No matter what happens if we have dips recessions, even a bear market theres a couple stocks that can still make you a ton of money and if you want a free, polka, dot coin, write a hashtag, polka dot. In the comment section down below. I have a bunch of polka dot cardano and some shiba inu coins left over and also, if you havent, hit the like button hit that like button, i really do appreciate it. It does help the channel a lot and make sure you follow me on twitter. That link is in my description to get the live crypto by alerts. All right lets talk about, has cryptocurrency. Finally, stabilized weve seen bitcoin go down as low as about ‘. 000. Again remember: we have that really strong support line at 37 500.. We have not gone that low its kind of gone back to ‘ back to 40 hovered around 40 and now its back to that second, really strong support line around 42 000. Hopefully we have a nice little bull run coming along at least a short squeeze. So well talk about that lets. Also talk about a couple of other gem coins. You should be adding to your portfolio really really good ones and lets talk about why cryptocurrencies have made more millionaires and billionaires than any other investment in the history. Yes, you could never ever really make a ten thousand or a hundred thousand dollar percent gain in a single year with anything but crypto.

So theres still a lot of money. Thats gon na flow into cryptocurrencies lets talk about. Five must buy coins on this dip. That can still 500 and then well talk about two really good ones for the long haul and then lets talk about the bitcoin short squeeze thats coming promise you its coming here so make sure youre ready for it and its gon na help out a lot of Those long term investors now, if youre brand new to the channel, consider subscribing down below as long as youre subscribed to hit that subscribe button, and you have that bell notification, icon turn on youll, get daily updates. Seven days a week on the stock and crypto market and what to do when to get in and when to get out and just continue making money. Also, if you want to get those live, buy and sell alerts, the second i buy or sell a stock in real time. You can do that via patreon, its the very first link in my description, or you can actually use the link in my description for voyager to get 25 of free bitcoin. If you need your portfolio review to rebalance during the negative, you can also do that via patreon. Very first link in my description and youll be signed up for that 10k to 100k challenge. All right lets get into it. Music. All right lets take a look at what has happened in the last 24 hours.

Doors go in 14 cents. Today were back to 15.2 nice little six percent recovery love it so dogecoins hopefully found the bottom and its coming back. Lets take a look at. I will use binance over here. Um that church is not working were gon na move on with our lives over here, bitcoin 42. 115. Its a really nice recovery from wow weve had loads of lets. Just go back over in the last seven days, weve gone as low as ‘ 800. We actually got even a little bit lower than that which is nice little rebound on bitcoin, i think, were going to see a short squeeze coming really soon. Well talk about that. In a second – and we do still have a little bit of a sell alert, even though hopefully this is kind of that bottom over and then we start slowly. Recovering 3, 100. Yesterday, back to 32, 30, really really nice bounce back for ethereum. It was as low as 2900 lets take a look here: heres, some really good: 29 80ish 2960, its a good recovery, theyre very, very happy for ethereum to be bouncing back. We do have a nice big, buy alert for ethereum again and the last couple of days. Interestingly enough, weve had a seller for bitcoin, even though bitcoin is recovering, but we had a constant buy for ethereum, now ripple 74 cents. Yesterday, back to 76 again weve seen most of these cryptos are up four to six percent minimum cardano 115 yesterday, and why is it not really showing me lets, take a look, so we were as low as 114, ish, 1, 13 ish so back to 150.

Should i get another four percent over here: polka dot 24 yesterday back to 25 40 cents, so polka dots, the overall winner so far with eight percent return, since yesterday, what a quick little bounce back and again, if you want to get 25 of free bitcoin and Collect 12 percent interest on polka dot, click on the link in my description for voyager and use it or their referral code, so polygomatic, 2.13 back to 232 wow. That is a massive 13 recovery. Remember the last few videos. What i said was if you can get polygonic under two dollars and ten cents was a steal of a deal and were actually as low as two dollars in one cent, so really good. Bounce back still another good one to just average down into or even average up depending on when you got in nashiba, you know 2700 and not a whole lot. Three percent up so market rap, bitcoin and equities, stabilize as sentiment, is slowly. Improving buyers are starting to return, at least over the short term. This is really really good. Remember the last 10 11 days we just had continuous bleeding, but at some point the downside is limited and once that downside becomes less and less so the cheaper that cryptocurrency is the cheaper. That stock is the less of a loss and the less of a downside. You have, and at that point some thats the point where investors like oh man, a ‘ 000 bitcoin, 29, 100 ethereum, maybe ill start buying a little bit on.

