Once global markets kick off whats, going on guys its roger with fundraise solutions, i want to go ahead and break down exactly where co queen currently stands and where were going to be moving immediately. Next guys, we could be setting ourselves up for an option here very shortly, now, im not saying that this is going to happen within the next two hours or anything like that, but were kind of gearing up here right and i want to go ahead and break It all down for you keeping it short and sweet, beginner, friendly and basic for you all. If this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video, helps reach more people and subscribe to the channel for daily updates on crow and any other trendy cryptocurrencies? And if you want to join our private discord chat where we share buy in sellers for code, we do technical analysis. We share due diligence for other cryptos and stocks that are about to take off use that link down below and join. Our private patreon community would love to work with you on a closer basis and answer any of your questions. Lets go ahead and get right to it guys so check this out. Recapping. Our numbers here on the day were down a little bit over five percent. Nearly five percent here on the day increase in volume of over 25 expected. We were on a sunday people, arent active on a sunday in the markets right monday, we start to pick up here.

We start to see a pickup involving throughout the week. People begin to to kind of be more active right. We see a buy, the dip crowd. Come in for bitcoin for dogecoin for pro for shiba for all cryptos right trading activity consisting of 67 buyers and 33 sellers. So lets be honest. Yes, we saw an increase in volume, but we still have a very low level of volume right. However, one of the things that is helping us maintain ourselves here is the fact that we have more buyers than sellers, and that is always a good sign. Keep in mind it wouldnt mean much if all of a sudden crow at this mode lets say that right now, this very second spiking volume of over 300 percent – it wouldnt mean much if we had 40 percent buyers in 60 sellers that would actually help that would Actually allow us to pull back right, so yes, low level of volume, but what you want to pay attention to is more so whats going on behind the scenes with that volume. Right 67 buyers. 33 sellers. We know that we have over 195 000 hobblers at this moment guys. We are closely approaching that 200 000 mark and that list will simply continue to go as more and more people find value and crow. Of course, im not here to try to sell you on it, you decide how it is. You invest your hard earned money at the end of the day.

Now, where do we stand at this moment, and where are we going to be moving next right? Well, crypto.com finds the floor where bulls and investors pick up. The cryptocurrency crow price sees, bears booking gains, contributing to buy side volume. Pickup expect a return towards 60 cents, once crow price breaks above the red descending trendline. So here they show us basically a fibonacci line. Right, like we have a simpler setup over here at queen, gecko wed also previously saw potentially a triple bottom breakout for crow, where we had validated the general 48 cent area as a support. Previously we came down. Let me go ahead and show you close to that 48 cent mark here. Right kind of 48 to 50 cent mark pushed up came down to 48 cents once more pushed up. We were near that general area, but as of the minute that i filmed this video, we ended up broken breaking below not significantly right. We didnt plummet, or anything like that were at 44 cents were still still near that general area, but its not as clean a setup right. How it previously valid did it itself again, 48 to 50, we pushed up kind of 48 to 50. We pushed up we broke below here, but as soon as all right lets say that we end up positioning ourselves. I would say here above the general 52 to 52 cent area, then were gon na be prone to that one to sixty guys and if youre approaching crow as a swinging trade, then that is one opportunity right keep in mind.

That does come at a higher form of risk. If you have any questions at all about either entering a position or adding to your position or go join our private discord chat again, would love to work with you on a closer basis and answer any of your questions, but keep in mind whether you are day Trading right because we have some people in our group that, like to day trade or if youre swing trading, that comes at a higher form of risk, i am approaching crow as a long term investor someone who invests in both the stock market in the crypto market. I really like the fact that im investing in a business right so im investing in crow im, investing in a business in an institution thats a part of a long term going industry, but its also a cryptocurrency. At the same time, its fundamentally strong right and its going to continue to grow, but im also investing in a cryptocurrency at the same time. This is why i truly find value in co, as opposed to many of these projects right here, that dont have businesses that dont have a product that arent commodities theyre, not gold, theyre, not silver, theyre, not beans or anything like that and thats not to bash on Them because im still invested in them right make no mistake about it: im bullish on bitcoin and ethereum, especially as a buy and hotel im. Just saying this is yet another selling point for myself.

Another reason for which i personally find value in crow right. The fact that we have that fundamental basis for it, but on the technical side at this moment we are kind of struggling. But again i would say if we position ourselves above the general kind of 50 cent area, then were going to have a bit of momentum right, a bit of kind of buying pressure, kind of leaning, more so towards the upside and then begin with that. True uptrend, that most of us were looking for, at least until that 60 cent mark, which has previously validated itself as a resistance. As of right. Now, if were just taking a look at the six, were kind of showing signs of what seems like a potential kind of continued downtrend or consolidation period for crow with low points. High points low points, high points, of course, very important to acknowledge how bitcoin is doing as well on the day lets go ahead and take a look at bitcoin here again, weve been pulling back were showing signs of a potential container downturn were kind of taking a Break here, maybe kind of flatline for a bit, but overall guys we are still not yet set to make that full on recovery, and this is why im mentioning yes, can we recover and push up of course, right in the long term couple days couple weeks set Ourselves up for that, but as of the minute that im from this video its still too early to say that from this point on were going to have that rising recovery, that lets be honest.

Most of us are looking for right. If you guys want more updates on curl like the video subscribe to the channel, i really appreciate you guys support.