurrency altcoin gem in this video that could potentially help you Multiply your money exponentially now, your third and fourth bonus. All coins are ones that ive talked about on this channel as well, and they are currently down a lot. Ufo gaming is under 0.0002 and you can see the chart. It went up down and definitely back down. Almost to previous all time highs back in october before it had its massive run up now. Ufo gaming has something called the dark metaverse, and this dark metaverse is going to serve as a virtual universe, built within a closed loop ecosystem, as games are added to the economy. The value of the token and the ecosystem increase exponentially and ufo gaming is also going to have an ever expanding realm. The dark metaverse is a closed loop ever expanding ecosystem that will consist of p2p games with breathable in game, nfts and virtual land.

That will entitle collectors to in game revenue. All of these games will funnel through ufos mothership gaming launch pad, with the ufo token, unlocking everything now heres, how youre going to be able to earn some sweet money with this metaverse. One of the first ways is with the metaverse virtual land. This virtual land will be an erc 721 and will be treated as nfts. The virtual land is also a dedicated supply of land available to be minted, while some can be purchased through the open auction with ufo tokens. Ufo gaming also has a dao which stands for decentralized autonomous organization. The largest holders of the dao will receive the most voting rights for the entire metaverses direction. The largest land owners of each planet are considered, eternals and eternals are all knowing and will profit from the entire metaverse. And if you inhabit a planet, you will have access to the games, launch, sale and revenue will be earned as the game and the ecosystem grows. All nft characters can be traded and loaned through our partnered marketplaces. Now, right now, at the time of this recording, there is only one game right now with ufo gaming, and that is called super galactic. This is an rpg style game where you use the ufo token to mint characters and complete quests, but thats, not all with this project. They are going to have in game nfts, where you will be able to open loot boxes by burning the uap token to randomly generate in game assets such as skins, armors weapons, which will help you complete in game quests, and you can also upgrade your weapons by Burning the uap token now ufo gaming is also going to have an nfc marketplace.

This is where you can trade your nfts via the marketplace. Using ufo and uap rare items can be exchanged via the marketplace and used in the game. Ufo is going to be launching games on some of the most reputable chains, covering the board of all different games and niches of l1s and l2s one game. One planet, interoperability and you can see here that they might be coming to polygon, avalanche, binance, smart chain, cardano. Solana, cosmos and potentially many others and another thing about ufo gaming – is that this is very decentralized. Ufo token does not have a large amount of investors that are holding a lot of this token and the founder of this token even burnt 50 of his supply. After this cryptocurrency was launched and with more virtual land and virtual games coming very soon, i truly do believe that this one has massive potential and your fourth bonus coin is one that ive covered a few times as well called wilder world. If you take a look at the chart, it is all the way back down to right around two dollars and that is literally sitting at a minus seventy percent from all time high and the market cap for ufo gaming is only at ‘8.. So if you did miss out on some of these cryptocurrency coins, wilder world and ufo gaming in my mind, could definitely absolutely explode because they have so much upside potential. However, they are also very risky because their market caps are so much lower.

These could definitely continue to keep going back down and down and down if the market continues to go down as well, but i think we are definitely finding bottoms here right at these previous all time highs for many months ago. Let me share with you more about wilder world and why i think this crypto has massive potential, while the world is an immersive 5d metaverse built on ethereum using unreal engine 5 and 0.. Now let me share with you more about what this metaphor is going to have and just looking at the graphics of this, i think it looks absolutely beautiful. While the world is going to have something called wilder wheels, this is going to be a unique collection of generated 5d nft vehicles to race in the metaverse. They are also going to have kicks. This is going to be unique lines of rare 5d metaverse kicks with dynamic gameplay abilities also going to have cribs. This is going to be your home in the metaverse, with futuristic condos, with spawning views of wyoming and just taking a look at this, it looks absolutely beautiful and while the world is also going to have land, this is where youre going to be able to build And developer in wyoming, with your favorite crypto communities and allies, and while the world will also have a guild. This is where youre going to be able to interact with in world creators by leading artists in the digital art and nft space.

And this is why wilder world is your bonus, cryptocurrency altcoin gem here in this video, and you can see the price two dollars and 21 cents with the market cap and a 24 hour volume still of 4.6 million theres, also over 8 000 holders in this cryptocurrency And i think that this is just the beginning. Everything looks incredible to me if the marketing continues to move forward. If the metaverse continues to play out moving forward as well, i think wilder world could be one of those cryptocurrencies to help you become the next crypto millionaire if youve enjoyed this video smash up the like button click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell, because Whether the market is going up down sideways, we are going to be here, teaching you and sharing with you more opportunities in cryptocurrency how you can get some free cryptos, how you can actually multiply your money exponentially and what are some of the hottest cryptocurrencies and where The most opportunities are, if you want more vip access click the links down below for my online class. We now have more than 2 000 students whove enrolled, and many of my students have multiplied their money exponentially with the teachings im. Also, adding new course content on a monthly basis, as well as answering your questions and building a group of like minded individuals. Many of my students, like ive, said, have done very, very well. Applying the teachings. Remember nothing is ever guaranteed.

You need to do your own research and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose. But if you are interested in joining us click the links down below today and we cant wait to see you in class. If you want to continue learning for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency playlist, i have multiple 100 next gen videos, 3 coins to 3 million educational tutorials and so much more thanks again for all of your support.