This is kind of putting all my kind of crypto learnings from last year and showing you results of not only the importance of crypto selection but also portfolio allocation with a year of data to look at so this is going to be exciting. Its going to be short second video today, but i just have so much to share with you all. I just cant help myself theres, not enough days in the year, so lets go, lets jump in and talk about exactly what is going on and where we are. So let me just make sure that its live. Yes, it is excellent and a big thank you for stickers. Thank you to the moderators out there, keeping us all safe, free from disrespect and scammers love you all so lets go. Should i buy series something i started a year ago started kind of more casually and got a lot more structured as i went through the process and channels about math money freedom. This is a lot of results from the last year analyzed and categorized and yeah its edutainment. So, first of all the question i had for myself and i hold myself to a very tight standard. I wouldnt want to mislead anybody ever and the million dollar question is: does our token valuation process work number one and lets look at the results from 22 different evaluations? You guys remember my series, the i buy. It started off casual at the beginning and then became a should.

I buy real simple, looked at a whole bunch of names and the names i did 22 of them. Each one requires an awful lot of work, awful lot of lift and i do an average two. A month approximately – and i do them based on you – guys – the invest, dancers community. These are the ones that upvote the actual ones. We look at also a lot of the you know, the old expression, the squeaky wheel, gets the oil. I get pinged a lot by uh audiences in youtube as well and that brought about this selection. So a lot of interesting names, very popular names, very hyped names by other youtubers and i went through them all so some rever, some of my results as well, were extremely controversial. Um the honorable mentions will go unmentioned. I dont want to ruffle any feathers here, but literally i put videos out where i had network people that i used to work with 20 years ago. Come out of the woodwork begging me to take videos down criticizing me, saying: im full of poop and all sorts of things, but you know what i said its just the opinion of a crazy guy on the internet. What do i know? Leave them up anyway? Sometimes its good to have a little bit of controversy stir up some conversations. So here we are 22 names. 12 buys they include the following: ethereum polka dots solana, algorand link, matic uniswap, ave avalanche engine, phantom and luna.

These are all the decisions now whats. Also very important to note here is i listed just for simplicity, the date of the token. As of the date, i release the video and the time the exact time, and then i compare that to the date today. Now this doesnt mean much but its just for simplicity. I want to show you the time that the world knows about my opinion on a token and if they were to take activity, of course, i dont give investment advice, but you know if they were to use that research in their own research to make a decision. Thats well and good, but many of the names i got into well before i did the videos. Sometimes i test the water, some i even got into after, because they fell to a certain price level that made them attractive so thats. The important note is the price of the token at the time of the video that i said yes or no, and the delta today thats how this analysis works now, the 10 that were not attractive, ill call them out uh. Now this doesnt mean theyre bad ive got to be very careful with my language here very guarded. Remember investing is a personal choice. I make my own personal choices, you make your own personal choices, but i go for the lowest risk. My training is financial risk management. I avoid risk first and then i go for the highest reward.

So remember for me: low risk high reward in that order. Some people out there may just want to get their thousand x returns, so they go all for reward and not care about risk, but well see if thats, a good ploy or not. So here are the 10 names that i didnt like when i compared them. Cardano v chain h bar silica, the graph atom cosmos, nano ftt, theta and cadena. The cadena video was done only 60 days ago. Believe it or not well talk more about those as well. Now the other thing thats very, very important. Sometimes every single asset has an entry and an exit price. So, for example, some assets fell into the buy zone, fell into my shopping basket. Others collapsed into my shopping basket almost like. I remember thor chain which is roon at three dollars and one cents. I had a limit order out. I missed it by one penny: it fell down to three dollars and two cents missed it by a penny, but i would have bought you know: im not gon na buy it at nine dollars, but three dollars. Yes, i will so remember that as well, every asset has its entry and exit price. Now. The other thing is when i look at additional buys, so i moved into assets on june 22nd, when i did my retirement crypto portfolio. So i layered in hard into bitcoin ethereum chain, link, ave solana, unisa polka, dot, cardano polygon algorand names that i added to as well just to show you how i do it and then this portfolio evolved every single week and month after that as well.

So that is where we are so far now lets jump in and look at the four assumptions for this model and the lesson here. What im trying to do is run some simulations. I thought itd be interesting to see four different sets of assumptions and help you guys learn and the the trigger for this video is. I got a message from a friend over the weekend and they said dude help me. My portfolio is down 40. What do i do so its like? Okay? How did that happen because i kind of know some of the things youre in, but how did that happen? So it happens because of allocation and choice. Thats, it theres those two things: okay. Now the four assumptions i have for this video is imagine we put ten thousand dollars into every asset, so therell be 22 assets, 220, 000 invested. The second thing is ten thousand dollars into the winners circle. My 12 favorites 120. 000, investment third – is ten thousand into the unchosen ones. Lets call them for politeness thats a hundred thousand dollars invested. Where does that end up and the final choice is 220 000 invested in the top three ie, a third each and thats kind of the way i roll heavy conviction, fewer assets so thats? What i want you all to learn: okay, first of all, the results from the first one is 10 000. In every asset, 22 assets we pump 220k into crypto at the time of each video.

