My name is carl and im here to bring you this cryptocurrency video and in this video im actually going to play you a clip from the interview that i made with jamie on his channel stock guru and he had a bunch of different questions for me and I thought its interesting for you guys to listen to those answers, so obviously this video was uploaded on his channel, but now without any further ado here comes this interview that he made of me. He wanted to know more about cast and thats why he had me on uh, but yeah lets just not waste any time here. The interview comes right now, hello, gurus, and welcome to another episode im here with the founder of caster carl from the moon hows. It going cara im doing very, very well im so excited for today and for casta and for for crypto in general. I didnt expect this kind of hype, like i dont, even like im really speechless, because honestly, like three four months ago, no one knew what cast. I was and then i started some marketing on twitter and i started to just like tell people about it and this huge organic um, snowball of massive hype started folks. Business had me on yahoo finance invited me now. Forbes made an article about me and the the other co founder uh and everything is because of casta its absolutely incredible. Uh yeah, i think, like 200 million dollars, has already been committed on the buy bit launch pad for casta, and we have 230 or 250 000 email signups in our email, waitlist on casta.

io and uh. What else our twitter is blowing up, like i dont, know its just so crazy and actually believe it or not. We still didnt spend even one single dollar in marketing, which is absolutely mind blowing to me because um, this type of hype is what companies get after spending millions and millions in marketing pr articles and everything. But everything came completely for free people think that i paid to be on fox business, but no, i actually paid zero dollars for that, so its um its mind, blowing lets say that its crazy, i kind of expect this from you. Like i always say, i know, carl personally and every time you do anything you come first when we go go cutting you come first, when we do any kind of sport, you come first when we do jet skiing, you come first. When anything, you do youre like a wonder youre, so young, but youre like its amazing, like so special person, really youve helped so many people you get so much heat on twitter and it blows my mind. Youve been getting people to invest in crypto since 2017 2018. I think you made the channel youve been getting people to invest in one of the fastest growing industry that made more millionaires than anything i can ever think of and because of you, so many people are millionaires, so many people are retired. So many people have financial abundance youre. I always think when people ask me about you, i always say youre like one of the purest souls that ive ever met and on social networks.

People cant really see this or they dont get this kind of feeling. Maybe they just dont realize it, but me knowing you personally, one of the best people ive ever met in my life youre such a kind person and im so glad that you deserve this people, think oh okay, youre flashy or you show a lot of money or Something but you dont youre, like the kindest person ive ever met, and you really deserve this and its expected for me. If you launched anything youll be number one automatically, because youre always winning its a little bit annoying. If we go go karting, you cant beat him in anything, hes, youre, a wonder child and amazing, and i saw the video that you guys made of caster and how to use it. So it was really remarkable. Um, your your business partner, carl, the ceo. He showed the clip of how to use cast and its like instantaneous payments and thats going to be amazing, and what do you see for the future of castle like what? What is your goal? What is your vision for the future of caster yeah, so our mission is to make sure that people can spend their crypto with instant and free transactions so thats what we are solving today, thats gon na be okay when the app is launched, which is going to Be another couple of months or three months, but when the app is live, thats going to be our first initial feature: instant and free transactions um, because crypto has to be dead, simple for the grand mosque to to start using it.

So we want to make crypto easy to use. Just like email was first hard to use, but then became much much easier and today anyone can use email and sms with their iphones right. So we want to do the same kind of um. You know paradigm shift in crypto where sending crypto is seamless, you just press a button and boom and were going to use phone numbers and so called cast tags. So basically either you click. For example, i can click your phone number and then i can send bitcoin to you instantly and free or your cash tag could be at jamie. For example, i just click press at jamie just like on twitter, but i press boom and i send you money instantly and for free and my cash tag would be carl like at carl and so on, so basically make it dead, simple, dead, simple, no alphanumeric keys And private keys this and public key that and blah blah, because the normal people out there they dont, bother like they, they will just say no uh, they dont care so thats. Why were gon na make it very very simple, awesome, so youre going to be competing with things like paypal, vinomou and because you always come first, i think youre going to be bigger than paypal, venomou and things like this, so i guess youre competing with apple pay. Yeah, i mean they should be worried because were coming after them, thats for sure, and these companies have billion dollar valuations, like paypal is in the 50 plus billion dollar valuation and costa.

