Crow coin is rapidly approaching the 200 000 mark. As of the minute that im filming this video, we currently sit at 197 000, showing us that there is a high level of excitement right. There is a high level of interest and that there is a strong community behind crow. Now i want to go ahead and break down exactly how this potential 25 upswing could take place, break down where we stand at this moment and where were going to be moving next im going to keep it short and sweet here, beginner, friendly and basic. For you all, if this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video it helps, reach more people and subscribe to the channel for daily updates on crow and any other trending cryptocurrencies, and if you want to join our private discord chat Where we share, buy and sell alerts for crow for vbs finance, four other coins and stocks that are about to take off use that link down below and join our private patreon community. Wed love to work with you on a closer basis and answer any of your questions. Lets go ahead and get right to it guys so check this out. Recapping. How the overall market is doing here were up a little bit over four percent bitcoin kind of leaning towards the upside right, obviously still very early to say that from this point on were going to have a full on rising recovery.

But hey nonetheless, were pushing up. Nothing super massive, but this is how uptrends begin right by taking those steps in the right direction again, bitcoin at that 42 thousand dollar mark in ethereum now at thirty, two hundred crow is up a little bit over three percent here. I understand nothing super significant, but again this is how options begin trading activity consisting of sixty seven percent buyers and thirty, three percent sellers really nice ratio. Nonetheless, we have seen a decrease when it comes down to total buying pressure right as weve seen a decrease in volume of 20 percent here now, how can this 25 upswing take place for crow lets? Go ahead and break it down for you. So previously we stood along the general kind of 48 to 52 cent area. We ended up validating it here as a support and we pushed up. We came down once more guys. I kid you not against that general 48 to 50 cent area ended up validating it. As a support once more and pushed up and crow is now once more near that general area and as we are pushing up on the day, we can potentially validate this general area once more as a support level. Guys so again were kind of trying to gain some some momentum today trying to push up – and of course i do want to emphasize if youre approaching, uh crow as a swing, trade or a day, trade that comes at a higher form of risk.

I am personally holding a position on cro, but that is for the long term. I approach grow very similarly to how i would approach a stock, and that is why i truly enjoy investing in it. And that is why i find value in it, because i feel like im getting the best of both worlds right. As someone who invests in both the stock market and the crypto market, crow presents an opportunity where i can buy into a business right im buying into a business im buying into an institution thats a part of a long term growing industry, its a part of the Fintech space right, the same industry, that coinbase is in the same industry. That weeble is in the same industry that robin hood is in which, by the way, use that link down below sign up for evil. Deposit 100 youll get three free stocks worth all the way up to 3, 500, but again, im investing in a stock in that sense because im buying into a business but im also buying into a cryptocurrency. At the same time right i get that decentralized benefit. So im just hodling my position now, if you chose uh to approach crow as a quicker trade, that is an opportunity that it currently has to offer. You just never want to forget to manage risk and, if youre someone whos looking to either enter a position on crow or add to your existing position, position know this.

You do not need to go in with your full position size all at once, meaning that lets say that you go in with lets say that you have a hundred dollars that you can go into crow with, and it might be more you might have 10 000. Whatever it is right, we all have different account sizes. If youre going with 100 right or you have 100, you dont have to go in. You know with your full position size all at once. You can go in with 40 dollars right if we pull back. You add another 40, no big deal youre, not stuck at a higher price average and the same. The same applies if youre currently holding a position on crow right and you find value in it right again. If you have any questions when it comes down to entering a position, if you need help with technical analysis, use that link down below and join our private patreon community, we have a strong community that follows crow and other cryptos and stocks right. But you dont have to go in with your full position size all at once. Right. You can gradually add to your position, and even if you have crew at a higher price, you can continue to add more continue to add more to gradually bring down your average. Of course again, this is assuming that you find value in crow im not here to try to sell you on it.

You decide how it is. You invest your hard earned money at the end of the day based off the technicals. We are near your previous support level where, again, we came down to the general kind of 48 to 52 cent area pushed up once more. We pushed up. We are now near that general area. We have more buyers and sellers. We continue to have a list of holders that is increasing rapidly approaching 200 000, showing you that im not just blowing smoke here right, its not just me giving my opinion, but the numbers are showing us right, even if youre like roger shut up dont. Tell me your opinion. I dont care thats cool, look at the numbers, 197 000 people that currently find valium co and that list simply continues to grow, and this is an actual institution and a business right. Something that you cant save for most of these other cryptos right here, not to bash on them, because im still holding position on on bitcoin and ethereum, but i acknowledge that theyre, not a business or a commodity at the end of the day, if you guys want More updates on crow, like the video subscribe to the channel, really appreciate you guys support.