I expect to do really well this week before we get into those, we will sort of have a look. How well we performed last week, obviously not the best with the the big pullback, but you know we had some winners in there. If you like this sort of content, mash that, like button subscribe, if you havent, subscribed already tapping that bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video and dont forget to join us in discord. Link is in the description of the video, be fantastic to have you there its a great way to keep up to date with everything, cheeky crypto and the crypto space um, and we also have a patreon service, which is a membership section. Would love to have you as a member? We do a bit of trading swing trading, um amas and we have various different um apis um that pull in all sorts of really interesting information that you can take advantage of. So do um. You know take a look: if that is your bag. We would love to have you as a member right lets, get down to the desktop and have a look at how well we performed last week and what im calling out this week? Okay, so were going to start with the first project that we called out: um, utilizing ivy.ios, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and that was whale. This was a project that obviously we saw an uptrend in the uh rating system on ivy.

io. Unfortunately, this one um, you know you could have sold it a little bit higher, but im going to say this one and didnt really perform as well as we were expecting. Obviously, a few days after we um you know listed the video um weve, just you know, had uh bitcoin and the you know pull the market right back, so this happens in the space. This is why we always say you know: go, do your own research and did like the look of the project, its not the sort of project. I would normally invest in um, but you know, ultimately, you could have sold slightly higher. You know, i think we highlighted it at 13 61.. It went up as high as 13.75 im not going to include it as a winner would have expected a little bit more so lets move on. We have card starter im, sorry car starter card stack. Should i say um now when we called this one out, it was a 0.00787 which is slightly higher than where we have it now, but you could have sold it at like 0.008873, so this ones, a winner, really think this one did quite well um and you Know we think thats going to continue so do keep an eye on this project ai chain um. So this one again, you could have sold slightly higher um. You know, i think we called this one out at six 0.00361, nine again utilizing um if i dot ios artificial intelligence and machine learning um, it went a little bit higher but again im going to include this as a as a loss um.

Obviously, if we pull back with the rest of the market, uh that week a few days later, moving on polygon matic now this one, you know again, it went a little bit higher than when we called it out so im going to class this one as a Winner but um, you know there really wasnt that much in it moving on coty, so koti was one we called out at uh 0.314, so its actually higher than what it was when we called it out last week. So, for me its a winner, but it did go up to 0.4232 again utilizing eva ios, artificial intelligence, um. You know it did perform so um three out of um, the the five um for last week uh, i dont think thats a bad effort with the market. In the state that is in um, so yeah really interested to to see what you guys uh feel about the projects that we called out last week. But do let me know in the comments below what projects you would call out for for this week, really interested to know so lets get into the first one. So the first one im calling out for for this week is phantom. Again. Most of you have probably heard of phantom before is quite a popular project again, one that we think is going to do really really well this week. If we have a look at the price action, its down 4.9 percent at the time of recording at 228 – and we were already seeing a bit of a reversal here – but this is one that i expect to do really really well this week.

The artificial intelligence and machine learning has called it out the vid.io as uh one to keep an eye on uh b1, the overall rating, which is a fantastic score compared to some of the ones that weve been looking at recently uh down nine point: one four percent: Um, for the seven day change ami had ratio is at b2 um profitability, a1, its a really profitable project, fear and greed, its a free so its its a borderline greedy, which is positive, theres, not too much fear. The sharp ratio is pulling it down at d and your moving averages a2. So you know pretty strong um looking at the the charts here on evaya.io and so yeah expecting this one to do really really well moving on and weve got um this project here, privacy. Without compromise again sort of dig into to this one uh be interesting to to get your views and opinions on it, and this isnt really a video where were going to sort of go into what they are uh in huge details. But the ticker is v e. I l uh currently at 0.01045 down 16.35 at the time of recording um. It is a bit of a choppy uh one on the on the chart. So you know youve got potential to see some some price discovery here, um. If we have a look at your vital io, its um, the highest rating weve, seen, which is a2, the highest possible rating is a1 overall, but this is a2 um, which is the highest weve ever seen its up 9.

16 percent on the seven day, change um, the Army had ratio is a two theorem greed index is a2. The sharp ratio is a2 moving averages a2. Your peak end value demand is b2 and your profitability is a1, so its massively profitable again the artificial intelligence highlighting that is a project thats going to do really. Really well and do let me know what you think about this one in the um. You know comments moving on and then weve got mxc um, so a uh, your free smart city. I o iot network on web 3.0, really interesting project worth taking a look at um, currently at 0.05887 down 2 at the time of recording. Again, we expect this to to bounce to the upside open. The dashboard start again start again so its a2. It was a2, but the 12 day chain uh seven day change is 12.65 percent um your ami, had ratio is a2 youre, fearing greed index is a2. Your moving average is a2 sharp ratios a2. Your firm profitability is a1 super profitable and your peaking value demand b2. Is whats stopping this one from being a one, so yeah, it looks really really strong on the artificial intelligence side of things moving on. So we have this project here, a decentralized global content, ecosystem really interesting project. To sort of do your research on um ticker is uh, cos uh cos currently at the price of 0.02015 down seven and a half percent of the time of recording again expect to bounce to the upside.

For for this one um, the ami had ratio uh what we got here so its a3 sorry and its uh down 23.93 for the seven day change um, your army had ratio. Where are we looking? Is? U so unrateable uh at the moment? Your fear and greed index is a1 um. Your sharp ratio is a2, your profitability is a1, so really profitable. Peak end value, demand c2 and then a2 for your moving average, so very, very strong on um. You know the artificial intelligence side of things and then ive picked one out which is cardano again go. Take a look at this one um, if youve been living under a rock and dont know what it is um, but you know currently down four point: eight six percent at the time of recording at 1.13. I think this is an absolute bargain. It could go lower. Um, but you know these sort of prices i do think its a still. Obviously, none of this video is financial advice, its all just my opinion. It should be treated as educational purposes only. This is a project that i really do rate and expect it to do really well in the short, medium and long term, and so currently, uh c2 on the rating system, which is the lowest and its obviously gone down, is minus 18.08 percent for the seven day. Change, i do think were going to see a reversal for this. One currently fear and greed index is c1 very fearful.

Chart ratio is a d, so you know thats, not particularly good. Your ami had ratio is also at these. Not great profitabilities a1 is very profitable and your moving average is a d um. This is not one thats been pulled out by the artificial intelligence. This is one being pulled out by chriss intelligence, um and one, i think, is going to do really well well see how well it performs throughout the week. Do let me know what you think about these projects in the comments below.