The price may be ready to explode. So if youre, sick and tired of seeing bitcoin go down – and you want bitcoin to do one of these beautiful juicy pups to the upside – you need to watch this video whats up guys welcome to the kale show my name is kale. I do not have a whiteboard today, i know that is horrible and horrifying, and it really just makes me feel bad, but i was at dobby land. I was in harry potter, land wearing my dobby shirt, and so i didnt have you know, access to a whiteboard, but i really got got ta make a video for you guys today, because i have this thesis that is just playing out, and you see this juicy Orange on the screen, i think that the bitcoin price is ready, its not gon na its, not gon na squeeze all the way to like 100k. So moonboy is watching this. This video is not for you, but i do think were about to get a nice juicy squeeze to about 48k, maybe 52k, if we get lucky, which means that some of these all coins that im gon na talk about at the end of this video might go. Absolutely bonker nuts over the next couple weeks and im going to show you exactly why and actually this could happen within 24 hours. So, if youre excited about that, please smash the like button below. I know a lot of you guys are like giving up on crypto and youre like im gon na get a real job at mcdonalds.

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Doing nothing, thats thats a pretty good deal right and if you have more money, youll make even more so i am pumped about blockbuy check out the link below all right lets just get on with the video all right lets do this. This is whats gon na happen. I really do think that the price of bitcoin is going to go up to around the 49 000 to 50 000 level. At this point up here is when i will be taking profit for so for those of you guys who are in the back of the room. Okay, take profits, i mean i cant even type with this mouse i cant even draw. I dont have a full mouse. Take profits, please just so. Everyone sees this. Oh, i cant even look how bad this drawing is. Oh, i cant even draw im determined to draw it, though, because i want you guys to know that. I do think that this is going to be a temporary pump. I do not think that we are going back to the moon. I do not think were going to 100k from here, but i think that over the next couple days there is very specific leverage in the system – very specific juice thats going to push us up. So let me just show you how this happened, how my thoughts have been progressing so obviously, i said im starting to feel like a squeeze is coming on twitter. But how did this start so this morning we saw that the nasdaq that bitcoin, that everything was kind of risk off and what that means guys.

It just means that people dont want to have risky investments in this environment right now, thats, basically, all that it means. Okay, and so what theyre waiting on, though, is the wednesday inflation numbers, so when i say cpi print, that means inflation numbers are coming out on wednesday, now heres the thing: okay, if the inflation numbers are below this is what people expect. Can you guys see me? Is this like inception? Okay, this is what people expect to happen. If the inflation numbers are below that number, then bitcoin is going to go boom to the moon. Okay, if the number, if the uh inflation numbers are too high, bitcoin is going to crash. If you dont understand that concept guys, i really dont have time to explain it on every single video, but basically what it means is that if inflation is too high, the government is going to stop printing money guys they dont want pitchforks in the street. If your eggs get too expensive at the supermarket, the government is going to stop printing money. Okay, so its not good everyones gon na be like its good for bitcoin. If inflation is high, no its, not okay, we need inflation to be low, particularly on this wednesday. Okay – and so i asked my boy ted talks, macro um am i reading the tea leaves wrong, and so he he actually re, replied earlier or later, but i mean his tweet was even better, so lets go to his tweet.

He said in the case that the us cpi prints at or below just like, i said at or below market consensus on wednesday heres. What i think btc will look like, so he thinks that we will pump up here to 46 000 on wednesday. So not not just in the next week, i think over the next week or two. If we have a favorable print, we could come up here to like the 50k region, where im going to take profits. Okay, but but my boy ted is saying that were going to pump up here to the 46 thousand dollar region. If, if, if, if can you guys see this, we get a favorable print on the cpi? I dont know how big my face is, so i have no idea if you can see this im gon na make my face smaller. I guess. Okay, can you see this okay? If we get up, if we get a better move, that means, if we get a if we get a lower number bitcoin, can come up to 46 thousand dollars on wednesday thats amazing. This is also supported by a bunch of great traders which i follow. Okay, ryan, cantor and clark really good crypto trader the market. Just did a ton of volume on an off area where you would want to see a bunch of participation for a reversal, hes saying that we will continue higher power with soft tomorrow and we will rip up if cpi comes in lower than expectations on wednesday.

Everyone is saying the same thing same thing here, alex kruger. If you havent read this thread yet guys, i feel bad for you, i mean youre trying to invest in crypto its like trying to play. Basketball like you guys saw klay thompson came back last night. You know scored on the first possession hell yeah. I used to play division, one college, basketball, okay, i understand basketball, so i usually make analogies like this, but um its like trying to play basketball without ever going to the gym and practicing like oh um, im just gon na come on to the court and like Lets just play pick up like youre, just gon na be that tubby guy running around who, like just falls over himself and like just, has no hand eye coordination right, like thats going to be you and if you dont understand this macro environment guys. So i dont want you to be that guy. I want you to be the guy whos prepared, whos cut up, who has a six pack who is who is dunking on everyone right and in order for that to happen, you need to understand the macro landscape. You need to understand what is happening at the federal reserve, and so just if you dont, listen to anything that ive said in this video and youre just like who is this guy yelling at me on the youtube? Everyone else is so like talking about the charts and stuff the charts, dont matter guys this chart over here, like with all these lines, and all this like nonsense and technical analysis, its a joke right now.

