Today we have to talk about the coming death cross for bitcoin, and this is true for im sure a lot of other cryptocurrencies too, and its going to catch a lot of peoples. Attention ive already been getting questions about it myself, where people are saying hey, this is looking really bearish. Should we sell, should we buy you know what should we do? What do we think about this? So i wanted to talk to you about my opinion on it and also talk about some of the news in the market that i couldnt cover in the first video today now i did a video already covering a lot the news. So if you havent seen that video already, i will put it on the end screen definitely at least watch that video too, because theres a lot to cover – and i want to remind you about some of the risk reward in the market now, if you guys dont Mind hitting the like button and the subscribe button. I really appreciate that, and i will say too: there is a link down there to moomoo in case you want to try a stock trading app ill talk a little bit more about it later, but i made some big bets yesterday in the stock market and theyre Paying off well today, but they will give you some free stocks if you use that link and start depositing on the platform. So ill talk more about that, like i said towards the end, but overall its been a pretty good day in the market.

We have some some cryptos up like 12 13 14, which is awesome to see. After all, the pain – and the important thing to remember here is we have a a variety of people that are watching the channel people that were in crypto way before i was people that are literally millionaires or tens of millionaires have tens of millions of dollars from Crypto over the last few years to people that bought in at 68 000 and have written it all the way down and are really worried, and there is going to be a flashy headline here in a few days talking about the death cross. If you dont know what this is, this is essentially when the 50 day moving average falls down below the 200 day, moving average signaling a bearish market now whats important to remember with this again, because so many people are asking about this is this is a lagging Indicator, meaning we obviously know that this is probably going to happen here unless bitcoin just takes off in price because of the fact that weve fallen down so much. You dont need anyone to tell you that weve fallen down 40 percent. You can tell it in your portfolio, and maybe your significant other can tell you that that youve fallen down a lot too just based on your uh, your mood. But we have seen a lot of bearish sentiment over the last couple weeks and were about to hit this death cross whats important to remember, though, like i said its a lagging indicator, it doesnt tell you whats going to happen in the future.

If it did, it would be much more useful. What weve seen in the past, though, is when we have seen a death cross several times, weve seen a spike in the price. So here you can see death cross spike in the price, and this is from this is a couple days and we went from about 7 500 all the way up to about 10 000.. We also saw another load jump in the price right here right. We saw a little bit of a dip, then a little bit of a spike, but then over here, another spike in price, so it doesnt necessarily mean that were going bearish when we see these death crosses. It just is a lagging indicator saying that we have been bearish now. With that in mind, i think its important to take a look at where were going moving forward. We had powell today talk a little bit about where we are now in the market and, i think thats. Why were seeing a little bit of a trend up today? He said that we are trying to create a robust, robust economy, so theyre going to use these rate hikes. But the fact is theyre not going to try to kill the market and i think, thats something that we all already kind of knew. But it is nice to hear again uh just hear him hit on that again now we do have other companies like fidelity, that is adding bitcoin exposure to their traditional etfs.

They said that this was because they wanted to improve the risk, adjusted returns going forward, and i dont know who exactly. This is because i cant find a source. This is from bitcoin magazine though, and they are a pretty good. I think theyre a really good source of news, they say fidelity wouldnt, be surprised to see more countries and a central bank adopting bitcoin this year, and they say even if countries do not believe in the adoption of bitcoin, they will be forced to acquire some. Now. This might just be someone fidelity im, not exactly sure if this was in a report, but i think they make a valid point. A lot of countries are having to deal with cryptocurrencies and they dont want to, but they have to because it is a hedge. Just like its a hedge for us, its a hedge for them against this doing really well in fiat falling down. So the fact is they might have to get in on this over the coming years and fidelity knows that thats. Why theyre offering it to their clients and theyre trying to theyre trying to get in on it themselves and, i think, whats important to remember. I tried to find a good chart of this risk versus reward investing and it basically just says: hey you know, behind stocks, real estate, small business. This gives you different levels of risk and reward thats. Not what i want. I want to talk about specifically if you are invested in one stock or one crypto or you know a basket of them and the price goes down, you have less risk less risk and you have better return.

If the price goes up, you have less return potential and you have more risk and our bodies, our minds, tell us the opposite. They say hey. This has worked in the past, so its going to continue working right, theres, always a reversion to the mean whether its like the mean 10 return or 15 return or whatever it is theres, always a revision. So when theres, a lot of pain, chances are its going to get better when theres a lot of greed. Chances are its going to get worse and its hard to remember because were wired that way were wired to continue doing. What is working well and a lot of things that works, but not in equities or in investments, so i think thats something you have to pay attention to right. We have sure weve gone up a lot over the last couple years, but over the last couple months, its been painful – and this is where that rubber band effect comes in right, theres less risk now than there were there than there was a couple months ago. Now, if you bought at 60 000 – and you thought okay, this is going to be a half a million dollar investment over the next five years. Thats still a great great return if thats actually, the way that it works out, but you have to remember: hey were still looking at a better investment now because it is cheaper. Now i have just recently bought into some stocks.

Pretty heavily ive also been but been doing some buying in crypto, but i found some stocks that i thought were just too good of value, which i know i dont talk about stocks that much on the channel anymore. But people ask me about them all the time, which is why i want to talk about moomoo, so i started using moomoo recently and i really like it so i know that were kind of going through a little bit of a bear market. At the time of this recording, at least with some of the growth stocks, but you can use some of their technical indicators to determine when a position is oversold or stock is oversold. They have extended hours trading, which is really important to sell before or after the market closes, because a lot of people still dont have access to this kind of thing. I know it sounds crazy, but a lot of people cant sell before the market opens or after it closes also they do allow you to invest in stocks outside the u.s, such as hong kong stocks, and they give free level 2 market data. That being said, there are some welcome gifts, so when you sign up using the link down below, you do have a couple chances to win some cool prizes, but you get some free stocks too. So when you deposit any amount on their platform, you get two stocks worth up to thirty five hundred dollars each and if you deposit, two thousand dollars, you get five free stocks, so you can definitely check out the link down below to try out moomoo.

I think its definitely one that you should try out to see if you like it, because they have a lot of information in one spot and they give short selling data level. Two data so definitely check out the link underneath the video. So, thank you guys so much for watching. I really appreciate it. I hope this was clear of my thoughts on the death cross and whats happening in the market and the future potential. I still think this is a great area to invest in, but of course, im. Never going to tell you what to do or how to do it. You always have to make your own decisions and i still believe in diversification. I do not have all my money in crypto, i live a pretty modest life. I have my house paid off, and that gives me the ability to to make riskier investments in small businesses and in crypto and everyones, going to be different right. If youre, someone that is making you know a couple hundred dollars in extra income – and you have a ton of debt, crypto might not be the best risk, adjusted return, it might be paying off that debt or it might be start starting a small business. But i think for a lot of people, this is an area where you can make a lot of money, especially if you can keep your head on straight. Thank you guys so much.