I want to cover some of the top news from today and tell you the couple different cryptocurrencies that i bought a pretty big amount of this morning and ive been buying more of a lot recently now. With that in mind, if you guys dont mind hitting the like button and hitting the subscribe button, i really do appreciate that there is a link underneath the video to block fi to get an interest rate on your cryptocurrencies up to nine and a half percent and Theyll give you 250 worth of bonus when you sign up and start depositing, so definitely check that out underneath the video now i do have one other show sponsor that i want to talk about later. That has to do with one of the cryptos that i bought today so more on that later, but lets get into it. So overall, the cryptocurrency market is down about three percent over the last day, but its looking a lot better than where it was this morning. We actually saw bitcoin break under forty thousand dollars when we saw some liquidations we could see, and this is how it always happens, starts to go down, starts to go down, goes down faster, faster, faster and then a massive drop and then bounce back. So we did see about 30 000 or ‘ 600, and then we saw it quickly. Return back to the 41 level, which is about where were at now, and i think its really easy to get discouraged these days, because the fear and greed index is very fearful and there are a lot of people that just want to sell out.

They just want to get back what they put in, because maybe they bought it – 65 000, 69, 000 for bitcoin. Maybe they bought it 4, 800 for ethereum, but thats. Why? I preach always having some money on the sidelines and i think thats great to say now, but for a lot of people they might not have that thats. Why you hustle like crazy right now to try to make money to put into cryptos in my opinion, but lets move on to some of the news from today. So three time nba champion andre iguodala to take part of a salary in bitcoin. We also have klay thompson to take part of his salary in bitcoin. Ive talked about this a lot with other pro athletes, but this kind of hits close to home because i used to watch the warriors a lot im, a big basketball fan. I love basketball and ive been watching them for years, and the fact is, they are taking part their salary in bitcoin because they dont want it all in the us dollar. We do have inflation wednesday, which is why i talked about in the video this morning that you have to pay attention to that date and kind of gave you some news on the day too in that video. So if you havent checked that one out ill put on the end screen and in that video, i talked about bill miller who is buying bitcoin. He says that he has half of his portfolio give or take in cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin.

Mostly, he says what else in your portfolio could go up 10 or 50 x. Nothing! Nothing else in your portfolio is going to be able to outperform everything else in the market. Now, why do we fall this morning? Well, its very similar to why we fall usually, which is we saw. A good amount of liquidations, looks like we had a couple hundred million dollars liquidated in that one little time span, so people on leverage. We have seen a lot of leverage in the market. We could still see more flush outs because theres still a ton of leverage in the market right now, its just a question of is it long leverage? Is it short leverage? So what did i buy today? Well, first of all lets talk about the one thats most beaten down, which is cardano. I did buy a significant amount of cardano. Oh a nice chunk of cardano. This morning i bought equal amounts of everything, besides one which ill get to towards the end, but i started by buying some cardano. We got down to about a dollar and eight cents, which is when i started buying. So over the last couple months, weve talked about cardano and how its had such a hard time, because they had no decks. They had no market maker amm that could help build the ecosystem. They didnt have any total value lock. They didnt have really d5 and thats. Where todays show sponsor do x comes in, so they are going to be an amm based decentralized exchange for assets on cardano.

So they want to be one of the first out there and they are launching just in a few weeks, so they already have had their private sale, their public sales. You can see kind of how it breaks down with the tokenomics here, but they are pretty exciting. They are fully doxxed and they have their test nut, like i said, launching the first week of february, just a few weeks from now they have the official mainnet planned for the 25th of february. Now they are listed a few different places really recently, such as x markets and then also over on adax, and you can stake over on kick.io. They have been moving up in price, a good amount, but they are still a small market cap. When you compare this to some of the other decks of some of the main decks on some of these later ones, this is still very small, so i will put a link down to their socials underneath the video in case, you want to check them out. You can check them out on twitter or on their website, and thank you to dox for being a partner of the channel. Now i also bought some solana. You know its right next to cardano. I bought it right around the dollar or 130 dollars. I believe, and i just need to keep on adding to this bag. It is, i think, the best layer, one platform, a layer, one scaled solution for people to use out there.

I think obviously ethereums multiple times larger, eight or nine times larger, but solana is probably the the best product on the market right now. Ethereum has a lot of people using it, though, and theres always a trade off right. Ethereum costs a lot more, but is a little bit more secure and wont go down as often with that in mind. I also bought ethereum, so i like these layer ones. I think they provide a lot of safety compared to some of the smaller caps and i did buy some more ethereum about the same as i bought ada and i bought solana. I also bought some more polka dot. This ones been beaten down, but at 21 22 cant say no to that they do give that nice 12 percent interest too. So i like that, a lot i also bought some luna luna has been doing really well another layer, one im pretty much sticking to the layer ones here, but luna did really well over the last couple months its been beating down now, but with a lot of People turning to stablecoin and probably anchor protocol, which is something im going to be doing uh over the coming months. I think luna still has a bright future because it has a lot growing on it and then the last mack, daddy of them all, was bitcoin. I bought more bitcoin than these other cryptocurrencies, but its just really safe in my opinion, and i think it offers such a great risk reward right now i mean, of course we could fall down to thirty thousand.

We could fall down to twenty thousand whatever, but i really dont see i dont see twenty thousand, probably ever again. Thirty thousand, i think, would be a gift. I think whats more likely is we fall down to that thirty, seven thousand, seven hundred or thirty eight thousand dollar support if we are to see that, but we bounced off that uh right under forty thousand mark, so i think we are sitting okay. Now, like i said, we could always see more red, but i think its much more likely that we go to 45 000. Then we go to 35 000 or you know 48 and 37 or whatever you want to say right. I think its much more likely that we go up significantly from here than down significantly from here and ive talked about that in a video recently i talked about why now is a great time to buy crypto and i didnt, i said in the video its not Specifically like this very moment because we could see a drop, but if you look at almost any kind of indicator out there, everything is oversold theres a lot of fear in the market. If you look at the fear and greed index, almost every time that is around 10, meaning very fearful, is almost one of the best times to buy in the market and thats where we were just a few days ago and now were actually sitting a little bit Lower we were this morning seeing a little bit lower than we were when we had a 10 on the fear and greed.

So i think the fact is its a great time to buy, if youre thinking about years out into the future thats. Why so many great investors are buying because they see the long term goal of cryptocurrency and they see the long term safety that it provides you away from something like the us government, whether the cpi data comes in high or low. I think everyone needs a little bit of protection from the governments that are theyre theyre, just inflating for their own self gain. Now, of course, they will say that theyre trying to help you out and stimulate the economy, but some things just are excessive. In my opinion. Now, of course, i want to hear your thoughts on this underneath the video. Let me know if you bought any cryptocurrencies today or did you sell or you know, were you liquidated? Let me know your position or youre, not not all your positions, but let me know what your position is on the market underneath the video.