The markets keep moving forward. Developers keep developing investors, keep investing. I have some big news stories for you today that prove exactly that. We have legendary investor betting, half of his net freaking worth into bitcoin. We have big ethereum news as one of its key layer. Two scaling solutions has a bit of an oopsie big polygon news, big terra, luna news, big moon, beam news and much much more so make sure to stick around for the whole video to get all of the goods. My name is lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing, so if thats, a topic that you appreciate learning about and hearing about, they should definitely tap on that thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm. By the way, if you would like to get an edge on the market help stay ahead of the curve in this fast moving crypto space, then i highly recommend signing up to my newsletter wealth mastery every single week, youre going to get a deep dive. Altcoin report, a step by step d5 tutorial talk to your technical analysis, tips, tricks, portfolio, updates, token sales, nfts airdrops and much much more. You can sign up for free using the link down below in the description and if you want to go premium, that option is there for you as well, so go ahead and check that out now lets go ahead and get straight into the news here: legendary investor Bill miller now has 50 of his personal wealth in bitcoin.

Now the famous fund manager made his name by investing in assets like amazon. When everybody else was saying this is you know its a bad asset, its going to go to zero? All these tech stocks are junk et cetera, etc. He went in heavy on amazon back in the early days. It made an absolute fortune for his fund. He has a history of going against the herd, finding the counter trade and taking it well. Now he has personally invested half of his wealth thats crazy in to bitcoin amazing stuff. That is some high level of conviction for an investor. Whos got so much on the line 50 of his net worth in bitcoin. I love it. I love it. Of course, that is, as we know, if you are a bitcoin enthusiast, that is going to be a pretty gosh darn good investment. If we look down the road a few years, when those bitcoins are worth half a million or a million dollars, a piece bill is going to be sitting very nicely. Now bills been a supporter of bitcoin for a while. I think he bought his first bitcoins. A few years ago and theyre, like 200 bucks but hes, been adding to his position recently. As he said, hes been adding um a few months ago when the prices were in the 30 000 range. So even though he bought cheap bitcoin, he has been dollar cost. Averaging on the way up, because he is a long term, bitcoin bowl – i like it – i like it thats, awesome stuff nice to see high level support for bitcoin amongst the big investor circles and, of course, them actually putting so much of their own money where their Mouths are, i think, thats the most important thing in this story.

Wall street, though those guys still not convinced that bitcoin will hit a hundred thousand dollars this year, according to a jp morgan survey and im confused about this story, because i feel like, on the one hand, is it all just psyops wall street jp morgan, you cant Trust them markets down. They want to buy more so theyre telling people look its not going to go to 100k. Just dont buy bitcoin because were gon na buy it all. Maybe maybe, or are they on to something here? Were gon na have a ranging year where just bounce up and down between 40 and 60 000 for the next 11 and a half months? Maybe maybe i i dont count anything out of the realm of possibility in the crypto currency markets, but you know screw jp morgan. Just so were clear. Just so were clear on that little detail screw those guys good bitcoin news as well coming out of argentina, where strike is launching their bitcoin lightning network payments app. Now. This, of course, is the application that rose to fame on the back of the el salvador news because they have been helping that country roll out their bitcoin services, very cool stuff coming to argentina. Now, coming to brazil and colombia later this year, this company its making it real its making bitcoin payments an actual thing that people can easily do across these different countries, awesome adoption news. Obviously, now we have to see people actually picking that up and running with it.

The service needs to be popular, but look bitcoin and cryptocurrencys been popular in argentina for a while theyre ragingly popular now in brazil, more and more stories coming out of brazil all the time, colombia as well a great market potential for a payments application. Just like this. One so very, very cool adoption news, also in adoption news for the bitcoin lightning network, jack dorseys cash app is going to be integrating layer, 2 solutions for bitcoin nice. I dig it the more payment applications and different services that actually integrate layer, 2 bitcoin, the better, because that makes bitcoin actually usable by a wide mass of people. Bitcoin in case you dont know it does like five transactions uh per second, its pretty slow, compared to basically every other network out there, but at layer two, the scalability is basically infinite, which is a very good thing. If you want bitcoin to be an accepted global uh payment network, then you need to have the lightning network and you need major applications like these to integrate them now. Lets talk about ethereum news. We had a little bit of an oopsie over in ethereum scaling land. So, as we all know, the layer, one fees for ethereum right now are sickening at times stealth push button because you have to sell those. You have to sell those all coins on uni swap man, but still, but still anyway. Arbitram is right now the biggest scaling solution for layer 2 ethereum its the one thats got the most total value locked, seeing a massive amount of users and stuff coming in its actually starting to get some adoption with some exchanges actually allowing now for arbitrarium withdrawals and Deposits, which is a massive game, changer massive game change.

