All together with the cryptocurrency market, bitcoin ethereum, everybody was going down im going to talk about what happened here with the crypto market, with shiba inu today and something thats happening on wednesday. That could be very, very important for the crypto market and for the stock market. Actually going forward, all i ask before we get into it is that you smash that, like button and subscribe, if you havent too and without further ado lets dance into it. So currently, the price of shiba inu is at 0.00002679 down minus 5 from gme gmt time. So soon its going to go back to zero, but uh that doesnt really matter, you can see on the graph that its its down thats thats the important the price, not the percentage. I want to remind you that i am not a financial advisor. You should always do your own due diligence before you decide to invest and also disclaimer. I do have a position on chiba enu coin. So what what happened today? Why was everything going down? Well, if we take a look at the prices of ethereum and bitcoin, you can see that both of them went down today as well, hitting ethereum hitting a low of 2900 and bitcoin going down breaking the 40 000 barrier, but then jumping back up bitcoin recovered a Lot better than ethereum and shiba inu, and i have a theory behind this uh. Its is because two things, one thing is because more people uh a regular day, people own bitcoin right bitcoin, is the gateway crypto, and you know your mom and pop know about bitcoin.

They dont know about shiba inu, they dont know about ethereum but like like, for example, my parents know bitcoin, they dont know ethereum, they dont know shiver, they know because they talk about it, but you know they didnt know what it was before: okay bitcoin, they know A lot of institutions, a lot of older people have bitcoin theyve, been buying bitcoin uh, because theyre kids, theyre younger generation or theyve seen on the news on the financial shows about bitcoin. So the fact is that that bands bounce back pretty fast and a lot of you know countries, el salvador maybe bought some more bitcoin some institutions, some companies that hold big amounts of bitcoin, maybe um mstr right. They own a big, significant amount of bitcoin uh, so that will be interesting to see if anybody comes out in the next 24 hours we bought under 40 000, this amount of bitcoin and also with ethereum. I think that why did it bounce back a lot better than uh sheba did because people need ethereum for doing things on the ethereum blockchain, so lets say they want to buy nfts. They want to do uh, you know, buy any uh, you know coin. They we need it for for gas fee on the blockchain. They want to do a transaction. They need that the ethereum to to do those transactions so thats. Why? I think people saw that as opportunity ethereum under 3000 for the first time in a long time lets buy some more theorem i bought yesterday uh today i was a little bit uh preoccupied during trading day with uh trading options, uh so ill see.

If maybe, i would buy more ethereum its about the same price that i bought yesterday and yesterday i only bought a half so maybe ill buy. Another half today well see because im, if you dont, know im doing a challenge for nfts trying to get to 1 million so far, its kind of sluggish im, im im im up right im up but uh im im having some technical difficulty times and doing some Mistakes but thats, okay, right, thats, just part of the journey. Hopefully i make the mistakes now uh. When i have a small account, then, when i get close potentially to the million dollars, i wont make those mistakes anymore. Well, see its just a fun thing to do. You know, although i dont have much time trying to you, know, touch on too many things uh, but its interesting and im having fun with it, so well see what happens with that. But if we get back to shiba inu shibainu didnt recover as as well right. Why – and this is just my opinion right – it did recover right because it went to 25 recovered back to 26, but its still down five percent. Why? I think we havent seen it get back to the two three percent uh down today is because what happened was people were buying shiba inu and a lot of the people that bought were yoloing and fomoing into it right at the beginning, and now that were kind Of in this crypto pullback, these are the first kind of uh investments, or these are the first kind of people that paper hand out right if its ethereum bitcoin its, maybe something that didnt yolo into so it would take them more time to get back into it.

So thats just what i why i think it didnt recover as well, but we could see suddenly shiba inu have a big jump here, while ethereum and bitcoin are more stabilized, so well see well be tracking this in the next a few hours again, im not stressed About this, just because theres no negative things specifically about shibano, we talked about saitama and the negative things that brought down their price and why it was a red flag to me, but with shibenu i havent heard anything bad theres, no bad news, theres, no, nothing! It just you know some people selling a little bit of fear that happens in the market. We can be red. Sorry, we cant be green every single day it doesnt work like that uh. So if youre a long term holder of shiba inu, maybe you want to stake your shiba inu. You want to buy the dip uh its your choice, again, im im, not a financial advisor. I cant tell you what to do uh, but i i staked my shibeinu a while back right and so im im. You know forgetting about it, well see if it continues to dip. I might add more to my position and go stake. It right a good opportunity for that, so well see what happens before we get to whats going to happen on wednesday. You know theres a problem right. You buy one crypto on this exchange that crypto on the other exchange and what happens is you want to follow? Whats going on with your portfolio and you dont have it in one place: you can maybe try to patch things together in an app well theres, a solution for that and its coin stats.

You sign up to coinstats and using my link in description down below and you get all of this aggregated in one place. You can see all of your accounts every day, your p l, you can be updated on whats going on and if you use my link, youre going to get a 55 off on the monthly payment and so ill get a little bit of a commission. So thank you for that. If you do use it now, whats happening on wednesday well on wednesday were going to have a report on u.s inflation and the consumer price index is coming out on wednesday. The anticipation is that its going to be a rise of seven percent uh for the year through december and a climb of 0.4 percent from the month earlier and the following day were going to have also a labor department report. Its going to be interesting because if you think about it, seven percent on the year, meaning that if you had your money on cash the whole year, you lost seven percent right sitting in the bank, account you had one thousand now you have uh ninety three hundred Right, it went down seven percent. I did yeah right. Ten percent would be a thousand yeah. Ninety three hundred okay, so you lost seven hundred dollars from just letting it sit in the bank account, and this is a situation where its its frightening. Now we dont want that to happen right, so the us government has been trying to uh backpedal uh from the things that they did uh you know in 2020 and so theyre going to be preparing for a quicker normalization of monetary policy that previously anticipated adding to The cases evidence of the tight labor market, including a jump in wages and falling unemployment in the data on friday and in march theyre, going to potentially rage, raise the interest rate.

So when this data comes out, we could see on wednesday the stock market and the crypto market. All dipping like we saw kind of today or on uh thursday right when the minutes came out from the fed meeting where, as soon as the minutes came out, was it thursday or friday. I dont remember it: it came out and we saw that the stock market and everything started falling right, crypto as well. So we could have the same similar situation here, uh, that if you know we come and we see some kind of data thats more than what was anticipated, we could see a big dip just be ready for that uh. You may want to take advantage of it for stocks you couldnt potentially buy puts. If you think that somethings happening uh, some uh exchanges, you can short specific cryptos if thats something that interests you im not into that. But if theres an opportunity as well and you could always buy the dip and be ready for that, but again thats your choice and you have to decide what youre going to do when they come for you, bad boys, bad boys, thats uh. I always i dont. Remember wife, as a kid whenever i saw that i got a little anxious as a 11 year old 12 year old, uh or even younger than that, i dont know why that and the x files song always creeped me out right then Music. I was off key.

Really bad there Laughter, oh my god, ive, never seen the show as a kid, but that the theme song always creeped me out. I dont know why all right guys enough of the shenanigans if you havent yet joined the moneymaker tribe, subscribe ring that bell smash, that, like button check out the link to coin stats in description down below, thank you for watching.