What happened so you can see here. This 220k would become 328k in an average period of about 22 weeks, and the average return on the mixed bag of winners and losers was 49, which is not too bad. Remember. We were halfway through the bull market when most of these videos are made, or sometimes even more so so thats. The first result, so not bad winners, losers, just buying 22 assets. What happens if we just put 10 000 into the 12 ones that i felt were the best investable assets at the time? The return on investment is 99.34. Basically, 120k becomes 2′ 000. The portfolio doubles, and you can see some of the results there. The big standout ones are, of course, ethereum did well, but remember, most of ethereum gains happened at the beginning of the year. I did a video with ethereum at 540 on christmas day right before the year began and by feb 25th it had nearly tripled so thats. You is important to take that into account same thing with uh solana that did very well, and avalanche did very well so theyre kind of the big, the big three standouts so again, 120k doubles in about six months, which isnt bad now and that doesnt assume any Dollar cost averaging any high convection layering its just an even spread 10k spread across the board. So what happens if we just put 10 000 into what i deem to be the non winner circle again very careful with my language here, but before i jump in this is what i want you guys to get and gals out there.

Three amazing lessons here that ive learned over a long period of time and one lesson as well is back from 1999. I remember so many people held stocks after going all the way up going all the way down and they waited sometimes four or five six years for them to rebound to their original levels and guess what ninety percent of them never made it back. So again, the question is: should you hold so three lessons that i really want to highlight here, though, is number one uh ill pop? This up youll see cosmos huge return, one that i did not like. As i always say, you cannot catch them all, but i didnt quite appreciate the value of luna and the impact on cosmos. At the time i wasnt aware of the power of the sdk and a whole bunch of other matters, so thats an element there, but you cant catch them all. The second big lesson from this here is one good token: out of 10 can save you from devastating results. So if you did not have adam in this list of 10, you would have lost over 40 across the board. Remember things like kadena is down 66 percent. In in eight weeks, okay, um youve got v chain down 70. Since the video and of course there was so many reasons why i didnt like that one etc. So thats how you need to look at this and the third lesson from this is dca – does not save you from poor investments, so layering into stuff yeah.

It might reduce your cost basis, but sometimes things will just remain poor over time. So remember, you can dc into winners, be careful dcing into losers unless you still have very high conviction in that asset and remember if you were to buy, i think i did the cadet video 24.30 again. I was ripped apart for doing it. Its lost two thirds of its value in eight weeks. I know the markets been weak, but that was quite stunning anyhow, the point is its got a 3x to get back to break, even if you bought it 24. So remember that now what happens? If we just is the fourth scenario, everybody what happens if we just pick three names, high conviction, names and we split 220k into those top three. This is kind of stunning. That 220k becomes nearly 800 000 dollars. You get nearly four xs. You get a 258 return. Investment – and that is the key here – everybody here now of those three names – solana, avalanche cosmos. I had two of the three i did sell out of my avalanche at 50 rolled into solana a long time ago and thats where we are now avalanche. I think is about 80 dollars, so its gone up was a lot. Higher salon was a lot higher. Everything was a lot higher, but this is just the study at this point in time and remember my investment philosophy is less, is more okay, so lets jump into some conclusions now, and i hope you guys really appreciate this, because this is the most valuable lesson series Of lessons you can learn and apply to your own portfolios, of course, in a non financial way so part one.

Most of these videos, as i mentioned, were over the last 12 months, many of them in the middle of the year, which is halfway through the bull market, for example. I made luna a couple of days ago and you cant expect tripling uh when you miss over half of the gains in the market and thats very, very important to learn and remember january was bombastic bombastic. So in a year when crypto market tripled, if you miss half of the gains or if you miss january february or the first quarter, its not good you, you miss a lot. So timing is everything so thats really important in part. One part two as ive always said, this is proof that owning a lot of big names brings down your average results being very focused on what you buy is very important, so only 22 names makes you 48 buying all the ia selections. Double your money buying. All the nos you lose 11 percent, going in an old top three. You made 258 percent return on investment or leave 4x in your money, so thats part, two and part three again to reiterate: less is more go hard and high conviction. Names avoid weak names and one good name can save your entire bag, for example, cosmos so cant catch them all, as i always say so. I hope you guys appreciate that appreciate the likes getting the word out. Helping people, as i said, 2022, is going to be a year where the wheat separates from the shave you got to be in the right names make the effort to choose the right assets, so, i will say, smash the likes because we need to get this word Out big, thank you all.