We need to see more exchanges, doing that and im sure that we will. However, they were hit by just a little bit of an outage the other day they were down for around seven hours, which just i think, serves as a reminder for all of us in the crypto space, its easy to throw stones as soon as something starts going Wrong, it really is the critic risks little right, oh, look. They had a problem lets throw stones at them. They had a problem, lets throw stones at them. Basically, every single cryptocurrency has had a bit of an oopsy moment at one time or another. Yes, even bitcoin did you guys know. There was a time when uh bitcoin accidentally there was a like 180 billion new bitcoins minted oops. That was some years ago. Bitcoins been doing fine uh since then arbitrarum its new tech, theres gon na, be some growing pains. You know so lets uh for this one well just say: okay, guys, thats fine lets lets try not to mess up again in the future. Of course, no funds were lost or anything like that, just a bit of a seven hour outage for the network. Meanwhile, over in polygon land, we have a new implementation of zero knowledge proof cryptography for polygon. This, of course, is very, very cool, so this is zk scaling technology, which is some of the most promising scaling technology for blockchains going around at the moment. Of course, we have lots of scaling solutions for ethereum from arbitrarium and optimism and starkware and yes, of course, polygon itself is a side chain, but polygons also working on more direct layer, two implementations, something like you would see with an arbitrary or a starkware.

As an example, here we go with a new bit of technology from the polygon team. I feel like uh theres, just so much going on at polygon right now, theyve released so many big announcements, theyve made so many big partnerships in terms of new technology, its not just fluff partnerships like you see with a lot of coins. Oh my coins partnering with that coin, fluff fluff fluff. These are actual technology, announcements of them either acquiring major technology companies or releasing their own major pieces of technology. Exactly like this one here, so good news for polygon moving forward, and of course i want to mention as well that uni swap has now become the highest volume decentralized exchange protocol on polygon, crazy stuff man that happened fast. Its only been live for a few weeks already. We see polygon users piling in to uni, swap because uni swap course is the best decentralized exchange out there. This is awesome because if you want to use uni swap on ethereum layer 1, the fees can be 100. 200, sometimes over on polygon, that uni swap swap is going to cost you like a penny, big big difference, isnt it so very cool to see users actually responding to that recent deployment and that theyre actually coming in and trading and doing stuff on uni swap on Polygon, my guess is that we will see this 74 million dollar number here shoot up dramatically in the coming months. Next story, moonbeam is live so excited for this im so excited for this, so the moonbeam is basically its a layer.

One block chain, basically ethereum compatible blockchain launched on polka dot, so this is going to allow for a massive amount of smart contract stuff to start happening on the polka dot network. Moonbrain is ringing and all that its the first fully operational para chain on polka dot. Its live now you can go out and claim your glimmer tokens if thats something you want to do. This is very exciting news because soon were going to start seeing all kinds of major d5 applications coming over to moonbeam right hitting the polkadot network. Obviously moonbeam is where theyre going to be happening at. We already saw that on kusama polkadots little brother moon river, not only mooned in price, but also draw drew in a lot of users, because people want to come in and use those popular applications like sushi swap. But on moon river, of course, now were going to see those popular applications coming to moon beam as well im sure were going to see some great yield. Farming opportunities coming up on moonbeam obviously well be sharing those uh here on twitter and in the newsletter. So keep an eye out for some of that fun stuff to come up but great moment for the polka dot network great moment for moonbeam a cryptocurrency that i backed heavily during the parachain auctions that im very very excited about moving forward. So great to see this. Finally, taking shape final news for today its about tara luna, so tara is going to deploy 1′ million dollars in d5 projects to enhance ust use cases so ust it is the stable coin of the terra network.

Every time you want to make some more usd, you have to burn off some luna tokens here they are theyre, going to throw 1′ million dollars out there into the defy ecosystem into popular applications like tokemak dope, mac man, very underrated, defy protocol as well as rari Olympus dow convex finance invictus over on solana, so theyre going multi chain here, its not just all in ethereum a lot of its on ethereum, but also solana and polygon, throwing some money into those networks as well. This course is to incentivize people to come over and provide liquidity, use these protocols so very cool. I i think that uh tara, as we start to see more use cases for ust, start to grow, well see more demand for ust and, of course, well have more applications actually coming to the main tara blockchain, which will again drive more demand for usd all of Which, like acts like uh, you know rocket fuel for the main luna asset, so a great announcement here that theyre taking their integrations into all these d5 networks very, very seriously and really putting their money where their mouths are anyway. Just my two satoshis for the day, your question bill miller 50 of his net worth in bitcoin. Is he crazy? Is he a genius is 50? The right number is that how much bitcoin you should have, or is it too much hes too crazy? What are you doing, man, fifty percent of your net worth in a bitcoin? You, crazy son.

Let me know down below in the comment section thanks so much for watching todays, video and peace out till next time.