When it launched the iu you, your valuation market cap was 1.5 million yep. So long so, basically yeah its a long way to go, and i would say this also that um, obviously some people are saying: oh, but how can caster compete against paypal? What if paypal just shifts to crypto well, first of all, paypal? They are not going to shift to crypto anytime soon they already integrated crypto a little bit but lets face it. Paypal is too big to just make such a huge um. Controversial shift towards crypto. So were gon na be very, very aggressive. There were gon na have a crypto first priority, while the big guys are always just gon na slightly introduce it over the next, maybe five to ten years uh so were gon na make a crypto first mentality uh. This is gon na give us a huge competitive advantage, because crypto is um. Growing and uh were gon na push our competitors to to do the same, but at the end of the day, im pretty sure. Like paypal and venmo theyre, just gon na come in and see that were making so much progress. They will just come and try to buy us out, probably and try to because thats what usually happens um in a few years, but but i think that um Music, we are doing so many things that theyre not doing so. First of all, instant and free transactions, thats very important, with a crypto first mentality, thats very important for us um.

Second of all, we are giving people also the opportunity to make money within the app with yield strategies. So you can stake your bitcoin ethereum, casa, tokens and usdt, and you will be able to make passive income on that. Paypal is not doing that. Venmo is not doing that um, most theres, no competitor out there. That is doing all of these things. At the same time, so were doing make money and also spend money and earn money with uh with casa. You can get your salary in custom and also a very cool thing. If i, if i send you bitcoin, you can choose whether you want to receive the payment in bitcoin, ethereum, usdt, caster, tokens or fiat, and if you send money to your your dad or your or a coffee shop, maybe they want to receive fiat. But you only have bitcoin well it doesnt matter, you send them bitcoin and if they put that they only want to receive fiat thats what they will get so that were calling this the the easy swap engine, i think, thats, what we call it right now and That is a game changer because were not seeing anyone else doing that right now and uh. We want to essentially make the um the um connection between krypto and fiat as easy and seamless as possible so that all the grandmas can use it all. The merchants can use it and and so on, uh because lets face it.

Also that lets say ikea or um or i dont know any coffee shop mcdonalds wants to start accepting crypto. First of all, the problem is to just accept crypt in the first place, its not so easy. So we want to solve that, but, second of all, when they do accept crypto its much easier for them to accept fiat because crypto is going up and down. So much in value, so not only is that a problem because of the obvious reason its going up and down in value, but also for tax reasons and accounting purposes, its not nice to have assets going up and down so much in value so its better. If they accept crypto, but they get feed out and thats what were fixing for merchants and then you can also like say i send you bitcoin or my grandma bitcoin. She can get it in her, for example, us dollars and then move it into her bank account. As well right youve got to fire it on ramp, exactly so thats exactly it and also some people. They want to go full time crypto. They want to get their salary in crypto, but if they work in a grocery store, theyre not going to pay them crypto. But hey were going to integrate casta, which means that your employer can pay you fiat, but you get crypto, so thats uh, thats thats a way that you can actually get your salary in crypto um and you can also put, for example.

You want to get 20 of your salary in tokens of casa, tokens, 20, ethereum, 20 bitcoin and 20 fields, thats the functionality that we will not have day one, but we will integrate that in the app in the following months. Awesome and the whole team working behind you youre doing amazing and ive, never seen so much hype for a cryptocurrency project on the ieo on the launch of the token. So its going to be insane amazing work that youve done and im glad that youre making crypto mainstream for everyone, making it easy for them to use and the efficiency of going from bitcoin crypto to us dollar euro. This is going to be a game changer and the other com, the big companies going to theyre, going to really be shaking from this. Yes im i mean visa already, um approached us; actually, they they told they told us they want to collaborate with us and thats. So funny, because usually you are the one that has to reach out to them and convince them, and you have they – have a huge backlog of people asking them about uh stuff but visa. They came to us thats so funny its a huge thing, so um yeah its crazy congratulations and you deserve it and im so thankful to be able to talk to you and the audience as well and ill. Let you go because cast is launching and how long now, its like less than 30 minutes right um, i think its in two hours, so its 4 p.

m. Dubai time! Awesome! Congratulations! Thank you for joining us! Thank you. This is carl from the moon everyone and make sure you check out costa tica k a s t a woo hoo.