If you want to get them, while theyre still at a discount stay tuned, Music, whats up everyone randall here from crypto love, todays video were taking a look at some of the most important charts. You will see right now and also the top metaverse projects to get while theyre still at a discount before we get into it guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell also come join us over on twitter at the crypto love where every week we give away one of these sweet shirts, and thank you for watching. I do mean it. It means a whole bunch to me now. If we take a look, the market is starting to bounce bitcoin, 42.5, ethereum, 3200 or 3200, depending how you say it: bmb 458 solana, 140 cardano, 119, xrp, 77 cents, tara, 72. I told you to buy it at 69. I told you well were gon na. Take a look at some awesome bullish charts today, so lets get right into it. If we take a look here, the illiquid supply has been rising sharply since july 2021, in line with accumulation trend from january 2019 to april 2021.. Now, if you see here, this blue line is the liquid supply shock ratio. You can see since july. It has been climbing well, the last time, if we just kind of zoom back the same length, and we take a look about that long right there. If you can see my mouse right there, that would put it roughly towards the end of 2020.

If you look at bitcoin price guess what that line of liquid supply shot brought the price from ten thousand to sixty five thousand dollars, and yet in this time here its brought the price from thirty thousand to forty thousand. So we could have a lot coming down. The road, as a matter of fact, if we take a look at this, the miners are hoping for future. Higher prices are holding their liquidity tightly in previous cycles. During bitcoin, bull market miners were delivering supply with each new block. Unlike the current cycle, if we take a look here, this was the halfing of 2012 and you can see decreasing 14 over the cycle until the top the end of the cycle down. Here they were selling a lot of bitcoin same in here, 2016, 2017. Again negative 14 percent from the halfing. Well, if we take a look from the halfing back here in 2020, were pretty much right at the same area. Miners have actually been accumulating, not selling its less than one percent drop since the halfing, which is pretty incredible as a matter of fact, whats the best time to buy bitcoin during a bullish cycle. How about right now, because market valuation shows the neutral point, yellow region 1.5 to 2.5 fib during which bitcoin bullish market is the best time to buy in this phase, bitcoin price tends to test its conviction. So if we take a look 2013, we can see bitcoin price rose up to this.

First peak came back down to the yellow and then where theyre saying we are right now guess what before the price rose up. If we take a look at 2017 same thing, it rose out of the yellow, came back down at the yellow, and then we have this area of one right here before price rises up well, if we take a look where we are right now broke out of The yellow came back down into the yellow for accumulation before potentially the price could rise back up to the one to two hundred thousand dollar level. William clemente is even saying bitcoin entering the buy zone on dormancy flow. This bottoming signal has only flashed five times in bitcoins history. If you want to know the best buying opportunity for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies ever its probably right now we can see with this yellow line showing the entity adjusted dormancy flow. Well, it was way low down here. Back in 2012 at the bottom, it was also low in 2015 at the bottom. It was also low in 2019 at the bottom. It was also low in 2020 at the coveted bottom and also low at 30 thousand dollars at that bottom. Well, we are seeing it yet again could be an amazing buy opportunity, because weve seen this chart before from tech, dev saying that hey generally, the cycles have corrections and impulses, so theres green impulse, red correction, so its green red, green red, green and then bear market Green red, green red green bear market.

Well, we have impulse which is green correction, which is red impulse, which is green correction, which is red which would lead us next to an impulse before the bear market. Well, where is that impulse going turns out? The tech dev says my view of the two corrective periods within each bitcoin macro impulse to date under 0.786 fib complexes only after 0.786, across nine percent log curve between the 1.72 and 1.68 complexes, only after 1.6, across 50 percent log curve, each marked by overall decline In volume, so we can see the decline of volume down here on the bottom. We can see that after it crosses that area, there is generally a significant impulse wave, both in halfing one and half and two, and we have this halfing three that were in right now, where we cross it. The first time when bitcoin went from 10 to sixty five thousand dollars, we havent yet crossed it. This second time we havent had that second impulse wave and if we take a look at this chart here, we can lets add one of bitcoin cycles. Indicators based on the two year m, a and five x multiple of two year m.a. It helps identify seasons of despair as well as greed in the bitcoin bowl cycle. This is getting ready for the mania as usual, zoom in on the following tweet, so we can see how, in previous cycles like this one here, okay, we had the mania phase and the blow off phase and we can see the five times to your ma right.

There we can see coming back down below the two year ma into despair. Well, that happened in the first cycle. Then we have the second cycle it happening where we have the mania phase going up in the greed above the two year, uh times five times ma and then coming back down into despair below there. Well, if we take a look at where we are right now we havent yet entered into that area. We havent entered into that greed blow off phase, and this is saying that hey that most likely will see media attention everything around a hundred thousand dollars before we have the blow off top and agreed, and the bottom of the next market will actually be around. Seventy 70 000. According to this, so thats very exciting, which leads us to if bitcoin is going to be doing well, cryptocurrency is likely going to be doing well as well and facebook getting behind meta and the metaverse. It would seem like one of the major trends for the upcoming bull run. Maybe years could be the metaverse, so lets look at token metrics to find out what are the best metaverse projects out there right now now token metrics, if you havent, checked it out, there is a discount link down in the description and the pinned comment. It just makes it easy. You dont have to do all the research yourself because they use artificial intelligence and machine learning, looking at over 80 indicators to pick out the best coins and they grade them all with a simple numerical tm grade now to find out the best metaverse projects we go To analytics we go to ratings, and then they have a ton of different categories.

Things like solana, polygon all the different ecosystems avalanche near protocol, yield farming gaming play to earn harmony everything you want but were clicking on metaverse today, and because i like to find long term undervalued projects. I like to look at the monthly time frame. Well, if we take a look at them, the top three projects – first, one fantasma – this one has been coming up again and again and again and again, and still not many people are talking about it. I think it could very well be one of the more undervalued projects out there because of the gaming because of nfts because of dabs everything they have going on there right now, trading at three dollars and one cent, and as we can see you know it has Come down a bit from its highs could be. We have a little bit of support forming here on this upward trend line there. So the first one is fantasma. The second one would be sandbox now, no surprise for anybody in the metaverse. This is probably the dominant metaverse project out there, but it doesnt mean you might not want it in your portfolio. Right now, at 479 could be at a significant discount contained considering it was almost double the price back in the end of november. So this one as well could be a great buy which brings us to the third one, the most speculative one, which could be the best project. The best pick for people who hang around till the end of the video would be rainicorn.

Welcome to the rainiverse, an evolving ecosystem of key innovations invol, including an nft farming platform with exciting d5 features play to earn gaming and much much more right. Now its only available on uniswap and pancake swap so you cant get it everywhere, but you can actually stake and earn unicorn. You can stake rainy, you earn rainbows, you provide liquidity, you earn unicorns, i mean unicorns and rainbows hello! Well, anyways! If we take a look at rainicorn right now, right now, trading at 12 cents ranked 556 way down there – 60 million dollar market cap right now, and if we take a look at the chart, we can see still quite a bit down from its highs. In the beginning to middle of november, at roughly 20 cents, so youre getting at a steep discount today, so that brings it to everything thats all today, guys check out token metrics. If you havent linked down the description of the pin comment. Thank you so much for watching ill catch.