com a bad investment come in closer, no a little bit closer hell. No, no. It wasnt a bad investment, its amazing investment. You got ta buy in companies and you got ta buy in the vision of where they are going. We need to talk about it, real, quick. I see yall in my comments talking about yeah lando, you dont know what youre talking about told you man, it aint gon na go 100 man. What you talking about is down to 40 cents. Now, man, its down 50 cents shut up. Yall are usually just the people that look at the title, look at the thumbnail and do not watch the video. I did not say was going to go to 100 tomorrow next week next year. This is overall a 20 year goal, so im technically not wrong to 20 years. From now im just saying got ta. Do the math come back 20 years later and say that then you might be onto something if not just hush and watch black rose, black bros black rose, black rose, black rose in the sky, Music. Welcome back beautiful people. I am lando since thats your favorite motivational teacher to go is whenever you come to my page, to leave knowing something that you didnt know before you came here before you. Do anything press that, like button press, the subscribe button leave a comment to help out the youtube algorithm. So if we look at the current price right now, it is at 45 cents.

In the last day it is close to down 5 in the last week. It is down 22 in the last month, down 21, if you just take the time to back out. The coin is up almost 700 and sixty six percent in the last year. So is this a bad investment when you are up on your money, six hundred percent, if you invested in that company one a year ago, where you think is going to be a year from now, it could be lower, it could be higher. But when you look at companies, you have to see exactly what are they implementing? What are they doing? Right now were looking at coin market cap. To be honest with you, i will only be concerned if you are looking at coin market cap and youre. Looking at all of these – and you see green – you see, bitcoin is up, you see, ethereum is up right now. What do you see? You see red, you see a bloodbath when we get to crow. It is doing exact same thing. Everybody else is doing now. If it was the only one in the red thats when we have a problem and we have to look into the company, that is the best way to judge and see whats going on now you have certain individual companies that are doing good in the green and They probably do the opposite of whatever cryptocurrency is doing, so that is actually not always a great sign, depending on what the company is so overall, this is my own personal opinion im, not a financial advisor im, just black brother, giving you all some gain when you Invest into a stock or you invest into a good crypto company.

You want to see who running the company, who are the managers? What are their goals in the future? Everything has done so far is a complete win. Everything check off green in my book when a company is rolling in that direction. It is only a matter of time before they completely keep going up and being successful right now, the overall cryptocurrency market is down. So, in my opinion, that is a great time to buy you dont have to buy as much as you was buying before just keep on dollar cost averaging your positions, because, five years from now ten years from now or even next month, we dont know when its Going to bounce back and completely change everything up, and you know the same people that was crying about bitcoin years ago, back in 2013 saying i wish i would have invested more when i made ten thousand dollars with bitcoin years ago. I ended up selling it. So i made money but think of how much more money i would have if i kept it longer, so i wouldnt be scared. I think this is still a great investment. If youre not invested in or in any cryptocurrency, you can click the links in the description. I have a lot of different things: whether its stock market, whether its crypto, where you can get free money just after the video click, the description check it out once again make sure you press the like button press, the subscribe button, im lando, says and make sure You leave a comment and, let me know whats your thoughts with crypto.

com. A lot of us was wrong, saying a hundred dollars saying it was gon na get to one dollar at the end of the year. What do you think crypto.