You know on these dips and thats what youre seeing which is fantastic. Now, if we get institutional buying, then youll see some massive run. Ups, so crypto ceo becomes one of the worlds richest billionaires. This is pretty shocking, but yes, hong kong cena says a cryptocurrency. Ceo has become one of the richest people on the planet, from cryptocurrency xiang peng size who runs the crypto exchange. Binance has joined the ranks of the worlds top billionaires. Now you dont have to become a billionaire lets say at some point. You accumulate about two or three ethereum remember. We said the key to success. You got ta have at least three thermal portfolio at least one thousand to three thousand cardano, and at that point, youre gon na have some serious gains in the next couple of years and at the minimum a quarter of a bitcoin. You really want to have 0.25 of a bitcoin. You get that combination of those three. They slowly start adding on to avalanche onto polka, dot on to solana, wow thats, a recipe for some serious success in the next couple of years. Now five crypto tokens that experts say should be on your radar lets, go through it, whats gon na be our first one at so our first one over here and honestly. In my opinion, the first one should be ethereum, but the second one over here were gon na talk about x. Infinity then, were gon na have safe plus, and let me know what, if you know of all of these, are you investing into them and how much have you put into them in the comment section down below? Obviously we got a metaverse play here with mana decentral land really really good one.

Then island girl, i girl, ive, never invested in it never even heard of it. Let me know what you think about have you bought into island girl and then the next one. The last one is gon na be polka dot super super bullish on it again that 12 interest rate and 25 of free bitcoin as long as use that referral code in my description or the link all right, so two no brainer buys in the current crypto crash. You really got ta take advantage of opportunities like this, because when bitcoin was almost seventy thousand dollars, you were saying to yourself man. I wish i bought it when it was thirty nine thousand dollars, and yesterday it was thirty nine thousand dollars again. So are two really big ones here and you sure already know that it was ethereum, but the second one is gon na be avalanche. It has some serious, serious, upside and well talk about it in another video why you should be getting into it. So some crypto news here, bitcoin short squeeze, is likely in the very near term. Now, if youre, a long term holder one two three four five years on bitcoin, this is really really good news for you, fantastic news and im ready for it. I think we need it now lets talk about some five stocks that no matter what happens over the next 12 months. Youre gon na do really really well with them. Thats gon na be walgreens boot alliance, nice, safe stock, its gon na slowly increase in value and youre gon na get a dividend of almost three and actually almost four percent.

Three point: five: two percent second ones gon na be discovery; communication, some serious, serious upside here. You really have to take advantage. I mean, if you just take a look. We actually had a nice little run up here to over 30 dollars. Then well come back down about five six percent, but we are up from lets. Take a look lows of about 22 dollars again were still super cheap and you should be averaging into discovery biontech. We actually have bled out since about december 15. So now were down about 25. But if you take a look, weve had some ridiculous peaks here about 465 dollars, so youre getting about 55 percent off on biontech, very, very good one forest over here over stock. Absolutely think. If youre a long term holder, then in next five to ten years, overstock could hit one thousand dollars. Yes, i said it. One thousand dollars per share and people also said the same thing about amazon. When amazon was five dollars, amazons going bankrupt, amazons garbage. Who cares about a bookstore? Who cares about any of that right were not three plus three thousand two hundred dollars for amazon same store as overstock, just not adding up the future. You can do a fundamental and technical analysis, see what the companys doing the projections for two three five ten years out and once all that comes together, youre, like my goodness at 55. This is just highway robbery how cheap it is now nano dimension another one.

At 387, we are down from about 18 highs, 18 highs. Yes, i said that you can see right here were actually 52. We guys were 17.89, but i think went slightly over 18 for a little bit really really good. If youre a long term holder get some patience one to two years, this could be another insane one that gives you 10 to 15 dollars per share. Yes, you buy 10 shares of this and you could have a massive upside on it. Just think about it. Imagine every time you buy it for 3.80, you get another 15 on top of that thats some serious returns now those of you that need your portfolios to read or you want to join the 10 kid to 100k challenge and see how we took 10 000 to 113 000 last year follow along with that and the live bond sellers make sure you click on the link in the description. Follow me and join me on patreon very first link. Youll get the live, balance alerts youll join that 10k 200k challenge. You can also get your portfolio reviewed and youll get access to a fantastic community of over 2000 people on my private discord. Group chat.