It literally means nothing. You need to go read this thread by alex krueger tell him that i sent you and understand the macro environment, the money, printer gober, and how that is actually affecting your investments, because that is the entire reason, guys, the entire reason, not part of the reason, not Some of the reason – not oh, you know its like kind of the reason, no its all of the reason that we came down from 69, 000. Okay, thats, the reason youre not super rich right now, so you need to go understand this. Okay, so im off my soapbox now and its the same heres another one guys. These two articles go read this by alex krueger and then go read. This arthur hayes article okay, this is arthur, hayes, hes, an absolute monster and he wrote an entire essay about the federal reserve and the money printer and what is actually controlling this market and now were finally going to round it up with my favorite trader of all Time, you guys know pentoshi, and he literally shows right here that the this is when the cpi numbers came out. Super hot super high in way back in november and thats when we crashed all the way down. It all depends on this inflation data, which comes out again on wednesday, okay and so hes talking about this, and then he also is showing that he thinks that were going to put in a lower high, which means that were not going back to all time highs.

Here guys, however, you can play this bounce right. You can buy some coins. Now you can bounce this hes saying itll bounce up to about forty six thousand. Forty eight thousand, like ted, is saying or somewhere up here to fifty two 000 best case scenario, but then eventually, as you can see from this chart, he thinks that were going down to about 30 000 bitcoin before we actually bottom out in this market, and i Dont think thats unrealistic to be very honest with you guys. I know that people arent going to like that. I know that this video probably wont get any views. But if you appreciate me being honest with you guys, please smash the like button, because ive been straight up with you guys from day one ive been very wrong about things: ive been calling for 100k bitcoin when we didnt go there ive been saying these: all coins Are going to moon when they didnt go there and thats all because, but at the end of the day at least ive at least i come back, and i tell you guys like hey. This is why the reason? Why is because the inflation data is way too freaking high, okay and its coming out again on wednesday, and it is my opinion that its going to be a favorable print. All of this leverage that has been built up in the system, as you can see historically high leverage, were talking about enough leverage here to kill a horse to kill all to kill all the farm animals.

What am i talking about? Theres, a lot of freaking leverage? Okay, and so the crypto agreed in fear index at 23, makes me think that that leverage is kind of is kind of biased towards the short side. Okay, theres, always a long for every short. I understand how the system works guys, but i do think that when people are fearful is when you should be greedy, so the so the risk reward here after weve already dumped a ton favors the people that are too too negative right now like people are people Are too too bullish sure theres theres, always those moon boys, but theres a lot more people right now that are too bearish right now and those are the people. It is my opinion that are going to get liquidated here soon and with this much leverage in the system and with this very important event that literally controls everything coming up on wednesday. I do believe that were going to get a squeeze. So how do you maximize this? How do you make money in the short term? These are all short term trades right. My opinion. What im doing is buying certain altcoins that have been the strongest performers. This is not time to buy your favorite altcoin that hasnt moved in six months right. This is time to buy coins that have been moving very aggressively with the price of bitcoin. So phantom is the perfect example of a coin. Thats been moving very aggressively with the price of bitcoin when bitcoin goes up.

Phantom goes up more when bitcoin goes down. Phantom goes down more thats. What you want, you want volatility right, its going to be very youre not going to make a ton of money. If you play the move perfectly from 42 000 bitcoin up to whatever 48 000 youre going to make a few bucks right, but if phantom is able to pump from 224 and we get a nice move on wednesday, we get to three dollars again, which could easily Happen: thats, a nice move that you could take home to your mama right. You could sell it three dollars and be happy right. Same thing with chain league chain link has been extremely strong, particularly against bitcoin. Whenever bitcoin moves chain leak, moves more so definitely could load up on chain link im, not your financial advisor do what what the hell you want to do. Crv same thing, guys, bitcoin moves. It moves more its actually at a pretty big discount here. So i have a bunch of crv ill go same thing here: im just looking for all coins that are pretty big. Like honestly, like high market cap coins like luna like like avax even like these ones have had nice little runs, but what they are is theyre. Just like a a its almost like using leverage without having to uh like sell your house if youre wrong right, like like leverage, is scary right leverage makes you want to like get really nervous and youre like what happens.

It might get liquidated right and, if you get liquid its over its its over, but if you buy all coins like like phantom, like changing, like crv like like, like luna like avex, like these coins, are going to be around in 10 years. Guys. So worst case scenario worst case scenario: you just hold right, maybe im wrong about this. Maybe we dont squeeze up. Maybe we just go down into the crypto abyss right, but the thats, the fun part about holding altcoins in spot spot means not leverage that you believe in because if you believe in these coins worst case scenario, youre wrong. Okay, cool ill, just put this wallet away for about a year and ill and ill end up being extremely right right. So i hope that made sense. Everybody thats a really short video check out the link below block If its not working theres, a link that you can also click and uh thats.